Cheeky Beggar and Wily Wildlife

Hi all,

Still no projects to share just yet but a bit of country life to share instead……

A friend concerned I’d not been able to get out for a while left a box of groceries on my door step a couple of days ago to tide me over until I was back on my feet.  God has indeed blessed me with wonderful caring friends….he’s also blessed me with cheeky beggars and wily wildlife!    Though the box wasn’t out there long one very crafty raccoon helped himself to a bit of bread and then carefully put the package back in such a way that hopefully the theft wouldn’t be noticed!   Does that sound like a teenager or what!    

I often manage to forget I’m in the midst of the country…I know the 40+ pine trees and fresh air, mountains and all outside my door should be a clue but heck what’s a girl to do when the memory starts to fade – lol!    The crafty beggars aka raccoons are amazingly agile with their hands and nature has graced them with the perfect disguise in the form of a bandit mask.  Okay maybe it doesn’t work so well as a disguise but it does give a bit of warning!    Those very agile hands managed to rip just the right size hole in the side of the bread bag and then the cheeky devil sat there stuffing his (or her) jaws with their ill-gotten booty.    Carefully tearing off pieces inside the bag pulling them out the hole and stuffing the cheeky cheeks!   Once the jig was up (ie noticed the cats in the window and knew the whistle was about to blow) the rascal calmly put the bag back in the box and wandered off as if nothing unusual had happened.   Interesting too to see what type of bread the little varmint choose.  Went for the more processed slightly less fiber based bread!

Oh well it’s been a cold start to winter with not a lot of scope for scavengers (what do raccoons eat in their native habitat when humans aren’t around anybody know?) so I guess I can’t really begrudge my visitor a bit of bread.  Surprised though the little bandit didn’t take the rest with him for a bedtime snack.  Hmm…maybe raccoons have manners after all.   Though with the prevalence of rabies in the area I doubt I’ll be eating the leftovers.   Hm…maybe break up the leftover bread for the birds?

Warm winter wishes to you all my friends – Jean


2 Responses

  1. Oh, Jean! What a delightful story! When I lived on the farm, we had a pesky opossum whose favorite treat was cat food. One cold winter, she ambled upon the porch and ate right out of the same bowl as the cats. She began sleeping in the dog house…with the cats! I think she suffered from an identity crisis. We truly missed her when spring came and she left as mysteriously as she arrived. I hope that you are feeling better, and that you have a glorious holiday!

  2. Hi my friend
    How polite the raccoon is. I’ve had guests who aren’t as polite at a dinner table! Actually, I love our raccoons… I know many consider them a pest, but they fascinate me. They are impeccably clean in their eating habits and they keep the cats amused for hours in the evening. They also aren’t anywhere near as destructive as I thought they would be. Maybe it’s because we feed the wildlife and they find enough tidbits that they don’t need to break into things. We called the raccoon under our deck Martha – after Martha Stewart. Why? Because she obviously loves the finer foods in life and we sometimes come out in the morning and she has re-arranged a few things on the deck for us, or run off with the jelly jar!
    The furballs and I hope that you are feeling better – let us know if you need anything.
    Love and hugs

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