Tightwad Tuesday Returns! – New Color Kit options and more great deals!

Hi all,

Todays Tightwad Tuesday is taking a look at the new color kits available in Stampin’ Up’s new 2010-2011 catalog.  Lots of wonderful deals and practical solutions to adding the new colors to your collection.

If you haven’t already you can see the new flyer describing these kits here –

 and several are also noted in the catalog on page 194.

The purpose of the kits is to allow you (and me 😀 ) to catch up with all the new and returning colors that were introduced in Stampin’ Up’s recent Color Renovation – for more on the Color Renovation see this previous post.

So lets get started….

First off starting with the basics of paper and ink you have a couple of choices with two kits.  The most basic one includes the five newest core colors (core colors are continuing colors found in each of the 4 new collections and distinct from the ever changing In Colors) and the retitled Crumb Cake (formerly Kraft) that now has matching ink to go with the paper (Yay Crumb Cake – one of my all time favorite colors).  And the second paper/ink combo kit includes not only these 6 core colors but also several of the returning and previous In Colors that you may or may not have in your stamping arsenal.

This means you have a few choices to make.  Check out my unbiased price comparisons and then you will be able to tell whether it’s a better deal to buy kits and maybe get some extra ink with the larger kit or if it’s a better deal to get the smaller kit with all new colors and pick up the returning colors as individual papers and ink.


The cost savings of this first kit break down like this.

6 stamp pads @ $5.95 each = $35.70  

That’s the standard cost for inkpads in the new catalogwhich is more than the cost of the entire kit.  So in essence you are not only getting the paper for free you are also saving almost $.13 each on the ink pads as well.  The paper alone is worth  $6.95 (the price of most paper packs with 24 sheets) thus making the savings wrapped into this kit a luscious and colorful (tee, hee just had to put that in there)  22%.  


This second kit provides not only the 5 new core colors from the earlier kit but also the ink pads and papers from the returning In Colors.  Now if you already have the returning In colors the first kit is fine if you don’t you have to figure out how many of those colors you are missing.   If you were to buy each of these ink pads separately you would pay $95.20 plus the cost of paper which isn’t available in this type of package.  So once again if this kit works for you then you are getting the paper for free and saving $.25 in total on the pads.    The paper alone is valued at $9.27.  Add the paper and the savings on the pad and you have a 10% savings.   That being the case if you have more than 1 of these pads unless you want the extras as gifts you would be better off buying the first kit to get the new core colors and purchasing the extra pads by themselves as needed.   If on the other hand you’ve never dived into our In Color Collections you are going to love this kit and you’ll soon see why we were all nuts over them the first time around!


Trust me when I say these pictures of the new In Colors just don’t do them justice!   Once you see them in person you’ll be happy you picked up this bundle!

For the first time Stampin’ Up is offering an In Color Bundle kit to everyone!  In the past you had to be a demonstrator to have access to a deal like this.  Now it’s available to everyone.  Once again it breaks down like this:

5 ink pads @ $5.95 each = $29.75.  So the paper is costing you only $.20.  A pack that normally costs $6.95.    That’s a 22% savings wrapped into this kit!  A steal of a deal and these colors will be available for two years now so you know you’re going to want them all!   I might also point out that these wonderful new In Colors also have their very own set of matching markers too.  You can find that set of markers on page 194 of the catalog (#119801, $14.95).


Both practical and cost effective this kit provides not only cash savings but it allows you to fill in your previous set of markers with the 5 new colors and 7 of the returning in colors that were never before available in markers.  It also provides a new index card for your full size kit.  Of course if you don’t have any of the markers yet your best deal is to buy the new full Many Marvelous Markers Kit on page 194 that provides each of the colors in the Collections (except Whisper White and Very Vanilla)  in one handy carry pack.    You also have the option to purchase each collection’s markers separately for a total of 4 sets that allow you to spread the  cost over time.   Three markers from the returning In Colors were not included in this kit because Stampin’ Up felt many would already have purchased the 2009-2010 set of In Color markers.  Those colors are Rich Razzleberry, Melon Mambo & Soft Suede.  If you don’t already have these they can be purchased individually and added to your kit.

