Whoo hoo…UStamp winners announced!

Hi All,

Here it is Wednesday already and the  5 UStamp winners have been selected courtesy of  random.org. 


Assuming I’ve done the counting correctly the UStamp winners are:

  2 – Debbie Flattum

10 – Mary Lecuyer

12 – Holly/Rubber Redneck

13 – Lori Ingebritson

14 – Ruth Snyder

(highlighted names have links to the winners very fun blogs)

Congratulations….If you ladies don’t hear from me today please email me with your preferred email address so I can pass the info along to Dawn and she’ll get your invites out to you PDQ.  There are still plenty of projects to see and daily chats with prizes and contests and more to jump in on.

Thank you Dawn once again for sharing the passes.   And thank you one and all for participating in the draw.  For more details about what UStamp is all about or to sign up for the session check out this link or click on the banner at the top of the post.

See you in the chat room ladies!

Hugs and blessings – Jean

Too, too much fun! – just add water!

Hi all,

 I was cruising the Internet as usual looking for fun links to share (I know I’m supposed to be Laboring today!) and found a hilarious post over on Craft Critique (one of my favorite review sites).   Found out about a journaling book I’d never heard of before but apparently is out there everywhere.    Just goes to show that hanging out in used bookstores, libraries and thrift stores as I do won’t keep you up on the latest publishing craze.  Turns out Keri also has another book that after reading some of the sample pages on Amazon.com has me intrigued.  Way less money than seeing a shrink that’s for sure :D!

                         Wreck This Journal         Living out Loud

So if you are looking for a Labor Day laugh or just want to try out a little creative destruction on your own using whatever materials and book you have to hand check out this post on Craft Critique for ideas and a fun review.  Leave a comment and you might even win your own copy.   Of course just so you know how tough the odds are I’m planning on winning it myself! 

And if you scroll on down to their previous post  you’ll find some great reviews of coloring and journaling implements that you’ll want to use to Wreck a Journal of any kind or any other creative endeavor for that matter.   The reviewers at Craft Critique always give you their honest opinion and they are all crafters just like us and not paid by the companies or products under review.

In reviewing their reviews in this  post I was thrilled to see that Stampin’ Up! Watercolor Wonder Crayons and Watercolor Pencils were tops in their estimation!  Always lovely to have someone else agree with my own personal opinions!   And of course if you would like to try out your own personal sample test and need the product I”m only an email away for placing an order or go to the SU order site (link in my sidebar) and select me as your demonstrator.   The crayons and the pencils are among my favorite toys (er…tools) and I’m sure you will love them too.  I’m planning a post or two in the future to show the possibilities so stay tuned.

Watercolor Wonder CrayonsHere’s what SU says about the Crayons:

Now you can watercolor in Stampin’ Up!’s exclusive colors! Plus, you can use the neutral pack for shading and adding dimension. Try coloring directly onto your stamp, misting lightly with water, and stamping onto your paper. You will get an instant watercolor image! You can also take the pigment directly off the crayon with your Aqua Painter to color a stamped image. artist-quality, highly-pigmented crayons.

■ Water soluble and easy to blend, allowing for an unlimited range of shades
■ Coordinate with Stampin’ Up!’s exclusive colors
■ Available in color family assortments and a neutral pack (each pack sold separately)
■ Contains 12 crayons per package
■ Can also be used without water to color images

And my favorite trick?   Using Stazon to stamp large open images, I create coloring books for my littlest relatives (okay, for myself too sometimes – hee, hee, hee) then for the littlest guys I color across the images with the crayons – not filling them in but placing dots of color here and there.  Then when my munchkins visit I hand them the book and a paint brush or aqua painter and they add water to the page!  Amazement shortly follows as the colors come to life and can be moved about the page or mixed together!

Watercolor Pencils

Here’s a tip from SU:

After stamping a design, color the desired area with the pencils, then paint with water or a blender pen and watch the colors come to life! For more vibrant color and shading, color your artwork again while the paper is wet.
You can also make a palette on scratch paper by scribbling a section for each color. Pick up the color from the scratch paper with an Aqua Painter or blender pen.
For easy opening, squeeze the two back corners of the tin; the lid will pop open.


Another nice note about the pencils is that they are acid free and so perfect for coloring images in scrapbooks and other archival quality creations.


Oh and one last thing if you are into giveaways and blog candy there are a few out there today:

Craft Critique – Basic Gray paper here.

Mary Fish on her blog is giving away Lovely Letters Alphabet Stamp Set from SU and a few other goodies to celebrate her Million hits (don’t you just love it when someone throws a party and gives away gifts :D)

Hope your Holiday weekend has been a fun one.

Hugs and blessings – Jean

PS: On a literary note I’ve discovered that WordPress’s dictionary not only can’t handle worlds like blog or Google but large syllable words are also “apparently” a problem as well.  Can’t recognize journaling either.   Very funny to me that a medium that relies on words can’t find most of them!  But then my version of Word doesn’t recognize contractions like can’t either!  😀

Where did all my money go? – Blog Candy Alert

 Stephanie’s  blog, “Where did all my money go?” (I can so relate to that title :D) is offering some fantastic blog candy. Can’t get better than a gift certificate to your favorite crafting place  right???

