Free Shipping & other exciting news!

Lots of excitement around the Stampin’ Up watercolor watercooler today!

Free Shipping Flyer-001

Savings from this:

  April 6-8th

(that’s this weekend folks!)


(that’s the same as getting a 10% discount not to mention possible sales tax savings too)


May lead to this:

catribbon - you got me ribbons - OMG

(doesn’t everyone deserve new SU toys when shipping is free!)


And could heal the pain from this:

Watercolor Pencils and Crayons Discontinued

Brights Crayons are gone now…the Subtles, Regals and Neutrals are going fast!

(yep…I’m still crying over that one…though if you order this weekend you can get free shipping and possibly some of the still remaining Watercolor Wonder Crayons still available)



What will be in your box this weekend…when you order…and get….

free shipping carton

Don’t forget to shop HERE…this weekend…for Free Shipping!  Of course you can also call or email me your order.   Wouldn’t this be a fabulous weekend for an online Catalog party…so you as the hostess can get even more cool FREE stuff!  And your guests will all get free shipping on their order mailed direct to them!!!  

Contact me today for your Hostess Code to make that happen.

Relax…there’s still 4 more days of the Online Extravaganza

Has the start to the holiday rush got you flat on your back?


Or are you still looking for a few good deals?


Either way…you are in luck. 



Stampin’ Up’s Online Extravaganza has 4 more days to go!

So relax, kick back and let your paws walk the mouse through Stampin’ Up’s Online Extravaganza.   And while you’re there don’t forget to check out the clearance rack for more outrageous deals (up to 60% in fact).  

Here’s the listing of what’s on sale – Online Extravaganza flyer


And in the meantime…here’s a sneak peak of what I’m working on for another post.   Wouldn’t this be cute done up with the fabric now on sale?

Okay…back to the cute cats:

Hugs and blessings – Jean

Stampin’ Up! Sunday Bits and Blog Hopping

Sunday Blessings to you all.

Did you enjoy your extra hour of blog surfing or sleep or whatever you did with the time change.  Are you enjoying the Royal Blog Tour (see the post pinned to the top for details)?    Time change seems to have confused Mother Nature here in my corner of Oregon.  One minute the wind is blowing like crazy, the next its balmy and barely a breeze.  One minute clouds cover everything and dampness reigns (not to mention mini downpours) the next the sun is out and shining.  Who knew time changes could have such a changeable effect. 
I know we don’t really get an extra hour in the usual 24 but it sure seems like it so I’ve decided to enjoy it and spend the time surfing the Royal Blog Tour being amazed by the inspiring projects and angling for blog candy.  Seemed like a good time to get a jump on all the piled up laundry too.  After all why waste that extra hour when the machine could be chugging away – LoL! 
Makes me feel so virtuous getting chores done while surfing the net!  I’m so thankful for Washing Machines that work while unattended – too bad they won’t load and set themselves too!  While there is a river nearby I’d surely hate to have to lug the clothes there and find a rock to wash them!   Don’t imagine the fish would appreciate breathing the soap either!   The things the pioneers did…amazing that some of them found time to craft or do other fun things.  No blogs either!  Lots and lots of letterwriting going on though.
Okay Mom…enough surfing….when’s DINNER!!!
(note this is not even close to dinner time with or without the time change)
Wicket of course is finding the time change problematic.    She’s time ruled by her stomach and it will be a few weeks or months before she accepts the new clock settings as gospel.  So cruel to make her wait that extra hour for dinner isn’t it – hee,hee,hee.  I’ll make it up to her by giving her a bite of steak and some cheese.  Amazing the things I find in the bottom of my freezer!
Since you’re here and all I thought I’d also share a quick project Cheryl and I put together the other day.  Winter treat holder from Holiday Mini Halloween paper (talk about a trick when someone opens it and sees the inside of the paper)!!  Something about this little darling seems to me to have a very Edwardian feel to it.   Probably the deep red of the Riding Hood Red paired with the Black and Gray herringbone patterned paper with white accents – not to mention the vintage style stamp that was used.   Discovered  after it scanned that the Designer Paper scanned more gray than black.  And the Rhinestones aren’t showing the sparkle they have when sitting on my desk.    This is a somewhat simplified of CASE of a video project I found on Kimberly Van Diepen’s blog here.

