Fabulous Phrases – more goodies from the Llama Blog Hop!

Hi All,

Here’s another fun idea that had its origins in the Llama Blog Hop!   Speaking of which I hope you enjoyed that hop.  I’m still returning to my fellow llamas blogs to find more inspiration and ideas.    All the original hop posts are still accessible from this link – http://stampinllamas.blogspot.com/2011/09/doing-llama-hop.html

AND…we have another hop scheduled for October 22nd that will feature various holiday projects from Thanksgiving to Chinese New Years and any other holiday that enters our wild and wooly llama thoughts.  So stay tuned for more llama fun and inspiration.

In my hop post here in addition to the birdhouse template and directions I shared yesterday I  showed you what can be done with Stampin’ Up’s Fabulous Phrases stamp set and the birdhouses.     As I started building more houses I needed more ideas for what other word or phrase I could use so I returned to the stamp set and discovered a fun new game. 

Check this out…..

Fabulous Phrases pg. 163 in the catalog

Wood Mount: #117002  $37.95     Clear Mount: #120501  $26.95


Whether you use them together or apart these words add a lot to any project.


How many phrases do you see?   And here’s another hint….with selective inking you can create more words from what you see here.

Get your pen and pencil out and join in the fun then download my list (or just scroll down).

 Fabulous Phrases Word List & Game sheet  – PDF

And here’s the Game Sheet all by itself:

Fabulous Phrases game sheet – PDF

Now that you’ve tried it here’s what I’ve come up with.  Though I must admit…I’m still seeing new and fun bits every day the more I think about it.


 happy birthday

happy birthday to you

forever friend

celebrate today (place to and day close together with SAMJ)

enjoy life

love life

celebrate love

celebrate life

welcome little one

welcome beautiful little one

heartfelt wishes

thanks to you

best wishes

heartfelt best wishes

heartfelt gratitude

gratitude forever

to you

best friend

sweet thanks

sweet dreams

to celebrate one sweet little one

welcome to life little one

enjoy life little one

enjoy one sweet birthday

welcome happiness today (place to and day close together with SAMJ)

fabulous forever friend

enjoy dreams, love, life

birthday wishes

heartfelt birthday wishes

hi & welcome to life little one

wishes for happiness

friend to friend

heartfelt wishes for happiness

kind, sweet, fabulous friend

Words within words (selectively ink with a marker):

joy – from enjoy

ever – from forever

come – from welcome

birth – from birthday

mile – from smile

rate – from celebrate

heart – from heartfelt

felt – from heartfelt

today (combine “to” and “day” )

we – from sweet

a – from day

thank – from thanks

wish – from wishes

end – from friend

More selective phrases

you rate

you rate sweet birthday dreams

come & celebrate

thank you for life (now that’s something a mother would love to hear on Mother’s day)

a day for love, a day for happiness (wedding card text or Valentines Day)

we love you

we wish you love

best wishes for a beautiful life

heart to heart


Hope you enjoyed the game.   I bet you’ll never look at a set of words the same way again!   Bet this also makes this set seem much more reasonably priced too!    Feel free to click on over to my online store and order your own set today!    And if you come up with more phrases or words built from these I’d love to hear from you so I can expand my list!

Hugs and blessings my friends – Jean

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  1. Thanks for the list and ideas for this stamp set.
    Thanks for all you share with us.

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