Snow Day mail!

Hi All,

Cowabunga Dudes and Dudettes!

Three inches or so of snow is on the ground here in Southern Oregon (at least in my yard anyway 😀 ) and every tree and bush and branch and to be totally honest a few tall weeds are coated in their own little snow jammies.    Very silent and very white….so I was jazzed to open the mail box and find this lovely gem from my friend and fellow demonstrator Barbara Wilkes.  Nothing like a little Alabama sunshine in an envelope!

I only wish my scanner could give you a better idea of the buttery, brilliant colors and the wonderful textures.  Just the thing to pick up the spirits on a cold and blustery day.    Kinda feels as if I could just stick this card out the door and all the snow would melt away.  LOL!

I’m guessing here, but I think the surfboard and sentiment are from a  from a year or two ago.  The water is a torn cardstock piece that’s been overstamped but again I’m not sure what with.  The sun is a flower from the Boho Blossoms Punch and the very cool bear hanging ten is from Under the Stars available in the current catalog. The framed lines appear to be drawn on with a pen.  The bear with his plaid look feels textured so I’m thinking Barbara may have run him through a crimper in each direction then flattened him out.  However she did it he has a look of dense fur that’s filled with fun.  Good thing bears know how to swim just in case he wipes out…not sure why but I keep picturing the furry dude flipping a somersault as he comes in to shore.

Thanks Barbara for making my day just a little warmer and so much brighter.   Wicketcat sends her greetings too…she’s not sure about the bear but she loves the sunshine and the sentiment!   She’s a Southern California cat at heart after all!

 Whatever your weather…may your day be bright and filled with joy!

Hugs and blessings – Jean


3 Responses

  1. what a delightful card and I can imagine how it brightened your day! Down here in the Bay Area of CA, we are having storming weather and snow on areas 2,000 feet and above…we need it so can’t complain tooo much. Hope we will have a quiet and nice weekend – supposed to be partly cloudy but dry… Hope your weather will calm down a bit as well…!

  2. What a fun card Barbara made! Here in SE Iowa, we hit 60 degrees yesterday! But, we are in for a rainy weekend, and perhaps snow by Monday! Luckily, spring will be here before we know it!

  3. Jean, I am wanting to order from you the #115968 Alphabet Simple numbers. I was going to do it online but than thought maybe you had other orders that you could get the hostess gifts with. If that is the case than I will just add extra for you to ship to me. Winning the free pass from you was such a blessing for me and has helped me so much and I never would have signed up on my own. Thanks for being the wonderful person you are. Hugs to Wicket. {Patti
    Let me know what I should do…My email is not letting me send right now. So am trying this.

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