Supplies List:

Stamps: Bells & Boughs (Holiday Mini)

Paper: Night Owl Designer Series Paper (Holiday Mini), Riding Hood Red & Whisper White Cardstock

Ink: Versamark

Other: Big Shot, Table Setting Die, Northern Frost Decorative Strip Die (Holiday Mini), Basic Jewels Rhinestones, Whisper White Taffeta Ribbon, Stapler (to fix the DSP to the die cut and hold it closed….and of course Chocolate!

I’m so impressed that Stampin’ Up gives us options with our Designer series paper.   Even though this is technically Halloween paper only one side of each design has a specifically Halloween image.  The other side as you see here can be used for other occasions throughout the year.   So much more versatile don’t you think!  And of course it coordinates perfectly with SU’s color groupings and embellishments  too!  Appeals to my frugality in a big way!

All right…now that the scan is made I can eat the Chocolate and really celebrate the time change!!



Still Patiently waiting….and looking cute too don’t you think?
Guess I better go fill the food bowl!   Then back to the Royal Blog Tour for more inspiration.
Hugs and Blessings – Jean

Post Halloween Fun for the Fur Faces! Cool Video!

Hi All,

While you wait for me to get my latest projects and cards in the mail scanned I thought I’d share this very cool post Halloween video.   Turns out that cats of any size are really kittens at heart!


Hm…I guess I better keep my eye out for cougars and other wild cats that like to visit while I have pumpkins on the porch!

Hugs and blessings to you all – Jean

Tightwad Tuesday is Raining Cats and Dogs

Hi All,

Well it did seem to be raining Cats and Dogs and everything else but the kitchen sink right up until the Sun came out over the weekend.  Then again who knows by the time this actually posts on Tuesday it may be doing so again.  I do live in Oregon after all and even though it’s May old man Winter is having a hard time letting go.  One day we’re in the 70’s and the next the 40’s!   I keep reminding myself that last year we had snow in June so I’m keeping a weather eye out (or is that an eye on the weather?) for falling objects of any kind.

And lest it sounds like I’m complaining I should say that part of why I moved to Oregon was for the weather.  After years in Southern/Central Coastal California it’s invigorating to experience real seasonal weather….have to say I don’t miss the earthquakes either.  The only time I waver in that enjoyment is when I open my heating bills!  Though again I have to admit I prefer the lower end of the temperature scale to the higher.

So with that in mind….. welcome to another installment of Tightwad Tuesday where the bargains and the inspiration (hopefully) also fall thick and fast.  For a complete list of other stamps and wheels under $20 check out the downloadable list in my right hand sidebar.  And now that the Summer Mini is live I’ve added a new document to my Scribd files that outline the mini’s stamps and wheels also under $20.

Okay my friends….I’m guessing you’re asking yourself what took this crazy animal loving cat lady so long to get around to these two sets.  Well…hmmm…I guess I have no real good answer to that one but now that we’re here and featuring the stamp versions of my fur friends I’m feeling just as frisky and crazy as they are.   I guess procrastination builds up the energy supply.   So get out your goldfish crackers and a glass (bowl?) of milk and prepare to get cute, cuddly and possibly furry.


Projects from the Stampin’ Up Store


  W = wood    CL  = Clear Mount   IBC = Idea Book & Catalog (main catalog)

C is for Cat – #115764, $15.95, pg. 61  IBC

You can just bet I jumped on this set when it was offered for free during Sale -a-Bration.  Not sure why I waited so long but now I have it I can’t stop coming up with ideas for it.  Perfect for any cat lover in your life or to document your own cat’s antics in scrap pages or cards. 

Given my own Wicket cat’s sharp claws I’m planning on using these stamps with some Craft ink to create my very own custom pincushion for my sewing table.  Seems appropriate somehow given all the holes Wicket has put in yours truly over the years (or even just this week!).

