Frugal Friday is Going Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Features – Ribbon of Hope


Decor Element - Fairy Tale Castle

In the kingdom of pink every woman is queen in her own castle!


Hi all,

Can I get personal for just a minute before we get into the frugality of being pink? 

Did you know that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month? 

Are you aware of the state of health of your very own breasts? 

Okay I know that last is a very personal question but really ladies, it’s too important to ignore out of embarrassment or social mores.   I hope you all have (you guys too since this affects a percentage of men as well) regular checkups and do your self exams on a regular basis as well as noting any irregularities any time you happen to be naked!  Too much??  Did you know there are actually statistics out there showing the number of cancers found because a spouse, boyfriend or photographer (for you playboy bunnies out there) noticed something and sent the women in their lives to a doctor? 

Okay check out the links I’ve added for more info and then think about going pink this month!    After all if you’re frugal in your stamping this month you’ll have that much more to donate to groups that do research, help those afflicted with the disease and other related charities.   You might also consider donating those frugal cards to groups that send out cards to cancer and chemo patients. 

Your local Cancer Society might also appreciate card sets and 3D pieces they can raffle, auction or sell to raise more money for research and patient services.  They would appreciate any time you can donate as well.   Many patients can use a ride to the chemo center or there may be envelopes to stuff or race events in need of a few hours work on an occasional basis.  Okay public service commercial finished…On to the stamp!

Stampin’ Up! with a number of other companies has created Ribbon stamps that work so well for this month as well as for other causes that also use ribbons.

Here’s two sources for information about different ribbon colors and their meaning:


I was amazed to see how many groups have adopted the ribbon and added color.  Hm…must be a lot of secret stamper wanna be’s out there.  After all that’s a bit like what we all do.  We buy similar stamp sets and add color and creativity and make it our own.  WoW.  Who knew!  Most people could be stampers if they only knew!  I’ll have to keep that in mind…..


tip:  Another tip if you want an actual ribbon for your lapel but don’t have the right color….check out this earlier post with how to’s on dying ribbon to match whatever color you need.


Ribbon of Hope - larger imageRibbon of Hope – #115552, $7.95, pg. 208 IBC –  available in all languages (hee, hee). 

This ribbon image fits easily inside the Wide Oval Punch, 1-3/4” Circle Punch, Round Tab punch.  Fits snuggly inside the Scallop Oval Punch, Scallop Circle, Large Tag and the 1-3/8” Square when set corner to corner style.  Works well with a number of Big Shot die cuts and tags as well.

The image can also be used…are you ready for this…as an actual ribbon!  No cause necessary… just stamp in a project coordinating color and place a layer across it.  Maybe a Hodgepodge label piece with text highlighted on a punch piece inside or a word window punch piece with text or even some Boho Flower or Trio Flower punch pieces with a brad or two.   And while none of the projects I have links to did this perhaps using this image on a candle with some flowers from the Pretties Kit attached with a brad would also be appropriate.  So many uses and since you didn’t blow your stamping wad on the cost of the stamp you have lots of room in your budget for embellishments!

You might also consider coordinating your ribbon stamped projects with other uplifting sentiments and images from our Decor Elements line.   The three text elements below and the other images listed in the grid lower down in this post have several uses for this think pink October theme.


     Decor Element - Be   Decor elements - Faith, hope, love, life   Decor Element - Live Every Moment


Décor elements (for details download the Decorative elements catalog in the left hand sidebar):  

Be – available in various sizes, colors and prices ($4.95 – $7.95)

Faith, Hope, Love and Life – available in various sizes, colors and prices ( 4.95 – 5.95

 Live Every Moment – available in various sizes, colors and prices ($16.95 – $20.95)

The Décor Elements can be broken up into smaller pieces for small projects and also applied to items like mugs, tiles, votive candle holders, plates, laptops, pictures and many other imaginative uses as well as applied to walls, mirrors, windows, Cars and other large surfaces.


