Distressing Essentials Kit: ink spot refills now available!

Great news for those who love the Distressing Essentials Kit and a vintage look.


Distressing Essentials Kit – Order #118762   Cost: $19.95


Stampin’ Up has  just announced that vintage stampin ink refills for the  distressed ink stampin spots are now available as a write in item on your order.

  • 125731 Tea Stain Vintage Stampin’ Ink refill $4.95 US/$5.95 CA 
  • 125732 Charcoal Vintage Stampin’ Ink refill $4.95 US/$5.95 CA 
  • 125733 Mahogany Vintage Stampin’ Ink refill $4.95 US/$5.95 CA
  • 125734 Navy Blue Vintage Stampin’ Ink refill $4.95 US/$5.95 CA


Tips on re-inking a distress ink spot:

 Re-inking a Vintage Ink Spot is different than re-inking a Classic Stampin’ Pad or Spot.  To create a distressed, aged appearance, a Vintage Ink Spot should be drier than a Classic Stampin’ Pad.  When it’s too dry–that is, the ink applies more lightly than you like on your projects–you should re-ink the Spot. To re-ink your Vintage Ink Spot, do the following: 

  1. Using the eyedropper in the Vintage Ink Refill, apply ink one drop at a time in equal, thin stripes on the pad.  Do not saturate the pad; it needs to be drier than a Classic Stampin’ Pad.  Let the ink settle into the pad for a few minutes before continuing. 
  2. Using the edge of a credit card, drag the ink diagonally across the pad from corner to corner.  This will ensure that the ink is heavier in some places than others, which is necessary to create a distressed appearance.
  3. Blot lightly with a paper towel to remove excess ink.


New to the Distressing Essentials Kit or Distressing in general?

I’ve got a flyer here with links and tips for using the kit.

Distressing Essentials Kit Flyer – PDF version

Distressing Essentials Kit Flyer – Word version

When I get a chance to play a little more with this kit I’ll post more information and pictures for you on its many features.  

If you need the kit or just want the refills both are available through my online store (see link in the sidebar) or send me an email with your order.

Hugs and blessings – Jean

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