And the award goes to…..

Wow!  I feel just like an Acadamy Award winner. 

A dear and talented stamping friend Sharon Field passed this award along to a grateful and tickled yours truly.  And one of the fun things that tickled my funny bone is that Sharon resides in Florida…The Sunshine state!  How very appropriate.  Sharon’s posted some phenomenal projects this last week so give her blog a look see if you haven’t already.  Sharon is a regular on my newsletter lists and blog picks so trust me when I say you will be inspired by her work.

 And now the fun begins.  Per the awards conditions (see below) I now get to pass this award along in turn to 12 other bloggers.  I promised myself to include even those who don’t have fun cats – though loving animals was perhaps a prerequisite…and since bribery is not allowed this one is really going to be tough…have you seen my list of favorite blogs???

As with all awards and surprises, there are rules:

  1. Put the Sunshine Award on your blog and/or within your post.
  2. Pass the award to 12 other bloggers.
  3. Link the nominees within your post.
  4. Let them know they received this award by leaving a comment on their blog.
  5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received the award.  The hardest part, of course is narrowing it down to just 12 blogs!!

So… here are my awardees and as they say on all the award shows…..

The award goes to……

1. Holly Krautkermer otherwise known as catrules in the online stamping world, her videos and spirit light up any day   – Rubber Redneck

2. Ann Schach whose creativity and cheerful spirit always adds Sunshine to my day – The Stampin’ Schach

3. Jaydee – whose friendship & creativity supports and inspires me in so many ways and whose cats keep me grinning – Stampin! with Jaydee

4. Jackie Wright – my East Coast friend who keeps me sane and whose blog always makes me smile – Jackie’s Blog

5.Martha Lucia Gomez – Inspired stamper who leads a group of bilingual bloggers with fun and flair- StampArtPapel –

6. Stephanie Woodruff  (Sam) – an online friend whose blog could also be titled A Latte Smiles and Sunshine – A Latte Stampin

7. Donna Centamore – a truly inspired paper artist with a soul burnished in gold – Butternut Sage Designs

8. Holly (otherwise known as HollyLogic) defines sunshine in every way and in all she does – InkPaperStamps

9. Ilina Crouse – Not only radiates sunshine and joy in her art she’s solar power on steroids with all her activities and commitments – catch a ray here – My Creations

10. Linda Aarhus – Caring friend, artist and the most organized person I know (and yet I love her dearly) – Polka Dots and Paper

11. Lynn Larson –  Lynn and her creative fiber/paper  based projects always warm my heart and inspire my fingers – Learn to Stamp and Scrap with Lynn Larson

12. Marie Aviza – Check out Marie’s other non stamping life and you’ll see she brings Sunshine to a vast number of lives – on the other hand her blog lights up quite a few as well – Stamp Things &

Unofficially I’d like to add my Upline and friend Cheryl to the list ( a bakers dozen as they say :D) –  without her encouragement I would never have gotten into stamping or into blogging.  Thanks Cheryl for your support and the warmth and sunshine you bring to my life….now get your own blog going on your SU site so I can pass along the awards you deserve, okay!!  😀

Hugs and blessings to you all and congratulations to all my awardees…blogging while fun is  a lot of work and all these ladies make it look so easy…the mark of a true professional. – Jean

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