My Digital Studio – A sale is coming and one last free download! Plus…have you heard about Black Friday yet?

Hi all,

Here’s a cute little guy I created today when I took some time out from writing posts for the next week and instead played with the digital punches in My Digital Studio.  You can see what else happened to him at the bottom of the post.   I’m not the only one who gets holiday headaches…lol!


I probably should have subtitled this post…Black Friday is no longer on Friday!

With all the Online Extravaganza posts I’ve been concocting lately I’m feeling a bit like the shouting ads coming through my in box.   Black Friday is coming, Black Friday is coming shout all the online and big box retailers – well yeah – but according to the ads in my in box it’s already here and has been for about a week.   Last Saturday’s ad for a local craft store touted their Black Friday sale that started that day – how is it Black Friday when it’s two weeks before Thanksgiving for pity sake.   Funny how date creep works don’t you think?    Holidays and sales days and so many other days get started weeks and weeks before they used to.    Makes me thankful for sensible companies like Stampin’ Up.   

Yep we too have a sale and trust me there is nothing black about it except possibly the ink on the digital page!  Hee, hee.   They sensibly called it the….

And they used lovely shades of blue and red.   To see more about what’s coming at 12:01 a. m. on Monday check out this post.

Now really…you can have an online extravaganza any time of the year whether a Friday is Black or not and whether or not there is a holiday in sight.  Is that sensible or what?   

The one confusing thing about it is (it’s a sale so of course there has to be something confusing about it right?  Isn’t that a rule somewhere?) …you can order from the selections offline as well!   Sale items (except for one or two digital downloads or Clearance Rack items) can also be ordered on regular customer and workshop orders – demo orders too if you happen to be a demo or want to join as one this week.  But I digress….

To make it even better…Stampin’ Up started the fun early (yep we do things early too) with several days of free downloads for My Digital Studio (or any other graphics software you have on your system).

All of which is to say…TODAY IS THE LAST DAY FOR A FREE DOWNLOAD!!  So grab it now!!

Yep…click on over (then come right back okay) here to see and download a very fun Trim the Tree set of embellishments and designer projects like this one:

For a closer look at the free download I’ve created an Index Sheet with all the info you need to get started once you have the download on your system.

Trim the Tree – Index Sheet

And starting Monday at 12:01 a.m. you can get $40 worth of bundled downloads for free when you buy  My Digital Studio Express Version!  

The cool thing about the Express Version is 1) it’s cheaper than the full 2 disk version (by about half) 2) those savings allow you to invest in downloads of images you’ll love and use and 3) you don’t have to pay shipping and you can start using it without waiting for UPS to deliver the disks to your door!   Just download and go after paying for the program.  Way to go SU!

To see more about the differences between the Express version and the full 2 Disk version here’s a wonderfully informative video by Stampin’ Up’s Holly Linford


I’ll leave you today with a fun postcard project I created today using another special My Digital Studio offering.  

Many of the elements of this project come from our new Savor the Season Hostess CD-rom.   Savor the Season is filled with fun predesigned projects including boxes and tags and bows as well as papers and stamp images and is only available as a Hostess option.   Have a workshop or place an order that qualifies for hostess benefits and you too can choose Savor the Season as one of your free product options and start playing.   In fact…during the Extravaganza Sale you can order the Express version of My Digital Studio as well as other product from my online store here and not only will you get the $40 of free bundled software but if you spend $150 (before shipping) you’ll also qualify for $25 in free hostess product ($16 of which will get you Savor the Season for free).

What you won’t find in the digital kit is my gingerbread man image.  I created him using punches that come standard with My Digital Studio!   I’ll post the details later this week.

Here’s my Index Sheet for Savor the Season as well as a video and copy of the flyer with ordering info:

Savor the Season Stamps – index sheet


Don’t forget to check back later in the early a.m. to see the Online Extravaganza specials. Including the two that are only available for 24 hours!

Hugs and Blessings and may your week ahead be filled with joy – Jean


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