Hanukkah Blog Hop: Day 2

Hanukkah 2012 Blog Hop

Welcome back to the first ever Hanukkah Blog Hop!  Day 1 (click the link to see it if you missed it) was a success and emboldened us to continue on with Day 2!!  Did you enjoy Miriams post?   If you missed her faulous treasure chest from todays hop post click on the “previous” button at the bottom of this post or circle back around to it by clicking next on the following blogs.   If you are working in reverse…Did you see Andi’s wonderful Big Shot banner?   Brilliant and no stamping required.   No matter what direction you go to hop you’ll eventually see us all…including Yapha’s gorgeous Window Frame Framelit card sandwiched in the middle.

We are so excited to be able to share with you a festival of wonderful Hanukkah related projects. We’ll be posting 2 projects a week on Sunday’s & Wednesday’s until the first day of Hanukkah on December 9th!  There are 4 of us participating so that is a total of 9 hop days for a total of 36 ideas!! Are you ready to be Hanukkah project inspired?!

On to Day 2 and my Digital Paper Dreidels!

One of the joys of celebrating Hanukkah with family and friends are the games and stories and songs that teach as well as entertain.   Growing up I had many opportunities to join friends and neighbors in the traditional game of Dreidel and those memories have stayed with me.   Each year I bring my own set out for a little pre Hannukah practice before going visiting.   After all when chocolate is involved (we generally use the chocolate gelt coins to play)  a little creative preparation and spin control (not to be called cheating…lol) is in order right?     Well…last year I discovered my little dreidel set had disappeared.  I suspect the fur children found them and now they are probably history one way or another.  So…I fired up the internet found a paper template and decided to see if My Digital Studio could come to the rescue.    It did!    And it was so much fun I decided to create a new set this year.   

Here’s the pattern I created this year:


Right click and save to grab the .jpg file

I print it out on my own printer using Stampin’ Up’s wonderful Whisper White or Naturals White Cardstock.   Of course you could also have the Stampin’ Up Professional Print Service do the printing for you and the color matching will be guaranteed.    The Whisper White is easier to score and fold but the Naturals White is a tad sturdier.   This year I also discovered that our Simply Score scoring board and stylus tool made the construction part of the job faster and easier not to mention more precise.    Any Stampin’ Up Adhesive will work to construct the Dreidel –  from Snail to Tombow Liquid Adhesive to Sticky Strip.

To actually use it as a top you have to add a dowel or stick of some type to grip and spin.   I’ve attached a PDF version of the Dreidel with directions on construction and also a copy of the traditional Dreidel song I created last year for a homeschool group that wanted to keep it simple but fun.   

Dreidel – 2012 Digital Paper  – PDF file with this years dreidel, songsheet, directions, blank dreidel to stamp or color with the kids.

Dreidel – Baroque Motif  – PDF file with last years Baroque Motif dreidel, songsheet, directions.

Dreidel – Blank Paper Version – PDF – Blank Paper Version to stamp on or color with the kids.

Images copyright Stampin’ Up!

I love how MDS can bring a simple songsheet to life.   Quick and easy and took me about 5 minutes once I found the lyrics online to copy and paste.    One little girl in the homeschool group decided to ask her mom if they could add this to their holiday scrapbook.   Said she was going to add pictures and punches down the sides.   I told her that’s what Stampin’ Up would call a hybrid project.   Print something you create in MDS then add physical (as opposed to digital) embellishment and digital enters the real (hybrid) world.

I’m not the master at My Digital Studio yet that Yapha is – she created our beautiful Banner and buttons using the newest version of the program MDS2 but I’m learning and I know that you can too!    Stampin’ Up has made it easy for you with a free 30 day trial and a website filled with inspiration at www.mydigitalstudio.net .    Don’t you have some Hanukkah projects of your own you’d like to try?   Place cards for the table?   Holiday decor or cards, a banner, little gift boxes, recipe cards or menus.   The list is endless that you can create.   

Here’s a few other downloads that might make your Hanukkah (and other holidays) a bit brighter.  And keep in mind that with the stamp brush sets below any Christmas, Winter or other Occasion download or template can be redesigned with Hanukkah or other Festival in mind:

Jewish Celebrations- http://www.stampinup.com/ECWEB/ProductDetails.aspx?productID=131318 – The digital version of the stamp set I used on Day 1 of our Blog Hop.

Jewish Holiday Sayings Brush Set – http://www.stampinup.com/ECWEB/ProductDetails.aspx?productID=128334

Celebrate Hanukkah Digital Download – http://www.stampinup.com/ECWEB/ProductDetails.aspx?productID=127761 – Designer Card templates make it simple

To order any of these contact your demonstrator or visit her/his demonstrator website.

Back to my Driedel story…..

I’m sure it will be easier to do in MDS2.   For MDS1 I added punches and filled in our Stampin’ Up colors of Bashful Blue and Daffodil Delight then moved them behind the template to add the color.   Then I added stamp brush images from Frames with a Flourish and a flower from the One of a Kind brush set.   Also added a flap section so I could tuck the top in instead of glueing it down.  This allowed me to use the dreidel as a gift box!    Don’t you love it when something you create can be used in multiple ways?      The first picture of the completed dreidel is missing something…can you tell what it is?   Now can you guess what’s in the second picture?


I decided to use this particular dreidel as a Tootsie Pop cover.   Of course you can use a dowel or fill it with Chocolate coins or the real deal money.   To use with the Tootsie Pops – place the pop head in the box and feed the stick end through the hole so the dreidel looks more like a dreidel should with a handle to twirl.   

One problem I ran into…before I could take the final picture for this project I put the Tootsie Pop on the table and while I was on the phone with a friend at Demonstrator Support oohing and ahhing over our latest promotional catalog (more on that in later posts)  it appears I unwrapped the Tootsie Pop and consumed it without realizing (of course you’ve never done such a thing, right?)…worst of all…I had no more Tootsie Pops for the photo shoot.   Called the little market down my mountain road and wouldn’t you know…no Tootsie Pops there either…the kids had cleaned them out!   They did offer me one of those candy jewel rings but understood when I said I needed the stick for the dreidel.     So you’ll have to rely on your imagination this time.   Or see what I used after a bit of brainstorming…can you guess?  It’s the applicator/handle from my Smooch Pearlized Accent Ink.  Retired product in the stash to the rescue once again!  

Are you ready to  download the file and make one of your own?  

Make sure to buy extra Tootsie Pops or dowels…or stay off the phone when in the vicinity!   Note to self:  Overcast days bring on sugar cravings…and make photo shoots difficult to light!

Here’s the blank template for the dreidel in case you’d like to make your own.   Because it’s a .gif file it can be imported just like any picture into MDS.   A copy to print and color with the kids is also fun (one is attached above).


Here’s another dreidel template/resource here:


 And if you’ve never played the dreidel game here’s a link to a basic explanation of how it works:


I couldn’t find any great renditions of the Dreidel Song but if you Google it you can find a few sites with lyrics and the melody in case you never learned it in school.  Now that I’ve been making a number of these little darlings I can’t help singing it nonstop.

Thank you for hopping along with us.
Your next stop is Andi’s blog, where she is going to show you   some more great Hanukkah related projects!

Make sure to come back again and visit on Sunday for Day 3 of our Hanukkah Blog Hop!

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