Bright idea: Google tip for finding the perfect Occasion Card

I think I’ve mentioned this tip before but from some questions I’ve been getting I thought I would post it again.
Need to find card samples by occasion? For example Birthdays….

If you Google the following:   birthday cards stampin up blogs

Here’s what you’ll get:
You will then find quite a few examples. 
Also if you have a particular set you would like to incorporate such as well scripted you can enter the following:
“well scripted” birthday cards stampin up blogs
In addition places like SCS allow you to search the galleries by occasion.
From the Stampin’ Up Gallery – I input birthday + cards in the Search area
Oddly enough I did get some non Stampin’ Up cards as well but it did give me a place to start my search for inspiration and ideas.
You can use any occasion for these searches to find some inspiration.  Sometimes you will want to put your occasion in quotes for best results for example “Mother’s Day” will define your results further than Mother’s Day.  The second one will get you any reference to Mothers or Day which may be more than you ever wanted to know – as in TMI. – LoL!
I should note that Google isn’t perfect.  Some odd results come up and sometimes not what I thought I asked for but overall I’ve found Google to be a wonderful gateway to inspiration.  The usual issues I find if there are problems are operator error and fumble fingers…guess who gets the blame for that one 😀 !   Yep…the cats!
Hugs and Blessings – Jean

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