Here’s what SU has to say about this set:

Cat lovers will purr with delight when they see this adorable set. With images and greetings for all sorts of different occasions, you’ll find the perfect accent for your next cat-centered project!

Set Quantity: 6


SCS Gallery:

Stampin’ Addicts Gallery:

** – C is for Cat


D is for Dog – #115784, $15.95, pg. 61 IBC

I love the freewheeling look of this dog as he/she trots along ( I could wish they had also included a moving image like this on the Cat set too but then most cats tend to sit or lay down more than they trot :D).

The quote from Martin B. is also terrific and so totally true. A few talented stampers have even managed to make this dogs tail wag for real in their cards.   Looking at all the images here it’s hard not to picture Scrap pages, background papers, cards and more flowing from this one set of stamps.  Add some Acrylic Paints to the mix and you could have fun doggying up bowls and other doggy paraphanelia.  Add Craft inks and a heat tool for tee shirts, quilt blocks and other fun items. 

Can’t you just picture a card for your favorite fella with the caption…You dog!  If you have My Digital Studio you can make it happen then stamp the dog images from this set to make it a hybrid project.  You can also use this set with the mini milk carton die to create a doghouse with dog at the entrance!

Here’s what Stampin Up has to say about the set:

A dog may be a man’s best friend, but this stamp set is a woman’s best creative buddy! With images and greetings for everything from cards and gifts to pages and decorations, this set offers unlimited opportunity for the dog lover in all of us!

Set Quantity: 6


SCS Gallery:

Stampin’ Addicts Gallery:



Coordinating Wheel:

P is for Paw – Standard Wheel – #115620, $6.50 pg. 61 & 205

While it was tricky finding links to share for this wheel.  I have no trouble at all envisioning its use.   I love the mix of small and large – possible cat and dog paws.  Or Kitten and cat, puppy and full dog paws.  Kind of like a free for all game of Twister by the fur face set.  Hmmm….kind of looks like my entryway floor during the Winter months too!


SCS Gallery: none

Stampin’ Addicts Gallery: none

** – also uses D is for Dog


Tailgating – Standard Wheel – #105519, $6.50, pg. 58 & 205

While considered a coordinating wheel for the Loads of Love stamp set I tend to think of it as a doggy wheel.   Perfect if you love to color with pencils or markers Tailgating is not one of those wheels that will change your life, but it’ll sure make you smile. Use it with the Loads of Love stamp set or send the image to any dog lover; you’ll love what you come up with every time


SCS Gallery:

Stampin’ Addicts Gallery: none



For other fun dog and cat images check out the following slightly higher priced stamp sets:

Pun Fun on pg.60 of the Idea Book and Catalog. 

A Kind Word on pg. 53 in the IBC also has some cute kitties as well.

Peace Within pg. 103 has another cute cat.

Teacher’s Pet pg. 89  is another one with a cat and dog


I hope, my fellow Frugalistas that  you’ve enjoyed this companion animal addition of Tightwad Tuesday.  Check back later in the week as I race to get the rest of the Under $20 sets not yet featured up and going before the new catalog is issued in July and the Last Chance list (that might contain a few of these already featured sets) for retiring stamps that debuts in June.

Hugs and Blessings – Jean

Isn’t it lovely when two species try to work together…….

Of course this is more my life and what I have to deal with……..Or as Wicket would say why give humans the can openers and pop tops and give us just a tongue!  As always with cats…its a control issue!

Easter Blessings and Abundant Hope

Easter is an alleluia day

Thank you, Lord, for the Easter sun that rises in the hearts of men and women.


Easter Blessings to you all my friends…..

For me the title of this post says it all.   Easter and the blessings contained therein fills my heart with an abundance of hope.  Hope that endings lead to new beginnings, hope in the possibilities of new life and in life in general.  Hope that our troubled world can yet be made new and shiny and bright and most of all better.  Is that a bit Pollyanna- ish….perhaps but mostly its an embracing of joy and thankfulness for God’s love and mercy.   And a trust that walking out of darkness into light is not only possible but a concrete reality waiting to be grasped.   As the Israelites discovered during a time of plagues followed by Passover followed by freedom the road was not easy or short but it was a road of concrete reality filled with miracles and guided by the hand of God.  So today we are shown our own new path strewn with miracles large and small and the love of God who set it all in motion.   And all we have to do is step out in faith and grasp the reality.

