Whoo hoo…UStamp winners announced!

Hi All,

Here it is Wednesday already and the  5 UStamp winners have been selected courtesy of  random.org. 


Assuming I’ve done the counting correctly the UStamp winners are:

  2 – Debbie Flattum

10 – Mary Lecuyer

12 – Holly/Rubber Redneck

13 – Lori Ingebritson

14 – Ruth Snyder

(highlighted names have links to the winners very fun blogs)

Congratulations….If you ladies don’t hear from me today please email me with your preferred email address so I can pass the info along to Dawn and she’ll get your invites out to you PDQ.  There are still plenty of projects to see and daily chats with prizes and contests and more to jump in on.

Thank you Dawn once again for sharing the passes.   And thank you one and all for participating in the draw.  For more details about what UStamp is all about or to sign up for the session check out this link or click on the banner at the top of the post.

See you in the chat room ladies!

Hugs and blessings – Jean

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  1. Many thanks for your recent comment. I appreciate your care and concern. Hugs.

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