Easter Blessings!


Wishing you a joyful and blessed Easter!


      The Lamb                        The Lily                           The Cross



       And of Course we can’t forget…                                                                                                                 …the PEEPS!


May your heart and soul find refreshment and new life in the Resuurection and may your baskets be filled with more CHOCOLATE than hard boiled eggs!


Hugs and Easter Blessings – Jean


One Response

  1. Jean, love the peeps. This will be the fifth night that it looks like we will have the sirens blaring while we go to bed. Storms rolling in now. Every night at or after midnight we have had the sirens blaring can’t really go anywhere so we go to bed.
    Hope you and Wicket had a good Easter. I cooked escalloped potatoes and ham, sweet potatoes, rolls and key lime pie. It was just Jim and I so we will eat it for a couple of days. Than Thursday morning we head out to our sons thru the weekend. Can’t wait. They have the marathon for cancer in Nashville, we will celebrate Grandson 12th. Birthday, watch other grandson ballgame, join in the block party they are co-hosting, than son and grandson have a swim test for scouts. Hope to stamp with Beth in there somewhere. Have Red Hats Monday so we will probably leave Sunday evening to head back. They will all be back to school and work Monday.

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