The Royal Blog Tour is underway – have you reserved your carriage?

Royal Blog Tour

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Hi All,

The Fall Royal Blog Tour is underway…have you reserved your carriage?   Check your pumpkin patch (you do have one don’t you?  😀 ) and work your magic or jump on a cyber magic carpet and hit the tour.  You won’t want to miss these amazing stampers.  Luckily with Daylight Savings ending tonight you’ll have an extra hour to devote to the almost 80 different blogs on view!    You’ve seen many of their links here on my blog in the past so you just know I’ll be spending the next few days looking for more – hee, hee.

And what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t especially recommend my friend, Honorary Queen Sharon Field’s blog that heads the Crumb Cake Path.  Wouldn’t you know she drew my favorite color!  It’s Kismet that’s what it is.

The Tour begins here and you can work your way through the various Queens, Princesses and Paths.  If you get lost or a link breaks down just return to the Royal Tour Homepage to start again –

And of course don’t forget to watch for Blog Candy and links to tutorials and other goodies along the way.  Who says Cinderella had all the fun there was to be had at the ball…right?

Hugs and Happy Viewing – Jean

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