My Digital Studio: Glimmered Projects Tutorial

Happy Day Before Thanksgiving my friends!   I don’t know about you but I can almost taste the turkey, the cranberries, the stuffing and the garden produce I’m sure my friends will be filling their table with.   My lovely sideline (and friend) Linda and her Mom invited me to join their family for a feast!  And if last years dinner was anything to go by… a feast it will be!  Wicketcat of course has her nose out of joint because she wasn’t invited.   Good thing too.  Linda has two active pups and a cat of her own that attempt to rule the roost at her house.    Maybe if I bring Wicket home some scraps she’ll forgive me?

Several of my friends told me yesterday that they were in the midst of storms that were adding snow, ice, frost and all things white and glittery to their week.   Given all the glitter Mother Nature is tossing about I thought I’d toss a little of my own and share a tutorial on MDS glimmer tricks!  

No permanent snow yet in my neck of the woods but the winds are doing a little tossing of their own.  Last night it sounded like a freight train was running just outside my door…very odd circumstance given my usual very quiet valley up in the hills.

Here’s a tutorial (of sorts) for the My Digital Studio Glimmer projects I posted previously and based on several of these ads. 

You can see the project pictures  here.   Mostly this tutorial is a pictorial reminder sheet of the basic steps.  It also assumes a certain level of knowledge about the basics of MDS.   Let me know if you have questions and of course comments are always welcome.     At the end of the pictures I’ve put a link to a PDF version of this tutorial that you are welcome to download, share and use. 

MDS – Glimmer Paper Recycled Ad Trick – PDF version of the Tutorial

Have fun with the project if you decide to attempt it.    You can grab the jpgs of the ads I used in my original post on the subject here by right clicking and saving them to your own computer.  Then import as photos into any MDS project type and get glimmering!

And don’t forget to check out the Online Extravaganza still going on.  The deals are just waiting for you!    You can check them out and/or place an order here.

Hugs and blessings and as always one of the things I am thankful for are my lovely blog readers.   Share the sparkle!   – Jean

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the toot, Jean! you must get so many hugs at convention that you can’t walk! BTW – LOVE the “Print friendly copy” thingie too (will have to look into that one 🙂

  2. Thanks for the tutorial, Jean! Happy Thanksgiving!

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