Rogue thougts and random musings on an Advent Sunday


Hi All,

Seeing this picture of angels I’ve used for eCards this season heightened my sense of expectation as we come ever closer to Christmas day.     It also reminded me how often in both the old and new testaments God sent his angels as messengers and heralds.   Some messages were heeded and others not.   Much as in our world today the call for peace is so often set aside by those who hear it.  And yet we are all of us called to repeat that message and share the image of a world at peace and what such a world can mean with one another.   I guess that’s why I love all our Stampin’ Up images of Peace and Joy, doves, angels, nativities and so much more that allow us as crafters to share our hearts and minds and passions with a hurting world.   Why I love to reach out to total strangers as well as friends and family to brighten a day with a smile, a word, a prayer, a blog comment and especially a card.  To bring that vision of peace to one small part of my world when and as I can.  And I rejoice that there are so many of you out there who join me in this.   I thank God for each and every one of you who choose to make your world a bit more beautiful, peaceful and joyful.    God finds messengers wherever he wills and angels walk amongst us unknown to us as such until the light of love makes them visible.

Advent blessings to you all and may we always remember that …..

On the wings of angels and in images of peace God sends forth his blessings to us all.

Pray for peace during this Advent season, in our families and among the nations of all the earth.

With hugs and love I wish you all a blessed Christmas – Jean


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