The Paw Has Spoken!

The paw has chosen…….winners are announced!

Hi All,

After careful and catly deliberation Wicket is (smugly) happy to announce the winners for the 5  free passes to this Session of USTAMP…..

Debbie Flattum

Patti Leeke

Cheryl Leidich

Debbie Martin


Congratulations Ladies!    Wicket reported no unfair interference or bribes were involved in her choices.   Bribes after the fact however are always welcome!  😀    Yep…she’s a cat!  LOL!

I’ve forwarded your names and emails to Dawn so you should be receiving your invitation links to the session soon.   For those still interested in signing up for the session you can click on the banner to get to Dawn’s homepage for USTAMP with all the information.   Trust me, this is one session you don’t want to miss.    Now to warm up my Big Shot and get cutting……..

Hugs and blessings – Jean

P.S.  Poor Boo wore her self out with her selection duties and had to go back to bed!

Miss Wicket loves pink


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