Thanksgiving Thoughts

Happy Thanksgiving my friends. 

Finally a chance to share a moment with you all after a lovely day of friends, fellowship, food and of course stamping!   After a fabulous dinner prepared by many loving hands my friend and sister Demo, Linda & I got a chance to practice a project with  her guests that we’ll be sharing at our next stamp camp.  A lovely folder and set of gift tags.   I’ll have to share the photos later as I ended up giving mine away to another guest.   It was a CASE of this terrific project you can see here.   With what we learned we’ll be making more tweaks and making a few alterations to get it in under budget and in a more timely manner appropriate to a group doing 4 other projects. 

While food is so often the first thing we think about come Thanksgiving I’m trying hard to remember the Thankfulness aspect as well.  So many things to be thankful for this year….good and loving friends who make my life a joy.  My little furfaced companion Wicket.  Life, health, and meals on the table the rest of the year and so much more.  I’m so glad SU remembers that aspect and creates sets that focus on the Thanks in Thanksgiving and not just turkey and pumpkin pie images.  After leafing through the catalog and Holiday mini’s pages (such an appropriate activity for Fall don’t you think…leafing…..LOL!) I realized just how many sets we do have to express our Thanks in general and our Thanksgiving sentiments in particular.  No excuse really to forget the day’s focus now is there? 

For now let me share with you a few Images and Songs that caught my eye and ear recently perfect to reflect on at this time…….


We thank you, God,
for the harvest
of blessings.
Something about Simple Gifts always has me thinking of Thanksgiving, shared Abundance and blessings.  Perhaps its a  reflection of those early Pilgrims seeking freedom and the freedom to worship as they were led.   A call to be as they were created, in the way and shape to which they were called.  It’s also one of the first songs I learned to play on the violin and to sing in a childhood chorus so through the years has stuck with me and is forever new in meaning.
 Did you know that Lord of the Dance uses the same tune as Simple Gifts.  Probably why I have a hard time singing one without the other and creating my own medley!   From the shores of America to Ireland’s green coast and back again (a journey more than a few of us are familiar with – LOL!).
Let us reflect
on our reasons
to be thankful.
And growing up as I did on Peter, Paul and Mary, Judy Collins and Pete Seegar I couldn’t resist sharing another song that always gets me thinking and reflecting on the turns in my own life and the lives of my fellow citizens.
This year a few new fav’s have been added – found on friends blogs – that had me smiling at the end of a long and lovely day.
For the Young at Heart (especially those who love to giggle).
And Lastly for the hipsters among us…
 Turkeys doing MC Hamer
Or as I subtitled it….
After the Presidential Pardon.
My prayers this night include all of you.  That you will be blessed with health and joy and happiness and all the good things life can bring as you  celebrate a feast of whatever type with your family and friends…or even just your fur faced companion (not sure how your pet parakeets might feel about…Turkey day!).   The pilgrims for whom each day was one of Thanksgiving as they found a place to worship and live as they thought best are rarely remembered these days for their struggles but instead for a day of feasting…I hope you will take a minute out to remember today that even for yourself it is the sum total of your experiences that you bring to the table  and that provides the reason and the need for thankful remembrances.  Good and bad, happy and sad…your life wouldn’t be the same without everything that’s come before.  I treasure each of you and all you’ve added to my life this year.  Thank you my friends for being you and being there.

With love and gratitude for each one of you.  

Hugs and Blessings – Jean

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