Ribbon of Hope Inspiration Links: – Sweet Treats and a bookmark & – Ribbon of Hope & Refuge and Strength cards and card box– domino pins one for breast cancer and one for the troops – with embrace life stamp set—ribbon-of-hope/– Punches and Texturz – Uterine cancer version – Petals a Plenty embossed Folder – paired with Simple Friendship – CAS – CAS


Splitcoast Gallery:

For images using these templates or for other templates check this link.  – lingerie template – body template

Splitcoast Gallery of lingerie cards:


Tip:  Okay this might be heading into the TMI or risque category one more time but have you considered using the new ornament punch as a breast?    Okay I meant on a card obviously!  And of course you’ll want to cover some of it up just to keep it PG right?   I’ve also added some links to templates for Lingerie cards.  Done up in pink they are perfect for this months theme.


Breast Cancer Information Links: – short history of Breast Cancer Awareness Month – A different look at how to talk about Breast Cancer issues with visuals that are less graphic and uses humor – appropriate for any culture or age. – traditional screening chart for self exam – American Cancer Society links for Breast Cancer  – Susan G. Komen for a Cure website – Chemo Angels – showing you how you can be an angel to someone in your community.


Below is a grid of most of our Pretty in Pink products that might work for this month (did you notice the Castle at the top of the post?  It’s not in the grid but it is a Decor Element).  for my fellow demo’s or others interested I’ve created a PDF flyer that you can download here or from my SCRIBD sidebar download badge  that shows most of the same products if that would be of interest for you.   Please feel free to download or copy the grid from this post and spread the word.   If you need the code for the HTML grid to duplicate this contact me and I’ll be happy to share the fruits of my learning on this one.  I would appreciate a link back if you choose to use it.


October’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Inspire, Create & Share with Pretty in Pink to Spread Awareness


cardstock 2 sizes1 2classic ink stamp pad 3classic ink refill
4Stampin Write Marker 5Craft ink stamp pad 6Craft Ink Refill
7Ribbon - quarter inch grosgrain 8Ribbon - Striped grosgrain 9Ribbon - Taffeta
10glitter - Chunky Sprinkles Stampin Glitter (includes light pink) 11glitter - Supernova Fine Stampin' Glitter (includes pink) 12Pink Bead Duo
13Decor Element - Manhattan Flower 14Decor Element - Flitting By Butterfly 15Decor Element - Upsy Daisy
16Jumbo stampin' around cartridge 17Ribbon of Hope - Single Stamp 18Decor Element - Love,Faith,Hope, Life


Pretty in Pink Products

1. Cardstock – 8-1/2 x 11 and 12 x 12 packages

 2. Classic Ink Stamp Pad  

 3. Classic Ink Refill

 4. Stampin’ Write Marker

 5. Craft Ink Stamp Pad

 6. Craft Ink Refill

 7. ¼” Grosgrain Ribbon

 8. ½” Striped Grosgrain Ribbon

 9. 3/8” Taffeta Ribbon

 10. Chunky Sprinkles Stampin’ Glitter – includes light pink

 11. Supernova Fine Stampin’ Glitter – includes pink

 12. Pink Bead Duo

 13. Décor Element – Manhattan Flower

 14. Décor Element – Flitting By

 15. Décor Element – Upsy Daisy

 16. Jumbo Stampin’ Around Cartridge

17. Ribbon of Hope – Single Stamp

18. Décor Element – Faith, Hope, Love & Life


Many of these products are also available in other “pink” colors:

Pixie Pink, Pink Passion

The Décor Elements can be broken up into smaller pieces for small projects and also applied to items like mugs, tiles, votive candle holders, plates, laptops, pictures and many other imaginative uses as well as applied to walls, mirrors, windows, Cars and other large surfaces.

Additional product details available in the Stampin’ Up! Idea Book & Catalog, Online Catalog or your Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator.


My thanks to Julia Bettencort who’s post here on her blog gave me the idea for this entire post and who’s email help in pointing the way to HTML to create my own grid introduced me to a whole new field of learning.  

Cancer in many forms and over several generations has touched my family and has made me rather passionate about supporting this cause.  My hope and prayer for you is that you may never know its touch.  And that together through our work and support we can eliminate this equal opportunity killer in the near future.

Thanks for tuning in today and viewing my world in pink :D!

Hugs and blessings – Jean


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