Quick Tip: Embossing Folders and Chipboard


Note added later:  I’ve discovered a very freaky thing.  The computer world and my blog seem to be playing tricks.  One time I log on the pictures show the correct embossed and debossed images.  The next hour the images appear to be the reverse of what they are marked.  Not sure how its doing that.  When I scanned the images something similar happened.   The initial picture looked correct as to what parts of the design were raised and what impressed into the paper.  Then when I would open them up in a viewer the design areas were reversed!  However when I first posted them on the blog they showed up as they should.  Now they are alternating.  Anyone know what’s up with that??

Hi All,

Turns out embossing folders and chipboard are the perfect ingredients for a new playtime!  What inspired that…besides my insatiable need to play with my Big Shot?

I was scanning the various forums on Stampin’ Connection the other day and came across a question from fellow (probably that should be sister – lol) demo Carol Markley (hi Carol!).  What’s Stampin’ Connection you ask?  A very cool online community sponsored by Stampin’ Up and available to Stampin Up Demonstrators only.  Another great perk when you join the team!

Question by Carol Markley:

Patty’s Stamping spot shows a convention demonstration using the lattice embossing folder with chipboard.  I have tried several different “sandwiches” and they are all either too thin or too thick.  Anyone have success with this?


Quick answer to Carols question…Yep!  

I played with that concept this morning.  And in case you’re interested, here’s what I came up with.

Chipboard #1 - Embossed


Chipboard #2 - Debossed

Each Big Shot seems to take sandwiches somewhat differently and of course it also depends on the chipboard used. I didn’t have any of our SU Longboard Chipboard on hand so I used a cereal carton for my “chipboard” – the poor woman’s version don’t you know – LOL!

Here’s the sandwich that worked for my Big Shot machine (from the bottom of the stack up):

Multipurpose platform set to Tab 1
cutting plate
Vintage Wallpaper folder (I don’t have the lattice one yet) with chipboard inserted
Cutting Plate

I did this twice and the first time it went through quite easy and impressed well. The second time it was stiffer going through and when I examined the piece I think that was because there was a a slight bit of extra paper adhering to a glued spot of the box top I’d grabbed to play with. Though it still embossed okay it was a good reminder to check my piece carefully for flaws.

Since the SU chipboard is thicker I would suggest using the bottom no tab setting and then adding cardstock shims until the sandwich feels right for your machine.   While the machines have a 3 year warranty (yay!  SU and Sizzix) you really don’t want to break yours …so play carefully my friends.

I also played with brayering ink on the folder and trying both embossing and debossing depending on which side of the folder was inked. Very cool effect.  Thanks for getting me thinking along these lines  Carol.

Oh and in case you’re wondering.  Embossing is what happens when you have a raised image and Debossing is when you have a recessed image.   It’s pretty much all about which side of the paper you use when you are using an embossing folder – something you can get away with as long as there is no text to show up in reverse.  If text is involved than an embossing folder does just that…embosses.    The new Letterpress plates from the Holiday mini are a great debossing tool when you want text as well as image impressed into the paper.


Now, after this playtime,  I have an idea for creating storage folders for my embossing folders. Cut a card sized piece of cereal box (5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″) score halfway and emboss the front and back just like I would a card front and back using the folder to be stored! Then attach a Round tab punch piece with the folder name on it and Voila! A very cool storage device that will sit nicely in a box or basket. Might have to play with the folder sizing and maybe make it a wee bit bigger.    Once I get one completed I’ll post a picture.

That’s it for today.   Hope you enjoyed this quick tip and a fun new way to use the Big Shot.

Hugs and Blessings – Jean


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