While not SU Stephanie’s blog has many fun and creative projects and posts that can inspire your own creative juices using your favorite stamps and die cutting machines.

CLICK HERE  to  be taken directly to the post that explains how to win the blog candy.   You have until August 28th to enter for a chance to win.

Good luck everybody – Jean

Blog Candy Winner!

Hi All,

Thanks for your patience in waiting for this post!  Between Internet issues and health issues it’s been a mostly offline week.  Thank goodness I had a couple of posts in the can.  Now I get to play catchup. 

So on with the announcement….

 500 hits blog candy winner

random.org selected comment #12 as the winner.

Sandy Fechtenburg, on August 7th, 2009 at 2:41 PM Said:

Jean, congrats on your blog and all the hits! If anybody deserves to have a successful blog it’s you! Thanks for all you do, we really appreciate you and all the great info!
Hugs! Sandy (not your cat!)

Congratulations Sandy and thanks for the lovely comment – my feline Sandy friend is purring up a storm that random.org selected your comment! 😀   I’ve sent you an email requesting your address and will send off your box once I receive your reply.

 And a heartfelt thank you to all of you who left such encouraging and positive comments.   Time now to hit the studio and create some original cards for future posts!

Hugs and Blessings – Jean

500+ hits…A week of blogging…you just know it’s time for some….BLOG CANDY!

Hi All,

Todays a happy, sweet and just a bit sad day for me.   July 25th (1981) is my wedding anniversary and I celebrate it with joy every year.   However 12 years ago my lovely Stephen left for Heaven way too young (he was 42).  Steve died after a short battle with kidney cancer and I’ve since continued on my life’s journey alone.  Not completely alone as I’ve wonderful family and friends and of course my crazy/sweet cat companions (currently Wicket and Sandy) to keep the journey interesting and fun…but…I still miss my other half…the walks and talks and hand holding and silly moments are the things I miss the most.   The funny thing is Wicket who is the last of my cats who knew Steve (she was Daddy’s little Princess!) is also missing him today – she’s spent the day quietly curled up in her pillow staring at his picture and every once in awhile uttering a little sigh (hmmm…sounds familiar) and both cats have even let me rub noses with them (not something they usually put up with) for Eskimo kisses as Steve used to call them.  Amazing how cats tune into our moods or have moods of their own.   So that’s the sad/sweet bit…..

The comments and emails and visits to my new blog are the happy/sweet bits.  Thank you to all who’ve dropped by, written or commented.   I’m still floored that so many people found me before I even told anyone I had a blog.   The miracle of surfing the internet I guess. 

So what is the correct way to announce a blog…any of you Emily Posts out there know?   Does one simply add a tag line to all posts elsewhere, send greeting cards, call everyone you know and shyly admit to joining the blogosphere, put a plug in a demo newsletter or what.   Well okay I basically did all of the above after a couple of days of seeing the hit count mounting up and deciding this was going to be a fun ride after all.  But really I’d like to know…What is the etiquette of blog announcing?   Would taking out a full page ad in the New York Times be over the top?  It would definitely be outside the realm of my reality but I’ve heard a few have done that!  Let me know what you think okay?


500+ hits… a week of blogging…you just know it’s time for some….BLOG CANDY!

YaY sweet stuff!

Now having said that I hope you will realize I’m just getting started on all this blogging bit and am still figuring a few things out.  Like taking a picture of the goodies – LoL! Hmm…where is that camera and how does one take a decent picture without Photoshop and a light booth!  (When I find the camera I’ll edit the post with a picture or maybe I can just toss things on the scanner (?) so you can see the goodies)  So…how about a smattering of stamping bits and bobs ( kinda like my blog!) to help you make a card or two or three.

Here’s what’s in the package of SU goodness:

  • Several Neutral card bases
  • Matching Envelopes
  • Quarter sheet of each of the new In colors for layering and punching
  • a few cut pieces of DSP (retired but still lovely – kinda like yours truly :D)
  • A few die cut & punch pieces
  • an incentive stamp and spot
  • a yard or two of ribbon
  • a smattering of embellishments (buttons, brads, pretties, etc.)
  • And anything else that occurs to me as I’m packing the box hee,hee,hee.

In short a mini stamp kit  –  all you have to add is creativity for some wonderful cards.  

Speaking of which if you are feeling truly wonderful how about making and posting  at least one of these forCardsforHeroes.org a truly worthwhile organization always looking for a few good cards to brighten a service persons day.   Or for that matter send the service person the kit for their fun and enjoyment! (I have the names of some serving demo’s who would love to pass this kind of stuff around to their troops in Iraq and Afghanistan) –  It’s totally up to you!

To enter:

Leave a comment on this post with your email address or other contact info to be entered to win  and I’ll have the Random.org thingy decide the winner on Sunday,  August 9th (comments will close at noon that day) and I’ll announce the winner on Monday.  If you feel like musing on the idea of how to announce a blog I’d love to see the answers.   Actually I’d also love to see any suggestions about what you would like to see here or anything relating to the blog positive or negative.  

And…. Subscribe to my blog by email or reader and if you are the winner I’ll send the goodies in a fun little box for you to enjoy or gift along.

Hugs, blessings and Good Luck!

– Jean

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