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Sandycat is Keeping an Eye on You!

Hi All,

I just wanted to let you know I’ll be taking most of this week off (and maybe a bit more) from blogging.  Sandycat, my darling kitty I’ve shared stories and pictures with you in days past, is very ill and not likely to survive much longer so I’m trying to spend as much time cuddled with her as possible and to make her as comfortable as possible.  She’s still being funny and sweet right up to the end.  As I shared with my newsletter readers a couple of weeks ago….

Boy do I wish I had a working camera or video equipment.  A few nights ago Sandycat spent 10 minutes trying to get comfortable sitting on a tiny plate the size you put a tea cup on! (eta: a kind reader reminded me that’s actually called a saucer – lol!  Thanks Sharon!)  It was hilarious as she tried to balance without tipping the plate.  Trying to get all 4 paws under her inside the little indentation for the tea cup!  The only attraction I can figure out is that the plate was sitting under a lamp that puts out a nice bit of heat from the bulb and it was a chilly, chilly night!  Either that or she just wanted to cheer me up.  She finally gave it up as a bad job – the sitting not the cheering – and jumped down looking just a trifle embarrassed.  Hmmm…might have to post this story on my blog under the heading of crazy cat antics……
Sadly life had gone from that to (also from my newsletter)….
I’m afraid this listing is just a bit on the short side this week.  Besides increasing seizures of my own my Sandycat has taken a turn for the worse and it’s looking like she won’t be with me much longer so I’ve been trying to spend more time with her as cuddling and sleeping seems to be mostly what she’s up for.  A few weeks ago she started throwing up more than usual but otherwise seemed fine so I figured she had gotten into something and just needed to work it out of her system as has happened in the past and then just in the last week or 10 days she slowly stopped eating.  Her spirits are still basically good though a tad grumpy and she’s able to drink some water but she’s dropped over half of her previous 15 pound weight and is getting weaker and weaker.  After almost 10 years together it’s hard facing the idea of losing her.  More than any of my other furry friends over the years we are something of alter ego’s for each other though some might say she’s picked up some of her craziness from me I of course contend that it’s just the opposite – lol.  She’s also probably one of the smartest and most interesting cats I’ve known.  Very mechanical and interested in people stuff in unusual ways and very expressive. I’m never in doubt about what’s on her mind.  If I can’t read her mind she’s very good at showing or acting out what it is she needs.  She’d have made a fortune on Drew Cary’s show doing charades!  Though a feral cat by birth we’ve been housemates and heartmates since she was 7 weeks old and for a feral she’s quite domesticated.  Unlike most cats she’s mastered the art of compromise – an amazing trait all on its own!  Though Wicket will still be with me, and of the two she’s a wonderful little nurse cat who watches over me very carefully, my heart is already breaking at the idea of loosing my naptime buddy who’s willing to let me be me and who manages to make each day fun and funny.
I’m not sure if I’m going to be up to getting a newsletter out this week so there may be a short hiatus.  I’ll try to keep it brief and get back to collecting goodies as I’m able.  Blog posts may be a bit light as well. 
Well that’s the “skinny” as they say (yeah I know bad pun…but as I learned on the Cancer Ward  what else is a girl to do if she’s not going to sit and cry)  and I’ll be back sometime soon. 
Thanks to all of you who’ve been kind enough to write, email or call.  Your encouragement has meant a lot!
Hugs and blessings (and don’t forget to hug the one’s you love) – Jean
P.S.  Though I won’t be blogging for a bit I’ll still be able to help you with any orders or questions you might have or you can place your orders directly through my online Stampin’ Up! store.  Just click on the icon in the upper right corner or send me an email or call and I’ll get it done for you.  Hugs – J.

9 Responses

  1. Oh, Jean. I am so sorry to hear about Sandycat. We have been through what you are going through and it’s never easy. Keep doing as you’re doing – loving, cuddling, caring. Cats are very smart animals and do love their humans. I’ll be thinking of you.

  2. Ahh Jean, my heart goes out to you. I just lost my Jackie Cat a few weeks ago and even though we only had him for a few years, its amazing how they wiggle into your heart.

    Enjoy your time left!

  3. Oh Jean, my heart goes out to you right now! I’m sorry your furry friend is doing so poorly. I hope you enjoy your time with her. Take good care, Jackie

  4. Jean, you and Sandycat are in my thoughts and my prayers. Having just lost Missy the Boxer last month, I can empathize with what you are going through. Take this time to be with her. Your blog and readers will be here when you return.

  5. Jean, my heart and my prayers are with you and your cat. I know how you feel. We always wait for you and I only can say that the God time is perfect time. A big hug, Martha Lucia

  6. I am so sad for you. I have only had three cats over my 34 year marriage and each time it is time for one to leave I get so sad too. You will miss SandyCat’s antics and no other cat will be a replacement for Sandycat, enjoy your remaining cuddle time…take care

  7. Just to let you know, your are in my prayers.

  8. Thinking of you and wishing you comfort at this time

  9. Oh Jean, my heart goes out to you and Sandycat! It’s very hard letting go of such a treasured friend. Will keep you both in my prayers!

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