Hanukkah Blog Hop: Day 5

Hanukkah 2012 Blog Hop

NOTE:  It’s the holiday weekend…so some hop posts may be a tiny tad late in appearing. 😀

Welcome to the first ever Hanukkah Blog Hop! We are so excited to be able to share with you some wonderful Hanukkah related projects. We’ll be posting 2 projects a week on Sunday’s & Wednesday’s until the first day of Hanukkah on December 9th! There are 4 of us participating so that is a total of 9 hop days for a total of 36 ideas!! Are you ready to be Hanukkah project inspired?!

Wow, we are half way through our Hanukkah Blog Hop! Thank you to everyone who has visited these past 4 days. The response we have received has been extremely positive! We hope you enjoy the remaining 5 projects! If this is your first visit, go back and visit Day 1, 2, 3 and 4.  And don’t forget to make the full hop rounds as you do so.  Wouldn’t want you to miss a thing after all!


With Thanksgiving  last week is it any surprise that food has been on my mind?     

So of course it seemed the appropriate weekend to work out my Hanukkah Hop Menu and Table decorating ideas.   Well…got as far as the menu anyway.  The Table decorating will have to wait for Wednesday.   Must have been all that turkey that put me to sleep!  So just to be on the safe side there won’t be turkey for Hanukkah.  After all…have to keep sharp for those marathon Dreidel Games right?

So when planning a menu where does one start?  In my house Google generally is involved and it didn’t let me down this time either.   Neither did my Stampin’ Up digital design program otherwise known as My Digital Studio or MDS for those in the know.    You did know that you can purchase that program as a download until November 28th for 50% off right?   Stampin’ Up has it’s annual Online Extravaganza running through Wednesday of this week.  Their own version of Black Friday & Cyber Monday with a few other days thrown in for good measure.    So don’t forget to check in with your demonstrator (no the orders don’t have to be placed online)  or the Stampin’ Up online store if your still in your jammies.

I’m still planning myExtravaganza shopping strategy so haven’t yet gotten the upgrade to MDS2 but it’s coming…before Wednesday for sure.   So today I turned to the stamps that came installed with my original program.   Holiday Blitz and Frames with a Flourish may be retired as far as the rubber variety goes but in MDS they live on! And I still love that Villa designer series paper (also included with MDS) that I used on the Dreidel song songsheet I showed you on day 2 of the hop.  In fact…you could say that songsheet and paper dreidel inspired my menu in some ways.   Looks like we have a coordinated set coming together don’t you think?   Might have to repeat that when I go to scrapbook it all!   I wonder…has anyone ever scrapped a Blog Hop?   Hm…now there’s a thought.   Create a digital scrapbook of our hop and share it with my hop sisters.  What do you think?   Doable?

Here’s what I came up with for my menu:

All images copyright Stampin’ Up!

Digital Supplies List

Brush sets:   Holiday Blitz,   Frames with a Flourish – in Night of Navy

Digital Papers:  Villa – Night of Navy, Whisper White photo layer background

Other images:  Wide Oval Punch – slightly altered & stretched – filled with Daffodil Delight color

Simple right?   Well the design anyway.  Most of the recipes are too for that matter and in case you are interested I’ll share the links for where you can find them.    My plan is to take this design and drop 4 onto a single page that will print me just the right size to cut and trim with my brand new Stampin’ Trimmer or my Stampin’ Up  Tabletop Cutter (that just happens to be on sale through Wednesday), then mount on a cardstock backing and place on each plate at the table.  I’ll also print a larger version to set on the Buffet table so guests can see what they are selecting from.   Now the biggest decision…what type of Latkes to make.   Traditional potato or some other healthier variety.  I’ve found a couple of recipes that look interesting.  Including one that uses cauliflower!

