Binary delight….10l10l10-10:10

 ETA: This post was supposed to go out this morning at 10:10 but whether it’s the computer or the blog service that can’t tell time it’s still sitting in the queue (appropriate I guess in some weird manner).  Luckily I can tell the date and caught it’s absence.  Fortunately its still 10/10/10 all the way up until midnight!   And adding to the hilarity and loss of hair (I really have to stop pulling it out!) and total computer likelihood when I went to fix and get this posted WordPress ate the post!!   Had to start over from scratch.   ARGHHH….knew I should have written it in binary!

Getting Comfortable With Binary

Hi All,

Just a quickie post to celebrate a fun day.

Something fun (possibly silly) this way comes…Today’s date reads 10/10/10 – now is that a computer programmers dream or what!  Those binary bits in that order won’t recur for another hundred years and even then it will only be the last 2 digits of the year that make that date. 

I had considered writing the post in binary but then realized only the computers of the net or a few programmers would be able to read it!  

Can’t quite decide on the appropriate greeting either, should it be Happy Digital Day or  Bright Binary Day or what…with only on/off, yes/no, 1/0 as the appropriate structure I’m having a hard time getting in the proper constrained spirit.   Yes I know programming has its creative sides but some days it feels as if dealing with computers is like dealing with a two year old!  It knows what it wants and really could care less what I want.  Not mind you that a two year old is known for order or discipline – LOL!

So Happy Digital Binary Day!

Or in binary:





Too bad computers hadn’t been invented in 10/10/1010 (so we could have had the original celebration)  but then neither had indoor plumbing or much of anything else we consider a necessity today.  Funny thing too is that it falls on a Sunday!  Do you thing that means God is a programmer at heart?  Could be – LOL! 

I bet a computer could tell me what day of the week the original fell on if I could only find the right file.  Wouldn’t it be cool if that day was also a Sunday?  Probably depends on the calendar in use at the time. 

If I had the set this would be the perfect day to do a Lots of Bots card with the binary bits stamp image.  Perfect day to watch that Star Trek Next Generation episode about the Binars (culture and language built on binary) as well.  Hmm….now where are my DVD’s……

Whatever you choose to do today to celebrate I hope it’s a wonderful day.   

Hugs and blessings…now go do something digital or turn yourself on and off in true binary fashion! – Jean


3 Responses

  1. You tried, Jean – that is what counts…computers are now like phones and cars….they make us crazy when they don’t work the way we need them to WHEN we need them to!

  2. Hi dear..

    Love your blog.. you are with it! I am jealous on how your brain works. I admire your advise on the SU webside to so many us. Thanks for what you thought me in the last so many months.

    Take good care, Pauline

  3. I meant taught us.. not thought us.. It’s late.. sigh

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