Funny searches that found my blog

Hi Y’All,

As the post title says…the following are funny searches (Google presumably)  that led people to my blog.   I’m not sure if they found what they were expecting.  Whether it was helpful, satisfying or down right weird to them.  I know at least I had a good giggle seeing these searches and contemplating questions and comments that arose as a result.


Stencils children – Hm…didn’t know they breed.  Though given my fondness for the critters I’m not complaining.  

Might be a great way to get that perfect little tree I’ve wanted to match my O Christmas Tree stencils I created with my die.  Daddy tree…Mama tree…and baby makes three (the magic number of design!)

And a follow up one…tempting stencils…really if they are having children I think the tempting part is already implied…don’t you?

Bridget Larsons crap – I’m fairly sure they left off the s since Briget Larsons scrap is a search I see fairly often…still it did give me pause for a second or two.   Why does Google think I have her “crap”… or a link to it?

Elegant border lines – now maybe that kind of searching would have ended the Cold War a decade or two sooner. 😀

funny cats – really?…Wicket will be mortified…though Sandy would have taken it in stride.

beautiful sample – gotta love the optimism and trust in Google implied with this one! 

stampin up love – oh I hope not…a little love in the world is a good thing….why stomp all over it!  Of course it could just be a new kind of kinky involving paper and ink 😀

snowflake tattoo designs  – not exactly hilarious but I have this image of a snowflake in one of those tattoo parlors on the strip getting a Hell’s Angels tattoo.  Wonder if the flames would melt its edges?  Conversely maybe the snowflake is the tattoo artist?  Or possibly the searcher was hoping for images of snowflakes so he/she could join the “flake” brigade?  

any updog?  – don’t they know I only have cats?  Besides aren’t most dogs a little too up already?  My friend Lucydog certainly is!  😀

grunge friends – oh my!  Cheryl and Linda are not going to appreciate that one!   Although if I knew Tim Holtz I’d be styling….Oh wait maybe they are looking for a grunge friend…hm…I might resemble that remark…Google apparently thinks so!

icicle texture – are there inspectors for that ?  Jack Frost maybe?  Are we talking taste (couldn’t pay me to lick a city bred icicle), smell (probably city bred again), or quality of ice?   And how did this get associated with me!  Was it my post on Lick a maid for scratch and sniff?

vintage lady with bird – Miss Wicket says…Yumm!    But the only bird I’ve ever shown is one a lady is not supposed to in public!  I will cop to the vintage however- over fifty probably qualifies – LOL!  On the other hand Vintage is my favorite look and I do love stamping and die cutting birds – paper ones that is!   

I suppose you could say, back when Wicket was a kitten (8 months old) I had a bird…for about 15 minutes.   Wicket caught herself a hawk, brought it in through the cat door and released it to fly around inside the house.  Eventually she caught it again and took it outside for a “take out” dinner.  Though not before I called a neighbor to help me rescue it.  The neighbor assumed I was high or had mixed up my meds though he did come and look.   He did eventually get a look at Wicket making off back through the door with the bird.  His reply….Damn…you really did have a hawk in the house!   oh really…are you sure Jim!   

Wicket hasn’t been allowed to have any pets of her own ever since…unless of course you count Sandycat!

And finally…Jean Fitch rogue….not quite sure how to take that one!  And notice the rogue is lower case.  I guess I’m not seriously roguish enough to be The Rogue or even A Rogue.  Probably a good thing – LOL!

Edited to add:

This just in….elegant cat ladies….Now that’s one Wicket and I will take in a heartbeat….Meow!


I hope this post “found” you… well, happy and joyful today.

Sunday Blessings my friends and may the rest of your upcoming week be blessed as well.  – Jean


3 Responses

  1. You had me in stitches with Bridget Larsons crap! lol

  2. Jean, I am giving you the stylish blogger award, check out my blog for details

  3. Hilarious!! I hope they found what they were looking for!

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