Take a tickle break today: cute kitties and more

Hi All,

Take a tickle and giggle break today!  Really you should!

Lydia over on her blog Understand Blue had this video posted and I just had to share it.

Just slightly concerned though……do you think this tickle break might lead to this……

Or even this……

Sorry for the cardless posts lately haven’t been able to make it into town to get batteries for the camera!  Now if I could only find the adapter and the cord…ARGhhhh!  Oh well at least Petsmart delivers Cat Food via UPS so my fur folk are covered.   Oh Yeah….one last warning….this tickle break may work with kittens but I don’t recommend startle games with adult cats with full grown teeth and claws….uh huh you guessed it….I’m now sporting bandages.   And Sandy is sulking.  Wicket of course had too much sense to play:D!

I might add that Craft Scissors give wicked paper cuts too!   Anyone need an infusion of B+ blood?

Hugs and Blessings – Jean


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