Free My Digital Studio – Day in the Life – download until 10am tomorrow

Hi All,

Stampin’ Up recently offered a free digital download of the “Day in the Life” Kit in celebration of receiving  so many “likes” on their FaceBook page.   Though the free downloads ended on the 10th they generously expanded it to January 12 at 10am Utah time otherwise known as Mountain Time (MT).

Here’s the link and the post if you haven’t gotten yours yet:

Our thanks go out to the thousands of you who have joined us in celebrating our 100,000 Facebook fan milestone by downloading the Day in the Life Digital Kit! If you haven’t had a chance to download your kit yet, no problem. We are extending the download deadline to January 12 at 10:00 AM (MT). Simply visit the link below, fill out a quick survey, and get immediate access to the download!

Note: You don’t have to be a FaceBook member to take advantage of this and you may want to save the file in multiple formats before you leave the download survey page as you only get one bite at the apple.    You can save in MDS format and I recommend that you save the file initially then go back and run it so you have a permanent saved copy on your drive in case the file gets corrupted after installing in MDS.   You can then also save it in the other format for non MDS use.  This saves the file as a zip file which you then can unzip into its individual components for use with any graphics capable software.

If you’d like to see what content is included or would like the index sheet for your own use here’s a PDF showing the materials included in the download.

Day in the Life – Index Sheet

Enjoy.  This is a wonderful set of images and page template that I know I’ll be making use of for years to come.

Hugs and Blessings – Jean

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