Stampin’ Up! announces Deals of the Week are back! – Week One deals

Hi All,

Frugalistas rejoice!  It may not be Frugal Friday just yet but SU has announced the Deal of the Week promotions have returned.   All that and the new Clearance Rack on the Online Ordering site too offer deals galore! 


Thank You Flower Basket 001If you liked this card (details on this post) you are going to love the new deal on one of the punches I used to create it.  Starting today,  and going through the end of October, Stampin’ Up will be offering a series of Deals of the Week.

The last set of DOW was so popular they’ve brought the idea back and this time around are featuring more than one item (at least this week who know what’s going to happen in the coming weeks- you’ll have to tune in and see – LoL!).    Hopefully this will get you in the Holiday crafting mood, add frugally priced ideas for your gift list  and also give you a bit more selection than last time.  And don’t forget to scroll down for some punch tips I’ve added at the bottom of the post.

This weeks deal features 3 punches as shown below:

Flower Trio Flower Punch, 5 – Petal Flower Punch, My Way Punch (arrows).


Deals of the Week Logo

Trio Flower Punch

Trio Flower Punch #109183, $ 10.99

5 petal punch

5-Petal Flower Punch #109041, $10.99

My Way Punch

My Way Punch #110709, $11.99


So how does it work?  You can purchase any or all of these punches in whatever quantity that you desire either through the online store or with your regular customer or demonstrator orders.   A nice plus that.  Demo’s get to benefit as well!   With that and the new My Digital Starter Kit option announced today (see my next announcement post) there has never been a better time to join SU and get discounts on product all year long!

Each Deal of the Week is available for one week only(except for this first one) and each new set of deals will be announced on Monday Mornings in the online stores – and in many cases your friendly neighborhood blogger will also keep you up to date.  The deals are good up until 10 minutes before the next 10 am (Utah time) announcement.  Next one will be announced on October 12th.

Hope you enjoy the savings and are planning your Christmas gifts accordingly (I haven’t found a crafty kid or adult yet who doesn’t like to punch stuff ) and if you would like to place an order or would like details about the card shown above let me know.

Punch tip:  To keep all your punches in fighting (er crafting)  trim you can alternate punching through waxed paper (to keep them sliding through material well) and punching through soda pop aluminum cans (to keep them sharp).   Cut the ends off the cans (carefully so as not to cut yourself) and cut down one side to open up the material.  Then punch or run the sheet of aluminum though your big shot dies and you’ll have a fun colorful shape to add to your projects as well as keep your cutting tools nice and sharp.  The nice thing about the aluminum cut pieces is that once punched they are no longer too sharp to use safely – at least that has been my albeit limited experience.   Our craft scissors by the way do a terrific job on the cutting down the side.  You’ll probably need a knife to do the ends (Yep just like in the Ginsu commercials).

Punch tip #2:  When your new punches arrive take some old copy or junk mail paper and punch several times to make sure you’ve gotten any machine oil from the manufacturing and storage process out of the punch so you don’t stain your nice Stampin’ Up papers (don’t ask me how I learned this tip ‘kay?).   And if for some reason your punch is a bit sticky you can stick it in the freezer for a short time remove and let thaw and this should take care of the problem. 

All these tips work on SU punches and may work on others but I wouldn’t want to say for sure so do yourself a favor and buy the best quality punches around direct from Stampin’ Up! And take advantage of this weeks Deal of the week to save yourself some money for their awesome new stamps from the Holiday Mini (or the new Ornament Punch)!

Hugs and blessings to my favorite frugalistas – Jean


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