Why I Love My Digital Studio…if you didn’t know already – LOL!

Hi All,

With the My Digital Studio software on sale this week or available as part of the 50% off starter kit recruiting promotion I thought I would share what I love about this software and its many uses and why I want it for myself and for my customers.    While I don’t have my own copy yet I have been able to learn and play with the program at my friend Cheryl’s – I’m so hoping Santa puts one under my tree this year…. or…..Psst….it’s a secret….I’m  hoping to win a free copy from Stampin’ Up and maybe you can too if you join the new My Digital Studio online community and share what you love or why you would like to own this program!  There are four up for grabs…may the best digital stamper wannabe win – LOL!

What’s not to love?   My Digital Studio boxed software includes nearly 2000 unique elements—stamps, embellishments, designer and photo templates, punches, Designer Series Paper, card stock and more. If you were to individually buy all of the products already included with the software, you would spend more than $500 US/$600 CA!       However now during the online spectacular sale you can get it for $39.98!!   Now, that’s a great value!

Here’s a  basic list of what you can do with MDS (trust me there are more these are just my personal fav’s):

Create flyers for groups for my home and business.   With all the graphics and papers Stampin’ Up has packed into this program I’ve seen some amazing flyers created and played a bit with it myself.   Patty Bennett even has a lovely tutorial that shows you how to use a predesigned Stampin’ Up template as a base to make it even easier.

Make up photo proof sheets to share with friends and family to see if they want copies of photos from family events.  With the holidays here and all the cameras flashing its fun to trade photos.  Or for those events you have to miss but want to see creating a proof sheet is as easy as opening a page and dropping in a digital copy of your photo’s.  Then save as an album or a page and email to family members.  They can grab the photos directly from the page and print their own.  Even easier if they have their own copy of MDS though that’s not required for them to view the page.

Make elements to put in a non digital card.   While Stampin’ Up has a lot of great text stamps sometimes I want to create my own or sometimes a favorite image or saying is retired but still available in MDS or as a download.   MDS makes it simple to add one or more to a page then print directly on cardstock using the printer attached to the computer.

 Print Designer Series Paper to use on a traditional non digital project.  MDS has lots of paper patterns not available in the “real” world and its also possible to import and use other digital artists paper creations as well.  I can print them on copy paper for lighter weight use more like true DSP or I can print it on Cardstock for a heavier piece perfect for die cutting with my Big shot and more akin to the specialty papers such as Autumn Spice in the Holiday Mini.

MDS can be used as a Word Processor.  With many of the same features as a basic editor and a fair number of specialty fonts its possible to use MDS as a basic Word Processor that also allows graphics and backgrounds to be added.

Create postcards, photo cards, miniature trading cards, bookmarks and more.   Whether for use with Sunday School, Day Care or just for fun.  Because of the resizing possibility of images and punches, etc in MDS I’ve even been toying with the idea of creating inserts for Stampin’ Up’s new line of Simply Adorned Jewelry.

Create interesting backgrounds and more for school projects.  Perfect for jazzing up  homework or those special reports.  Drawing templates or creating a multi media project file.  With MDS it’s possible to create a project with links, photo’s, music and more, then save and email to your teacher!   While I doubt the IRS would appreciate fancied up tax forms it could be fun to jazz up other type forms and reports.

Create multiples of cards quickly and easily.   For Christmas, Easter or a Family Reunion it’s possible to create 1 or more designs, then have them professionally printed by Stampin’ Up’s wonderful print service (with new reduced pricing!).  They arrive prescored with envelopes ready to fold and stuff and send on their way.  Couldn’t be easier!

Predesign cards and scrap pages as well as create layouts for challenges or customers unsure of their design skills.    This is one of my favorite uses for this software.   Trying out the placement of image, punch style, accessories or papers and color combinations without once using up my actual paper, ink or other supplies until I have the design locked.   While I love the actual process of composing designs by hand – it can jumpstart the creative process after all – that does use up a fair amount of product at times.  Being able to design virtually all or in part makes it easier to move right to the creation with little waste.    Handy too if you have the software loaded on your laptop and able to work on designs while traveling or on a lunch break or generally away from your supplies.

Add to my income.   MDS and Stampin’ Up’s digital angel policy allows me to create 150 projects per year that I can sell to add to my bottom line (of course I can create thousands and thousands to give away – LOL!) – The Calendar and Scrapbooking features are perfect for this.  

Oh Yeah….you can also scrapbook with it!!   Stampin’ Up has some wonderful preloaded scrapbook page designs you can tinker with and personalize or you can create your own.   Many of the new kit downloads also include new page designs too.

So…What do I love about My Digital Studio… It is NOT just for scrapbooking!   And it’s so much fun!!!

If you’d like to learn more about My Digital Studio you can check out the Customer page of the Stampin’ Up Website here or download my MDS tips and Tricks and Tutorials flyer with lots and lots of links to more information.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this look at what you can do with the software.  To purchase a copy for yourself or a gift at 50% off (till next Tuesday) check out my Stampin’ Up Store site here.    Or join me in entering Stampin’ Up’s contest currently offered on the new MDS community site – http://mydigitalstudio.net/profiles/blogs/my-digital-studio-its-a

Hugs and Holiday Blessings.   Have a Blessed Thanksgiving! – Jean


One Response

  1. Hi Jean
    I’ve been a demo since Feb/11…I have seen your postings on SC and you always seem to be able to answer questions.. So here’s one I can’t seem to get a handle on… Its the My Digital Studio… I watched the video and read your blog and I don’t get it.
    . Its a software program correct ,so you design your cards using things in the digital kits instead of using actual supplies..then do you have a regular printer to print it off. or is it just a picture?
    .It can’t look like handmade card, with layers and cardstock or does it look like a store card.. Or do you send to SU to be printed and they send it out..
    What does all this printing cost.? Does it look real?
    I have a computer and do some things on it. but I just don’t get this digital thing… I’m asking you as my upline hasn’t done anything with me since I signed up and I don’t know who to ask… I just would like to understand it encase someone asks me about it at a workshop… Maybe if I understood it…I might think to try it myself, even though I’m a hands on type of crafter.
    I hope you can open my eyes and mind to this concept…
    Thanking you in Advance for your Help

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