Glimmer paper…when you don’t have it in My Digital Studio…you have to make your own!

Hi all,

Are you as in love with Stampin’ Up Glimmer Paper as I am?   Especially the Silver variety in the Holiday mini?   I’m hooked, addicted, desperately seeking glimmer…oh yeah…

Hi…my name is Jean…and I’m a Glimmerhead!

So, what’s a girl to do when her favorite paper doesn’t have a digital equivalent.  Especially when she’s also an MDS addict?   Why make her own of course.  Say what?   Nope, I’m not a programming whiz or anything…but I am an ace recycler.   Have been for years…only now I’ve gone digital with that talent.

To start with…Stampin’ Up has this thing called the Online Extravaganza. 

You may have heard about it?   LOL!   If you haven’t and you inhabit Stampin’ Up cyber space zones you really need to have something checked.  Practically every demo’s blog has a banner.   See where I’m going with this yet?  Let me make it a little bigger….

Do you see the sparkle yet…or should I say the glimmer?   How about on this one:

Can you guess yet?   Okay…I’ll stop teasing.   After inquiring and finding out that Stampin Up does not yet offer a digital glimmer and that the ads were created with non MDS software (oh the horror!) inspiration struck and struck hard.

See glimmer…want glimmer…..STEAL GLIMMER….Ta Da!!    My criminal…um…recycling talents came to the fore and I created these quicky bits just to see if the idea had merit.

First  a card front.

And since the inside is mostly white it doesn’t show up that well on a blog so I skipped it.  Shows up just fine when you print it of course.

Then a small wedding present tag.

Well it’s supposed to be a small tag but I couldn’t figure out how to down size the background in my gleeful and larcenous state.  Still learning my way around the program.

And finally a sheet of Christmas Tags all ready for the whacker!

So what do you think.   Was the experiment successful?   It’s much shimmery and glimmery in My Digital Studio of Course.   I really wish you could see my screen and all the sparkle.

  Might have to have a couple printed up by Stampin’ Up’s professional print service for a true test.  

And I’ll have to see if I can do a print screen by print screen of the process to give you a better idea.    Basically I imported the jpg (the old right click and save works every time)   from the file saved to my computer into MDS then covered the ad part with a punch and used the color matching option to find an appropriate color in another part of the original jpg.  Then dropped on a few layers of whatever and voila…recycled art!  I’m thinking that with a steady hand and few more punches or other ink layers I can do a true fill and still preserve the ornament image.   But that’s an experiment for another day.

What did I learn.    First…I still have a lot to learn about my new software.   Second…learning is fun, stimulating and occasionally leads to head slaps and colorful vocabulary…can we all say SAVE as you go along and don’t be too quick to click okay when a delete screen comes up – I clicked while watching an exciting cop show in another open window.    Note to self…forget TV while attempting new things.    Third…this was so fulfilling and outrageously fun once I figured out the basics.    Oh…and blue tones work best with silver glimmer…or colors that contain blue tones (of the right hue).   Real Red and Cherry Cobbler are amazing with Marina Mist.   Both are new colors since the Color Renovation.   And both of course are perfect with glimmer paper.  Probably why SU combined all three in the original ad (actually I think they used Real Red but Cherry Cobbler works too).

So….from this:

To this:

Not bad for an evenings work.   Oh..and did you read the ads besides looking at their glimmer borders.   There are still lots of great deals going until November 30th.   Don’t miss out.   The two 24 hour specials are gone but there are lots of terrific MDS downloads to play with and stamps to stamp with and ….  well…you get the “picture”…right?

To place an order click here or on my sidebars link to my online store.   If you have more questions about today’s post leave me a comment or drop me an email.  I’ll be happy to explain further.   And don’t forget to try your hand at recycling…an ad (and its glimmer) is a terrible thing to waste. {grin}

Hugs and blessings – Jean

P.S.  My new Simply Score is on it’s way and should be here next week …the downloads I bought at the same time today were delivered to my desktop in seconds!  Better still…there is always free shipping on digital downloads!    Whether you spend 95¢ or $95 there is never any shipping on digital downloads and never a minimum purchase requirement.

3 Responses

  1. Wow Jean! Thanks for the tip….and your inspiration! I do hope that SU gets some glimmer paper for MDS, but in the meantime……we CAN recycle. Thanks again! =)

  2. […] can see the project pictures  here.   Mostly this tutorial is a pictorial reminder sheet of the basic steps.  It also assumes a […]

  3. definitely a stampin’success!

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