Saturday Sneak Peek – Christmas Cardinal

Hi All,

Today was spent getting ready for next weekends Stamp a Stack and I thought I would give you a little sneak peak. 

Christmas Cardinal Tag - lighter 001


 This mini card/tag is not really one of the projects but it is very, very similar to one so I thought I would be a bit of a tease by showing you this and making you wait for the rest of the projects until Saturday.  It also uses some of my favorite SU product.  Textured More Mustard cardstock and the Christmas Cardinal stamp set.   I’m still praying that SU will one day make the textured paper available by color instead of the current assortments so I can create to my hearts content with all my favorite colors.  That little bit of texture to the paper really adds another whole dimension and kicks any handmade card up a notch.

 This piece also shows one of the fun tricks I learned while using the Scallop Square Clear Bigz die with my Big Shot.  

 After cutting some wider fully scalloped card bases on the fold I wondered what would happen if I placed the fold just above the points on the top row of scallops but below the full scallop.  Turns out you get a series of little notches or when the card is opened flat little mini diamonds.  Perfect for threading our Stampin’ Up Linen thread or very skinny ribbon through.   And using a narrower  3″ piece  as I did with this little mini card you get straight edges but still a very cool scallop border on the bottom.   Yeah I know you can get the same scallop border with a  border punch but if you do that how do you get the pierced holes at the top?   If you figure that out let me know.   okay?   Besides why punch when you can do both in one step with my favorite bad boy toy – The Big Shot!


Here’s the fully scalloped die that cuts in several different ways


Scallop Square Clear Bigz Die
Scallop Square Clear Bigz Die 4-1/4″ x 4-1/4″

To see another fun trick with this die to create rectangels or  other  size scalloped pieces check out this post over on Gretchen Barron’s blog.







And here’s the top views and inside views of the mini card/tag so you can see the stitching pattern I created when I threaded the linen thread through the diamond holes.  The bow was tied loosely so it could be used to hang the tag like a Christmas ornament on a tree or from a pin on a board showing cards.  Or on the inside of a wreath.  I haven’t quite figured out how I’m going to use it.  One of these days when I get the light booth built that I found the plans for I’ll be able to take a nicer picture with the card upright so you can see the depth and so on that a scanner just doesn’t show.  The focal image piece for instance is actually popped up on dimensionals but with the scanned image you really can’t tell.
Click on the images to see them up close with more detail.
Christmas Cardinal Tag - open front 001  Christmas Cardinal Tag - inside 001
Hope you liked this sneak peek.   Sunday I’ll have another kinda sorta almost SAS card for you  to check out.
For now I’ll leave you with another Sandycat look a like I found on a fun site with funny cat pictures.   The pose is  typical Sandycat though she prefers either my bed  or her extra large dog pillow for serious snoozing.   On the other hand when she decides I’ve been on the computer too long, and should really go to bed, she lays on my chair and plays sleepy cute so I won’t move her after getting up to put one more card in the scanner.   And while I’m sure she could write the sign if she really wanted to so far she just communicates the same words with body language and her expressive eyes and voice.
Thanks Sandycat!
Thanks Sandycat!

Oh yeah the other way you know this isn’t really Sandy….she would never agree to share a house with a dog!

Have a wonderful Saturday and don’t forget to stamp (even if its just your feet!).
Hugs and blessings –  Jean

3 Responses

  1. Thought that I would let you know that your link to Gretchen Barron’s Blog is not working right. It takes us to the wrong place. Other than than, I love this technique that you came up with! So very nice looking, and so versatile. You are right, I think it would look stunning on a tree or on a wreath, even hanging from a door knob. I am going to give this process a try. Although I don’t have the same lovely stamp as you, I think I can make mine just as nice. Thanks for letting us know that it is propped up on dimensionals. Have a wonderful stamping Weekend.

    Trish in Wisconsin.

    • Thanks Trish. The link is fixed now (hopefully it stays that way – :D). I’d love to see what you come up with for alternate stamps. Maybe Friends 24-7 bird?

  2. […] for a bit you can probably guess that this next card is mine.  Last week I was teasing you with other Cardinal Christmas projects and hinted that you might recognize my SAS card once you saw it.  What […]

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