Note: This kit also does not include the new set of In Color markers.  Some people are getting confused about this.  Check the listing of colors to see exactly which marker colors are included.

 Here’s the price breakdown and savings of the kit.

13 markers @3.50 each = 45.50  which equals a 27% savings or an average price of  $2.77 for each marker.

Tip: If you already have some markers or are looking for a more convenient storage solution for the individual collections of markers try using our new Clear mount stamp cases ( # 119105 page 192).  For $4.95 you get  a total of 4 cases and each one will hold 10+ markers, blender pens, etc.  These cases are also great for storing stencils, rub-ons, die cuts, punch pieces and more.  And being mostly clear its easy to see what you have in them.


This kit has had a hold up from the supplier so can’t yet be ordered but once it arrives you’ll be loving it.  Not only will it update your current pastel collection but it comes with an entirely new case for your chalky darlings.  Narrower (or is that less deep?)  it fits on a craft desk/table much more easily making it’s use more practical.  With 19 new colors – many never before available in pastel form – you’ll have an almost half brand new set of pastels and you’ll still have the old case to store the retired colors in.

No real money savings on this kit except that it saves you the cost of  an otherwise full new set of pastels.  Basically you are paying about half the cost of the full kit plus about $2 for the new case.  A reasonable deal since it saves you $10 you’d otherwise have to spend to get these very cool new colors.

Tip: If you are just getting started with Pastels and all the many techniques but money is tight you can get half the full set of colors with this kit and save $10 over the price of the full set.  Of course once you start using them you’ll want the full array of colors so you might want to save up and get the whole set anyway! 😀


Another kit with a supplier bottleneck giving you time to decide which way to go –  this is a great way to expand your current set of  WaterColor Wonder Crayon collection.  Once again you get not only 17 new colors – many never seen in this format before – but you also get 4 new tins with all new color inserts.   If you already have the complete set of Crayons this is the way to go to upgrade.  If you are somewhere in between that’s a bit more difficult as you will end up with some duplicates as you fill in or purchase all new collections.  On the other hand if you are going to have duplicates these are the colors to have!

This is also another kit that’s hard to evaluate the savings for.   The average cost per crayon in the full kits are $1.70 each (not splitting out for the cost of the tin they come in.  This kit the cost average is $2.35 a piece though you are also getting 4 new tins and index cards.  See what I mean about being hard to evaluate?   It all depends.  If you have the previous 4 tins then this is a cost effective way to get all the newer colors since otherwise you’d spend twice as much to purchase the new collections individually.   If you only have maybe one collection I’d go ahead and buy all new.  If you have two tins well then it’s a bit of a toss up and the best I can tell you is that once again these are colors you’ll use and the extra tins can be used for lots of other project uses as well as storing Crayons!  Only you can decide for yourself on this set.


Hopefully this has been a helpful showcase and evaluation of the new kits being offered.   I have to say I was impressed when Stampin’ Up! let their demonstrators know these would be coming.  Not all companies do the best they can to ease the pain of wholesale transitions.  Many would just expect you to replace old product with all new sets.  I love that Stampin’ Up has their customers (and their demo’s) crafting interests and their budgets  in mind.  Besides saving on the new colors gives us that much more to spend on stamps right??!!   LoL!  Yep – I’m addicted to stamping…can you tell?


If you need any of these kits to round out your own collections click on my Shop Now button at the top of the sidebar and you’ll be whisked away to my online store for easy shopping.  Anyone purchasing one of these kits online from my store will receive a special thank you set of goodies along with a handcrafted card (just to make these great deals even better!).


Come back for Frugal Friday when we’ll be discussing what you need to get started stamping if you are just starting out or are looking for a starter kit for friends or family members with a gift occasion coming up.  Of course even your own supplies might be ready for a bit of freshening up as well so stay tuned.

One last note:

I’ve found another very fun blogger you really should check out http://shabbyhorse.blogspot.com/ – fabulous designs and fun stories and pictures from life on a horse ranch.  This post was a lot of fun – loved the line about mothers of red heads – http://shabbyhorse.blogspot.com/2010/04/new-stud-colt.html


Hug and blessings to you all and I hope you had a smashing 4th of July! – Jean


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