Belated Happy New Year!

Work in peace. Live in peace. Be with another in peace.

— The Blessing Candles: 58 Mealtime Prayer-Celebrations

Hi All,

A belated Happy New Year to you all!  Now that my internet connection is back up and the partial paralysis I’ve been experiencing is easing off I’m finally able to get back to blogging at least part time and hopefully some creative stamping as well.   

I came across this eCard last year and it still speaks to me today and everyday given the state of our world.  It is my prayer for us all as we begin a new year.

Thank you to all of you who’ve been in touch.   I hope to get back to you each now that email is once again accessible.  Please bear with me as there are several hundred to work my way through.  Your love and prayers have been and are deeply appreciated.

May God bless you all in this new year and gift you with joy, peace and a greater measure of creativity and inspiration to share with those around you.

Hugs and blessings – Jean


One Response

  1. Jean…. glad to have you back my dear friend. I hope your New Year brings you much peace, happiness, health and prosperity.

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