So what size are your panties?????

Hi All,

Really Miss Jean…a title like that…on a Sunday!!??!

Hopefully I haven’t offended anyone with my title…it’s meant to elicit a smile…hopefully…after you read the following.   Oh and I really hope I didn’t just open myself up to a gazillion nasty spammers or other slimy types that infest the internet.  But hey…it was too good a title to pass up..know what I mean…read on and you will.


Do you ever find yourself in situations, discussion, chats online where you can’t help standing back and thinking…guys…we’re talking about stamps, ink and paper for gosh sakes (or fill in some other general topic)…not the actual end of the world, massive poverty, nuclear reactors melting down and the thousand and one truly bad things happening or seemingly about to?    And oh by the way remember that when you’re only interaction is via the typed word there are no facial clues or voice cues to indicate intent or meaning…..

Yep, life online can get a bit odd at times.  Friends, rivals, perfect strangers –  talking at cross purposes, misunderstandings, etc…Oh wait it happens in real life too sometimes…committee meetings, city council meetings, parish council meetings…

Basically anytime a group of people, each with their own point of view and ears and hearts that could use a bit of opening perhaps, get together. 

On several of the online chat forums I participate in, when things get a bit heated there are often calls for the participants to put on their Big Girl Panties.  Loosely means  stop whining, sniping, flaming – you name it – and  grow up,  get some perspective and don’t take the discussion or yourself too seriously.  Or more simply…lets all be adult about this..okay?  Seems to be happening lately more and more.

Well…my inbox may have provided the solution…or at least a giggle or two.  Not a bad thing at all to come over the electronic transom.

The following pictures hit my inbox as part of these discussions with friends and I just had to share :D:


Check out the teeny tiny blue thong that’s really hard to see at the far right!

So Big Girl Panties have been getting smaller and smaller.
 Explains a few things doesn’t it??  😀

What do you think?   Could we use these as icons, in a discussion?  No words required?    And from the second picture I can see where in the olden days there was a little more material to work with when it came to getting your “knickers” in a twist!

Perhaps…meanwhile… since change begins with one person… I think I’ll try to regularly check the state of my heart, the openness of my ears and of course…the size of my panties.

Hugs and Sunday Blessings my friends.  May your week ahead be filled with joy!   – Jean

P.S.  Wicket says hi too!  Her panties are just fine thank you very much!


6 Responses

  1. Love it! May we all have open hearts and ears and, of course, big girl panties!

  2. Jean, you brought a smile to my face this morning and glad I could help. Wicket doesn’t need panties she is always to smart to voice her opinion she just has sneaking ways of showing her disapproval. Like peeing on someones freshly folded laundry.

  3. I LOVE IT!!!

  4. Jean you are just too funny. I love it!

  5. Just love the pictures – especially the really big pink panties!!! Have to agree with you and I think that as our economy continues to sink and our government threatens to close down and cut all of the really necessary services everywhere and and the mass unemployment continues, etc., etc.!, people do forget sometimes where they are going with their comments. Bless you for sharing this and hopefully all of us will try to keep wearing our Big Girl Panties!!!

  6. Jean I just caught it, your cat is named Wicket!!! lol I’ve seen it, but didn’t catch it till now. My dog is named Wicket too!! I love it. We decided on that because he looked like an Ewok and we are Star Wars junkies big time in this house. I don’t know if that’s how you came up with that name( it has several meanings I know), but I love to hear of another Wicket. Anyway, I had a good chuckle at this post. I loved it and agree. I am so glad you came to visit me this evening and what is really funny… I was actually thinking about you this afternoon. I’ve been so busy and hadn’t really had a chance to look through the SC discussions, but when I do, I always look through to see what kind of good advice you are giving. I paid the disscussion forum a visit today while I had some down time. Also, I wanted to say thanks for your kind words. I always love to hear from you. Wow!! I’ve written you a book and I don’t know if I’ve made any sense. lol One last thing, I also loved the cards with the Elizabeth stamp. I’m going to get it out and use it!! Thanks for inspiring all of us.

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