Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Loving is a conscious choice, an active discipline of letting go of our need to impose our will on others and becoming other-centered.

It is possible to give without loving but it is impossible to love without giving.

The great mystery of relationships is that there is really only one source of love.

God, our Creator, thank you for being the source and foundation of all human love!


Hi All,

A blessed Sunday and Valentine’s Day to you all.  The above is my virtual valentine to you all along with a few sentiments from my favorite eCard site. 

A few days ago I shared a personal Valentine story on a fellow demo’s blog and received some emails suggesting I repeat the story here.   And with Sunday being a day of reflection as well as Valentine’s it seems appropriate.

Remembering Valentines and my late husband Stephen…..


For Stephen and I Valentines was always a special time.  Filled with cards sweet and silly –  put under pillows or left in lunches, taped on mirrors or other fun places. Little gifts and coupons and all sorts of crazy things – many handmade by both of us.
Over 19 years together though the most special Valentine I ever received was the last one my husband gave me on the Valentines a few months before he died of Kidney Cancer in 1997.  A couple of days before Valentine’s we had been given the news of Stephen’s cancer diagnosis and the likely prognosis was not good as he was then at Stage 4. 
Stephen found a card with a sketch image of an angel writing a letter and inside left me a short but meaningful note as a forever valentine to last me in the years to come.  It surely has! I turn to that card whenever I need a reminder of love that goes on and on and on.  The love that went into it blows my mind away.  He thought only of how I would be missing him and he wanted me to know that his love was eternal.  Romantic, heartbreaking and everything in between all wrapped into one card. The strength it took at age 42 to face his own impending death and still be thinking of me and planning for my future years took my breath away (and still does).  
Today 12 + years later that Valentine and the love it contains still reminds me of the importance of love, caring and sharing unselfishly with one another.  And also the importance of letting those around us know that they are loved and cherished on a daily basis.  After all you never know just how much time you will have together.
So today of all days I want to let you know that I cherish all of you, my friends, and my family.  All of you are unique and blessed and deserving of all good things.  I hope you are having a fun day filled with love, goofy gifts, chocolate and most of all dear ones to hug close and wish a Happy Valentine’s Day. 
Hugs and blessings from me and the kitties – Jean

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