New SU Blogger alert: Best videos posted on creating your own clear mounts

Perhaps as this is technically Frugal Friday here on the blog I should have titled this Frugal findings?

Hi All,

Fortune favors the surfers and over committed blogging community members once again! 

Say what????

What that means is that I’ve discovered another new blogger with amazing skills through the magic of referel links on various stamping communities posting boards that I belong to.

Susan Peters is a sister Stampin’ Up! Demo and has created a wonderful series of videos that is on a topic near and dear to my heart.    Stamps!  (what you were expecting me to say grapefruit? :D)   Specifically,  Clear Mount stamps and converting wood mounted to clear mounted.  Susan has come up with a technique that uses primarily SU product and is incredibly cost effective and easy to manage.

Here is the link to her blog Stamp for Fun –   check it out to see her video’s and other imaginative projects.  Though a new blog trust me when I say – this is one blog you will want to subscribe to!

You can watch her video’s on her blog or check out these links to them over on You-Tube (don’t forget to favorite them so you can watch them over again).  (I’ve also added her notes on finding the vinyl she recommends as they go by fairly quickly on the videos.) – Wood Mounts & Clear Mounts & Stamps Oh My! Part 1 –  Wood Mounts & Clear Mounts & Stamps Oh My! Part 2 –  Wood Mounts & Clear Mounts & Stamps Oh My! Part 3 –  blog post pictorial tutorial outlining the basic steps from the video’s

Notes: on finding the Clear Vinyl Susan uses in her video’s:

Clear vinyl sometimes called crystal clear vinyl or double polished vinyl. 
DO NOT purchase matte or frosted – those won’t work.
Both 0.004 & 0.008 thicknesses work great
Look in fabric stores (they sometimes refer to it as vinyl fabric) or possibly hardware stores.
You need vinyl, not plastic or polyethylene.
some ideas to help you get the correct product when you go shopping.  When you’re looking at it in the store, fold it back on itself and it should want to lightly stick together.  Not as if it were glued together, but it will cling together for a second or two. Vinyl will do that, plastic or whatever this other stuff is won’t. 
Thanks Susan for sharing your creative genius with the rest of us.  Thanks too to your husband for the excellent video production skills.
Hugs and blessings to you all – Jean

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