Watercooler Wednesday Challenge – WWC80 – Rubber Ducky Wants Back In!

WWC80 – Heidi’s CAS with a Water Theme Challenge

wwc80-heidi CAS water theme

Welcome to this weeks Watercooler Wednesday Challenge.

Once again our queen of the Clean and Simple (CAS), Miss Heidi, has created an innovative theme for us to work with.   Clean and Simple with a Water theme!    Don’t ask me why but immediately the idea of water, water everywhere and not a drop to…. came into my head.     In this case a drop to swim in…or leastways puddles that will dry up quickly once bath time is over.

In case you are wondering as you look at the picture, there is a tub implied in the background but since this is a CAS card it’s obviously a white one and so not all that visible.   Thus implied.   LOL

Our Watercooler Wednesday Challenge rules for CAS are pretty strict.  No die cuts or punch pieces and only one additional layer with lots of white (or whatever your main background color is) showing.   To see all the rules check the Challenge Blog post that explains how we swing with CAS.

Of course following those rules…well….lets just say that’s a trifle tricky for me.   Especially when water as a theme is involved.  Yes, I could grab that pretty Serene Scenes paper that has water and create a lovely and simple card…except…you guessed it…no DSP allowed.   Sigh.   So my first thought was a Jar of Love card filled with water pouring on a nameless somebodies head (I’ll let you figure out who the head belongs to).   Then I went very dark and possibly dystopian (thank you Book Bub for introducing me to free Kindle books set in dystopian worlds) and pictured a poor rubber duck after the bath was over moving from drying puddle to drying puddle.   I tried to happy it up by having him singing/whistling (whatever ducks do that produces music) while the water is there but of course we all know that puddles eventually dry up, so then…I imagine the tears or screams or cries for help will begin (are you seeing the dystopian element yet?).   Really what this card is, is the beginning of a challenging adventure for rubber ducky to get back in the tub before all the water in his ducky world is gone.   Obviously some insane toddler who thinks he rules his world threw him from the tub when said toddler was told to bend to the will of his mom (or dad) and get out of the tub.   After all…why should ducky swim when he can’t (notice I’m assuming the terrible toddler ruler of all he surveys is a he).    I should probably make a series of cards with the duck showing more and more distress or building a ladder up to the tub rim or something but sigh…it’s just too sad a situation to contemplate.  Not to mention a dark government with rules and competitions to push him along, etc.  Probably  why I’ve avoided watching the Hunger Games movies or reading the books as well as all those freebies that Book Bub tempts me with.   So…instead…to keep your day happy…just picture this sweet duck happily enjoying the puddles and let it all end there.  Okay?  Trust me.  You’ll be much happier if you see it all with rainbows and rose colored glasses.   Happy Duck…got it?

P.S.  For the happiest duck…decide that he’s already in the tub and that the drying puddle smears I zigzaged are in fact ripples in the tub water and that I was just too lazy to sketch in the tub with a Project Life pen.  Yep…lets go with that and skip all that dystopian stuff you really don’t want to have to Google to see if I used the term correctly.



Riding the Bath Time Puddles

Watercooler Wednesday Challenge - WWC80 - Rubber Ducky in a Pudddle - Jean Fitch - Something for Baby Stamp Set(as always click the picture to see a larger image)


Stamps:  Something for Baby, Jingle All the Way (ret.)

Inks: Daffodil Delight, Marina Mist, Memento Black Tuxedo

Paper: Whisper White Notecards & Envelopes

Punches: none

Tools & Adhesives:  Aquapainter or Blender Pen, Blue Watercooler Pencil


Easy peasy card to make.  Start with a Notecard from the Stampin’ Up! set of Notecards & Envelopes pack (20 cards and envies in one pack for a very reasonable amount).  Stamp the duck from Something for Baby in Daffodil Delight.  Add your Marina Mist water puddles with either a blender pen and ink from the pad (aquapainter will work with a very, very delicate touch and time to dry) or if you have my much loved and now retired SU watercolor pencils you can scribble a few lines here and there and then brush over with the Blender Pen or Aquapainter.   Stamp the musical notes from the retired set Jingle all the Way or ink in the notes with a Project Life pen or other black marker.

Tip: For bold flat images (like the duck) you may want to condition the rubber just a bit so that you get a fully inked image with no tears or hair tearing.  Conditioning can be done in several ways.  Clean the stamp surface with our Stampin’ Mist.  Rub surface gently with an eraser (or rub several times up and down on your blue jeans).  Clean again with Stampin’ Mist.   Stamp several times with ink on a scratch piece of paper or ink with Versamark and then colored ink the first time or two stamping with a new stamp.     After doing that ink the stamp by tapping lightly on the ink pad (flip over to check coverage).  Place the inked stamp on your paper and let it sit there for a count of say 5-10 and then lift directly up.  Letting the stamp sit for a a bit will allow the paper to soak up all the ink.   Inked image will continue to improve in appearance as the ink dries.


That’s it for this challenge.  To see the rest of the design teams contributions to Heidi’s CAS with water theme challenge head on over to the Challenge blog website here.   That’s also where you can add your own creation with the linky doodad.  When you add your own design and there are more than three entries, one of you will be a challenge winner or runner up and have the option to place our badges on your own site.  Of course…you’ll also win bragging rights!

Check here to see the winner of last weeks challenge.  And here to see all of last weeks other linky and Artist Team entries.  Check the challenge site for rules on competing for future challenges.

I really hope you will add your own creations this week.  I love the inspiration I find in your shared creations.

I hope you’ll join us next Wednesday for yet another Watercooler Wednesday Challenge.

Jean Fitch in pink











4 Responses

  1. I love that little singing (er….whistling) duckie! So cute. Great card, Jean!

  2. Oh Jean you had me rolling with the dystopian world this little ducky has emerged in. Perhaps in that world the tubs are invisible to the human eye and the ducky with enhanced super powers has emerged “swimmingly” into a new age and that’s why he’s singing or quacking for joy! One can hope. After all is said and done I simply like the whole concept of this card. It made me smile! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Jean, what a simply delightful card. LOVE it!

  4. Jean, I resisted scrolling down to see your card until I had read the whole duck tale, and by the time I’d finished, I didn’t know what to expect! What a treat to see your adorable duckie whistling while he paddled around in his puddle/bathtub. Forget dystopia, that’s pure joy! Thank you for a delightful image.

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