Easter has always been a special time for me and in particular the celebrations of Holy Saturday.   In the Catholic Church it is the beginning of a new Season and a new cycle and as with all new beginnings we begin in darkness.  Then with song and prayer a new fire is lit.  No matches or other modern conveniences but instead the basics of creating a spark to light that new fire.  From that one spark the church is gradually lit as the candles held in each hand are light one by one from that first new fire.  The Paschal Candle (sometimes known as the Christ Candle) is also lit at this time.  This large candle will then be used throughout the year for baptisms and funerals and other liturgical occasions.   The flame of the Paschal candle symbolizing Christ as light of the world and his presence in the midst of his people.  The term “Paschal” comes from the word Pesach, which in Hebrew  means Passover. The tall white candle in many ways signifies the Divine pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night that lead the Israelites in their Exodus from slavery in Egypt.  A series of prayers is then followed by a series of readings and songs that connect us to our Judaic past and lead us into the fulfillment of God’s covenant in Jesus Christ and his resurrection.    For me this service is truly that first Easter.  As we go from the tomb to the reality of the resurrection.   From death into life.   For me the ancient traditions and ceremony of the Vigil service bring home the deepest meanings of Easter as well as connecting me to those who have gone before and those who will come after me. The physical reality of going from darkness into light adds layers of meaning and a concrete reality I find harder to connect to in the later Easter Sunday service held only in daylight.  More than any other time of the year I feel in this night the entire body of Christians living and gone on ahead celebrating and thanking God for the gift of his Son.    A truly wonderous sense of unity and gratitude and perfect joy.  A foretaste of Heaven if you will.   My prayer for you this day is that you experience a taste of that same Abundant Hope and Joy.

Happy Easter Everyone!


Oh and here’s one of the many cards I have been sending out to celebrate this Season of Easter. Yup…Season…as with so many things we Catholics like to party on and Easter for us continues right on through to Pentecost!   So expect to be seeing a few Easter Cards between now and then – LoL!

One of the simplest of the cards….


Card front


Inside view

Stamps:  Abundant Hope (Occasions mini)

Paper: Kraft, Naturals White, Soft Suede Cardstock

Ink: Bravo Burgandy (texts and scrolls only)

Other: 1-1/4″ Circle Punch, Big Shot, Lattice Bigz die, Scallop Trim border punch, Watercolor Pencils, Blender Pen

The Daffodils were “dry” colored with Watercolor Pencils then gone back over with the blender pen.  The rest is pretty self explanatory from the layout.

On another note my reality this day is that Sandycat is still with me for just a wee bit longer.  I’m grateful that God has chosen to spare her for that bit longer.  With some fluid infusions and medication the vet held out a slim hope that she might get better and that her liver might reverse the damage on its own.  I’m still hoping for an Easter miracle though it’s less and less likely.   I’m not sure why but losing her after Easter seems somehow better so I’m grateful for that small gift whatever comes.  Thanks again for your love and prayers and shared caring.  It’s meant a lot.

One final bit I thought I would share.  This seems to be making its way around the web in many guises so thought I would share it too.  Funny thing is that as you read it there are a number of different interpretations that can be made.  Not too surprisingly I’ve discovered my mind immediately hit the gutter whenever possible….must be all those wild and wooly and just slightly bawdy stampers I hang out with – LoL!   And of course you just knew I had to include a cat picture!


All I need to know
I learned from the Easter Bunny!
Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
Everyone needs a friend who is all ears.
There’s no such thing as too much candy.
All work and no play can make you a basket case.
A cute tail attracts a lot of attention.
Everyone is entitled to a bad hare day.
Let happy thoughts multiply like rabbits.
Some body parts should be floppy.
Keep your paws off of other people’s jelly beans.
Good things come in small, sugar coated packages.
The grass is always greener in someone else’s basket.
To show your true colors, you have to come out of the shell.
The best things in life are still sweet and gooey.

