2010 Summer Mini – The last Hail and Farewell! Goodbye to August’s Hostess Promotion extra $$$’s too!

Hi All,

Midnight approacheth……Today is the last day to say farewell to a well beloved friend!  

Who is that you ask?

Why… the Stampin’ Up 2010 Summer Mini of course!  Today is August 31st and the last day an order can be placed.  The last day too for our Hostess Special.   Place a $350 order (or get your friends to help you do so) and you garner an extra $25 in hostess free merchandise in addition to the free stamp sets (yes that’s plural 🙂 and the usual $40 in Hostess Free Merchandise. 

To download a copy to make your final order just click on the picture above then head on over to my SU website, click on shop now and place your order.   You can also email me your order as long as you leave me time well before midnight to get it placed – LOL!

Luckily close to 50% of this mini made it into the new catalog so for those items you have a bit of time.  For the other wonderful Stamp Sets, Papers and Accessories and Embellishments though you like Cinderella have until midnight before the Summer mini morphs to the Holiday mini and all that good stuff goes Poof!   No glass slippers will bring this stuff back so order while you can!!

Blessings and Fond Farewells – Jean


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