Simply Adorned Charms and More Stampin’ Up! Jewelry from talented demo’s

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In honor the new Simply Adorned Charms that have been added to Stampin Up’s product line I thought it would be fun to review not only what you can do with this new line but what you can do with other SU products to create more “homemade” jewelry!

Of course as our mothers always taught us “Pretty is as Pretty does” and we are told not to store up our treasures here on earth….still a girl does like a pretty bauble now and then right?    So here’s a few you can create and place your own “stamp” on (pun intended of course :D).

The low down on the new Simply Adorned jewelry line from Stampin’ Up:

Simply Adorned charms are nickel-plated with tempered, beveled glass on the front side and flat glass on the back. Best of all — they have a hinge that lets you easily insert and CHANGE your custom artwork inserts.  Whether you create your own handstamped masterpieces or use photo’s or a collage of both there is a size and a medium of embellishment to meet at desires.

Here’s Stampin’ Up’s description:

Simply Adorned charms are lockets–they open up so you can insert your custom stamped image. The Charming stamp set, along with Rub-Ons, glitter, ribbons, and other embellishments, can help you create your unique charm insert. And don’t forget that you can embellish the chains with ribbon, felt flowers . . . the possibilities are endless! The frame surrounds tempered beveled glass on the front and flat glass on the back. Because there’s glass on both sides of the charm, you can display an image on one side or both. You can create a custom heirloom piece that you’ll never want to change, or you can swap artwork in and out, depending on your mood and your wardrobe.

And although we designed Simply Adorned charms to be jewelry, they also make delightful key chains or Christmas tree ornaments. Insert a stamped image or photo of your loved ones, tie a ribbon through the clasp, and you’re done!

tip:  Cut a matching vellum piece identical in size to the insert piece so that as you create images or have larger images to hand you can use this vellum piece to determine the optimum section to use inside the charm.   – idea seen/shown in  this post by Sandi MacIver

One of the  features of this new product line besides the removeable artwork are the stainless steel chains available in two lengths to wear with the charms and now a bracelet has also been added in the Occasions mini.  Personally I like having a few stainless chains in my jewelry box because I can wear them anytime and anywhere and they hold up to pretty much everything.  Okay maybe not everything but I don’t shriek if I forget and wear one in the shower or at the gym or in the hot tub (though I wouldn’t recommend doing this with the charms attached as they aren’t stainless steel).  And when you’re flipping around long hair as I do (confession time:  My hair is now actually longer and straighter than in the picture here on my blog) the chains don’t break when my hands and hair get caught in them or when Sandycat gets her claws caught in them  like my silver ones have a tendancy to do.  And of course if you backpack….you get the idea right??  Stainless is good!   One note though about the chains the links are larger than you might expect so the look may be different than stainless chains you’ve seen elsewhere.  

Here’s the latest info from the Occasions mini and a picture showing the new small charms and the bracelet.

Stampin’ Up! has also developed a couple of coordinating stamp sets who’s small size allows for fun designs to use with this new set of Jewelry.

From the Occasions Mini:

Note:  Though available in the new clear mount format the tiny size makes mounting this set in this format difficult.  Much as I love the new clear mounts my personal recommendation for this set would be to go with the wood block version.

And from the 2009 Holiday mini but still available for order:

Charming  – # 116519, $19.95, set of 7, available for viewing and more details in the online store.

 Simply Adorned Links: – Simply Adorned – SA – Simply Adorned samples – SA sample and close up of chain

Edited to add from later post: – simply Adorned sample – simply adorned sample – window sheets enhance the glass!




Apart from the new Simply Adorned product line other Stampin’ Up products can be used to create fabulous homemade jewelry as the following blogging artisans have shared in their own spaces.

Other Jewelry links: – Diet Coke Bracelet – Punches and Pop Cans make beautiful jewelry and all you need is a basic bracelet and jump rings – Tip: sand the edges of punch pieces with the sanding blocks and the edges will be safe. – Rub ons, Felt Flower Fusion and washers and other bits from the hardware store make unique and gorgeous jewelry. – More of Jan Wakelands  jewelry. – an assortment of demo made jewelry from convention  & – build a brad and rub ons for a necklace and bracelet – earrings galore – Hodgepodge and build a brad necklace – Earrings galore – domino Bracelet – Dasher stamp makes earrings? Yep!

Along with the new mini a new hostess promotion is available.
Of course the possibilities are unlimited and these are just a few ideas.  I’ll be sharing more links to inspiration over the coming months in this same category.  If you’ve come up with something unique you’d like to share with the blogging community drop me a line or leave a comment with your contact information.
Hugs and blessings – Jean

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