May the joy of the season fill your heart.
Happy Easter!

Hugs and Blessings – Jean

My Blog Picks and Posts from Here and There Around the Web #19

Hi All,

 Here’s my latest set of Blog Picks from here and there around the web.  Generally, you’ll see all SU here on my blog but here and there I find inspiration that is eminently CASEable with SU Product so will share that as well with suggestions for alternate stamps and paper.  Feel free to copy and paste this list and pass it around to fellow stampers or customers or whoever.   Keep in mind there is a lot of inspiration out there and these are just a few of what I’ve found that struck my fancy (so it’s very subjective).   If you are an SU demo or customer and would like to see a more extensive list I have newsletters for both groups (free for right now) with more details, FYI, video and tutorial links.  Email me if you are interested.   Now with that plug out of the way here’s this weeks list of links.


Video’s – spinning snowflake cards – Tulipe Ornament


 Tips & Techniques & Reviews – ornament money holder – step by step – DIY buttons – clear stamps 101 – info on adhesives – make your own background stamp and a cool punch guitar.


CAS (clean & simple) – ornament punch & Short & Sweet – no ink card with rub ons & punches – Christmas Greetings & Pocket Silhouettes


General Cards & Projects – wedding sweet and the measurements – – Of the Earth – Ever After – Simple Friendship & Medallion – Fifth Ave. Floral – Wanted – Defining Alphabet and Define your Life – Circle Circus – pocket silhouettes – Voila Santa – Thoughts & Prayers – Flowers in Silhouette (dormant)


Occasions Sneak Peek – Love Bandit – With All my Heart and other new stuff – Vintage Vogue with video – tiny tags – great giggle and some clear stamp talk – My Matryoshka – Love Bandit – Butterfly Wings embosslit – Well Scripted – I heart hearts I heart hearts, Abundant Hope, Tiny Tags, With all my heart


Holiday Mini – Snowbuddies – Snowbuddies – Serene Snowflakes & Top Note die – Wandering Words & Lovely as a Tree Trishutter & – O Christmas Tree die and Lovely as a Tree


Christmas/Winter/Hanukkah – Season of Friendship & Loads of Love accessories – advent calendar – Sparkly & Bright – Winter Post and A Cardinal Christmas – winter post  Holy Triptych – check out the cool Top Note trick. – Dasher & Season of Joy – Dasher & Loads of Love –  soft holly wheel


Big Shot & 3-D & Punches – princess crown with directions – Ornament Punch – lattice die and holiday windows collection bird die – Scallop Bag die & Merry Details Sizzlit – Petal Card die Bookmarks Snowflake #2 – Merry Details and Joyful Sizzlits – Jackie Topa’s penguin directions from this card – – Punch mice – Polar Bears with Punches – ornament punch angel – Advent Calendar – Christmas Bow – Wood Sheets & Punches create Santa coming down the chimney – Guitar Shaped Card


Non Stamping – fun blog with great Christmas tips – shop your own home to decorate for the holidays – Popcorn Wreath – I’ve lived a few places that this might actually be literally true! – so like a cat – though in Sandy and Wickets case they would ask for the definition of BAD!  They have no idea what that is! – Aussie version of Jingle Bells.  Hmmmm…I think I might need a dictionary.  In case you do too here’s what I found to define unfamiliar terms:

Holden Ute – Aussie version of a an El Camino car/truck

swaggie – an itinerant Australian laborer who carries his personal belongings in a bundle as he travels around in search of work

esky (plural: eskies)

1.     (Australia) an insulated picnic cooler, using refrigerated blocks to keep food cool.

kel·pie 2 n.

Any of a breed of sheepdog originating in Australia. (that’s a far cry from the one I learned – a water spirit in the form of a horse that drowned its riders)


 I hope you enjoyed looking at these as much as I enjoyed combing the web to find them for you.    Time to hit the stamp room while the inspiration is flowing and the mojo is strong!

Hugs and blessings my stamping friends – Jean  


Perfect example of my week – LoL!


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