Got Stampin’ Up! Punches? Want Stampin’ Up! Punches? You need this new reference tool! (And a sad change to the catalog.)

Greetings my friends,

First off the sad news:  Stampin’ Up recently announced that the Punch Caddies featured on page 200 of the catalog, pictured above, will not be offered after all:

…As you know, the Punch Caddy is listed in the new Idea Book & Catalog (pg. 200) as “Coming soon.” We are disappointed to report, however, that due to serious production and quality issues with the manufacturer, we will not be able to offer the Punch Caddies at all. And because the manufacturer will likely not be able to meet our quality standards for the Punch Caddy in the future, we do not have any plans to offer a revised or equivalent product in its place.

For an explanation and some answers to questions, check the Q & A at the bottom of the post.


On to the GOOD news….

From my Count there are 50 separate punch sets in the new body style though since there are 3 in the itty bitty punch pack you technically have 52 punches in the new style plus a hand punch for a total count of 53 individual punches that break down in the following way:

25 Extra Large (XL)
9 Large (L)
3 Medium (M)
7 Small (S)
6 Borders
2 Corners 
1 Handheld

53 Total Punches

Wow!  Talk about a nice selection and choice!

As you can see from that accounting Punches now come in 7 sizes or types:

Extra Large, Extra Large Double, Large, Medium, Small, Border and Corner

Most are self-explanatory and refer to a type such as the new Double punches that perform two separate actions with one punch (see the new video on this post for an explanation) or the Border and Corner punches that create Borders and matching Corner punches.  The others refer only to the size of the Punch body itself and less to the size of the punch piece.

All our previous punch designs now available in this new style create the same sized punch pieces as before.

Some names of familiar punches were changed so you wouldn’t be confused by previous names with sizes in the title.  And a little name inflation crept in along the way. 

The former Tag is now Extra-Large Tag  and the former Small Tag is now called Large Tag.  The actual sizes of the punch pieces however are the same.  The new size designations are only refering to the sizing of the punch body itself.  So new title same job…sound familiar….LoL!  😀



To help you keep track of your new punches I’ve created a spreadsheet that includes all the new punches in list form with an Inventory Section, Sizing and Measurements section and a few other odds and ends.  This chart is also in my SCRIBD documents as well as uploaded to other stamping forums.

 In this Punch Chart Spreadsheet I created with Excel you’ll find the following:

An inventory section so you can track which punches you have and whether they are new or old style.

The order numbers and prices so you can have a one page reference (well actually 3)  for future orders.  (Probably should have added a column for Wish List but I wanted all columns to print on one page – LOL!  Perhaps you could put a W in the New column so you know you WANT that punch.)

Punch size designation and chart.

A listing of all punch piece measurements (yep even the itty bitty owl eyes were measured!) of every piece that every current punch produces. 

Please keep in mind these measurements are somewhat approximate.  They depend on my less than engineering class ruler (the calipers were in the garage packed away with my husbands drafting tools) and my less than perfect mid life eyes – LOL!  I did remember to include the new punches in the Holiday mini though so you’ll be up to date until I revise it in Januarywith the release of the Occasions mini if Stampin’ Up issues more new punches.  The only thing missing is pictures (that’s what catalogs are for – duh!)!    

 New Style Punch Chart & Inventory – revised – 2010-2011 IBC – PDF version

Excel spreadsheet version can be found here in my SCRIBD files –


Tip:  Kim Score in her blog post here –  suggests the following as the basic punch set you want for making a wide variety of fun punch creations:

Ornament (119847)
Wide Oval (119859)
Large Oval (119855)
Small Oval (119863)
1 3/4″ Circle (119850)
1 3/8″ Circle (119860)
3/4″ Circle (119873)
1/2″ Circle (119869)
Modern Label (119849)
Heart to Heart (119881)
Scallop Circle (1198534)

(order numbers are from the US catalog)


Punch Caddy Q&A

We, like you, are disappointed that we cannot offer the Punch Caddies for sale. But because of our ongoing commitment to providing you with the highest quality products, we simply cannot allow this product to go live. If you have additional questions about this matter, we’ve prepared a brief Q&A.

Q: What were the quality issues with the Punch Caddy?
A: Through usability testing we discovered problems with the functionality of the Punch Caddy, as well as issues with materials and aesthetics that did not meet our standards.

Q: Will you offer a Punch Caddy in the future?
A: We have no immediate plans to manufacture the Punch Caddy as it is currently designed. We will possibly look into an equivalent product in the future, but we do not have any firm plans to do so at this time.

Q: Why don’t we get a different vendor to produce the Punch Caddy?
A: The problems with the punch caddy are in the design, molds and materials. Even if we selected another vendor, it would not be possible for them to manufacture a product that would meet our quality standards.

Q: Why are items that are not yet for sale included in the Idea Book & Catalog?
A: The timelines of the Idea Book & Catalog and product development sometimes overlap, and some products are still in development when the catalog goes to press. At the time of printing, we have assurances from our vendors that the products will be ready at or shortly after catalog launch. As the Idea Book & Catalog is the Stampin’ Up! storefront, including them in the catalog provides them with the broadest exposure—much more than they would receive if we were to launch those products independent of the Idea Book & Catalog. Unfortunately, in the case of the Punch Caddy, difficulties arose that will prevent it from being offered at all. Future print runs of the 2010–2011 Idea Book & Catalog will not feature the Punch Caddy at all.


Enjoy your new punch tracking tool.   Feel free to share it around – though I wouldn’t mind if you want to give me credit for it :D.   And sorry I had to break the sad, bad news about the punch caddies…they sure looked lovely.

 Hugs and Blessings and happy punching!



3 Responses

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  2. Jean,

    Thank you for the spreadsheet on punches. I certainly will give you credit. In fact I just put your name at the top of the sheet. You are very helpful to a lot of people. I certainly thank you as a fairly new demonstrator.


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