Frugal Friday: For the Kid @ Heart from the Occasions mini

Hi All,

Another Friday has come around…amazing how fast the weeks spin round isn’t it…and it’s time for another Frugal Friday look at stamps under $20.   Today I’m focusing on some kid friendly designs that also work for we older kids at heart – stamps shown are featured in the Occasions mini.   Also a reminder that this mini has only about 6 weeks left to run and Sale-a-Bration less than 2 weeks.  Time to consider which sets you can live without and which you absolutely have to add to your stash.   Especially since for the next few days anyway you can add freebies (SAB) to your savings!

For a complete listing of all stamps and wheels under $20 both in the main catalog (IBC) and the mini’s check my sidebar and SCRIBD files.

On with the show…….

 Abbreviations:    W = wood    CL  = Clear Mount   IBC = Idea Book & Catalog (main catalog)


Something Sweet – #118589 (CL), $19.95, Pg. 20 Occasions mini

Also available in French

While the gumball image maybe the most popular the other images have some alternate uses – the “handle” designed for use with the circle as a magnifying lens, a rattle or a hand mirror (or whatever else you can imagine)  can also be used alone as a baseball bat or maybe even a turkey drumstick!  Also a droopy tie for a Dad’s Day card or a wattle on a punched turkey creation.  A couple of the small images are actually flower petals and leaves – something that might not be obvious unless you looked at the pictures of the samples in the mini.     Quite a few versions of “trap” doors have been invented that allow you to pull the goodies in the treat cups insides out (assuming you want them out :D) without destroying the card.   A number of creative crafters are also using various kinds of gel to simulate a water environment to create faux snowglobe type cards.

Coordinating Product:

Sweet Treat Cups (12) – #116802, $2.95

Round and fit through the hole created by the 1-3/4″ punch  and has a lip around the outside with adhesive attached making gluing in place easy.   12 in each sleeve and the white gloss  box they come in is perfect for embellishing and using for gifts.

Sweet Treat Padded Envelopes (3) – #116911, $2.95  – 3 per packet these are perfect for mailing your special creation.

1-3/4” Circle Punch – #112004, $15.95


SCS Gallery:

Stampin’ Addicts Gallery:



Fox & Friends – #117020 (W), $18.95 – #118565 (CL), $14.95 – pg. 31 Occasions mini

Available in all languages – hee, hee, hee 😀

Another cute set with lots of possibilities.  Though I originally saw this as a kids only set I’ve started rethinking that a bit.   With the popularity of owls and also with graduations coming up you might find some more grown up uses for this as well.   And what guy doesn’t get up to some monkeyshines once in a while that might call for using the monkey from this set to bring him back down to earth.  Anybody else remember that game that had little plastic monkeys  that you had to link together in chains without toppling….can’t remember what it was called but I remember the groans, cries and laughter it engendered.  That fox image might also be cute as a “foxy” lady card or image on a tee shirt.

Coordinating Product: Nursery Alphabet Décor elements – see catalog for details



SCS Gallery:

Stampin’ Addicts Gallery:

** – link to a similar fox box in this blog post here – or here – – includes how to video


Love Bots Personalized Stamp – #117692 (W), $9.95, pg. 17 Occasions mini

Originally intended to work with the Love Bots Valentines I rather like the kid print type style.  This would work great with All in the Family and its accessory stamp sets or anytime you wanted a name stamp that looked like a kid printed it.   Create background papers with names for Grandma’s own crafting or scrapbooking, etc.    Plus you can use it for any 12 characters not just names.   If you have a word or short phrase you’d like to see in a childlike print this might be the way to accomplish that.


SCS Gallery: none

Stampin’ Addicts Gallery: none


Picnic Parade (Level 2 Hostess) – #117044 (W), #118541 (CL) – free when you meet hostess requirements (not available for purchase at any price – LoL!), pg. 5 Occasions mini

Also available in French and Spanish

This has a bit of a Beatrix Potter feel to it and the combinations and permutations are endless.   From kids cards to a vintage picnic basket with lace to match you can go Spring, Easter, Summer or more general.  The Thanks and Smile images can be colored with pencils or watercolor or blender pens.  I’ve seen a wonderful number of techniques from resist to reinker, to poppin’ pastels and more.      Can’t you just see creating your very own children’s book with these characters?  O the stories that could be told!   Maybe using one of the extra large Board Books also found in the Occasions mini.


SCS Gallery:

Stampin’ Addicts Gallery:

**  – no birdy border punch?  Substitute the die cuts from Stampin’ Up’s  Merry Details Sizzlit instead



That’s it for today my sister frugalistas.  Next week will look at a few more sets from Occasions and then back to the main catalog until the new Summer Mini comes out in May.

A quick reminder that the “Freaks” Blog Hop starts Saturday!   I’m not sure where the starting point is but you can start here at Gretchen’s blog and then work your way around –

Till next time….

Hugs and Blessings – Jean


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