As you can see my menu card does double duty.  It outlines the menu and the schedule.   At the library the other day I found a childrens book that tells the story of Hanukkah in simple and uncomplicated terms.   Now I’m trying to decide whether to just read the story as is, or create my own storyteller version using that book as a basis.   To get the party started I thought we’d have a quick nosh on the appetizers then settle in for the story and the main event…the lighting of the Menorah.   Then in the glow of more lighted candles on the table we’ll sit down to a warm and filling dinner.  Perfect for the weather we’ve been experiencing here in Southern Oregon.    Not quite enough rain to float Noah’s ark but enough…and cold…yep…it’s winter alright even if the calendar does still read Fall.   And then of course…what would be the best ending to the evening…Dreidel games and cookies!     Wait till you see how I’ll package some extra cookies for each guest to take home as a treat.  Surely I’m not the only one who gets hungry at midnight?

 Here’s your own Hanukkah Treat.   No time to create a menu card of your own?  I’ve created a sheet of blank ones that you can handwrite in the menu or pull up in Word and drop a text box on top to fill it all in.   Just print cut and mount on cardstock.   Our Whisper White cardstock works great in most printers by the way if you just want to print and cut.

Right click and save the files or grab the Word document linked here:

Hanukkah Hop menu card sheet  – Word doc (formulated for older Word versions and works with newer as well)

All images copyright Stampin’ Up!


And in case you like my plan for the night:

All images copyright Stampin’ Up!

Here’s the recipes I’ve decided on for my dinner in case you want to check them out

And a few other sources for good Hanukkah eats:

http://kosherfood.about.com/od/hanukkah/tp/hanukkah.htm  lots of tasty latke variations – some healthier than the traditional Potato versions.

http://kosherfood.about.com/od/hanukkah/a/han_menu_dairy.htm– dairy menu – that’s where I got most of the recipes featured on my menu.   Who knew that about.com had food as good as the food  network site?

http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/food-network-kitchens/celery-root-slaw-recipe/index.html– celery root slaw – discovered this at Thanksgiving and while I didn’t add it in here it’s worth a look.

 http://www.kosherinthekitch.com/category/cookies/  – cookie ideas and if you hit the home key some amazing recipes! That’s it for this addition of the Hanukkah Hop Day 5.  


I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with all the trimmings.   And don’t forget to check out Stampin’ Up’s Online Extravaganza (that’s not all online) that runs till Wednesday.


Thank you for hopping along with us.
Your next stop is Andi’s blog, where she is going to show you some more great Hanukkah related projects!

Make sure to come back again and visit on Wednesday for Day 6 of our Hanukkah Blog Hop!

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Here’s a complete list of the Hanukkah Blog Hoppers in case any links don’t work.

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4. Jean FitchYOU ARE HERE!

12 Responses

  1. Wow, can we come over?! Love your detail, Jean.

  2. Mmmmm… Jean…. This looks delicious! You really thought of everything! I love the recipe links and even the menu blanks! Hope you are feeling better soon!

  3. “I wonder…has anyone ever scrapped a Blog Hop? Hm…now there’s a thought. Create a digital scrapbook of our hop and share it with my hop sisters. What do you think? Doable?”

    I’ve been working on this since Day 1. So far I have 29 pages…I’m definitely going to have to go back through when this is all done and see what I can do to lessen the number of pages. I really wasn’t planning on making a hard cover Hanukkah Craft book when I started. 🙂

  4. Yum! Great Hanukkah dinner menu! Too bad I am on the opposite side of the US or I’d crash the party. 🙂

  5. What time is dinner? Sounds yummy and the menu looks great too! How nice of you to share the templates. It’s amazing the yummy (and sometimes not so yummy) recipes you can find on google.

  6. Very nice menu and wonderfully decorated Menu Cards….the dinner sounds yummy! How nice that you have the entire schedule set and I agree about telling the story after some nice appetizers and then your dinner. Know everyone will have a wonderful time! TFS!

  7. No, unfortunately, you’re not the only one who gets hungry at midnight, Jean. Beautifully designed menu.

  8. Jean, I absolutely love your menu! The lay out is fabulous; the recipes look amazing; and your ideas for using it are terrific. Awesome job, as usual.

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  10. […] and found lots of inspiration! If this is your first visit, go back and visit Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and […]

  11. […] and found lots of inspiration! If this is your first visit, go back and visit Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and […]

  12. […] and found lots of inspiration! If this is your first visit, go back and visit Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. […]

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