Sunday’s Roque Thoughts and Rambles: Advent begins today

Advent Blessings my friends!



In this season of Advent,
as we gather to wait
in the darkness of winter nights
for Jesus our Light to come,
may our hearts be filled
with your joy and promise.

The Blessing Candles:
58 Simple Mealtime


Advent begins today for those of us who celebrate that particular season of preparation and joy that prepares us to celebrate the miracle of Christ’s Birth on Christmas.   To prepare, I’ve been searching out candles and checking my pine trees for the perfect wreath making branches.   Each Sunday will highlight a different theme that I will try to incorporate into my week as I prepare for Christmas in my heart and in my life.
This first Sunday in Advent usually has hope as it’s theme and it is my hope for all of us as Advent begins that we can open our lives to hope and joy and spread those same gifts to others around us.   With the world and our country as it is these days such gifts have rarely been more needed.   And keeping hope alive in our lives and hearts and passing that on can have a tremendous impact on how we view our world and how we live each day.  When I’m discouraged and hopeless life seems so much more difficult and the obstacles and barriers life seems to put up from time to time become so much more insurmountable.  Those are the days I want to cower in bed and wait for life to go away.    When hope is active the possibility of joy is so much more real and I can step out and take action that improves not only my life but hopefully makes those I come in contact with also more hopeful and joyful as well.
As a Demonstrator representing  Stampin’ Up I try to remember that much as we are a sales based group we are also about sharing life, care and creativity person to person as well.  For my sister demo’s my wish/hope is this….I hope we can all take time out this season from selling and spend time with friends, family and especially those we don’t know in giving of ourselves.  The deals, stamps and other “things” will always be there but time spent is a finite thing and should be shared wisely and well whether in business or in our lives in general.  For my non demo friends my hope for you is that you will allow hope and joy to be a real presence in your lives this week and that you will pass this on to those around you.   We are in a season of giving now and the best gifts are those that change a life.    For some those will be the practical things for others those will be the intangibles as they respond to your love and cheer and generosity.    Whether those gifts cost little or cost much we all have it in our power to make a gift.    Love and time don’t necessarily cost money as I was reminded by a Pastor I saw on TV today.   Even the poorest of us can give a gift of time or prayer, make a phone call, give a handmade card (whatever the makings) and for those who can do more there are even more possibilities.  
Find a concrete way to bring hope to our darkened world and spread the light.  Be a candle in the wreath in every sense of the word and our world will be lighter, more joyful and more hopeful and all hearts will be gladdened.  That can only be a good thing  right??
You will all be in my thoughts and prayers as tonight I light that first candle in the Advent wreath.
 Candle Burning
With hugs and blessings to you my stamping friends and sister demo’s – Jean

2 Responses

  1. Jean, what a lovely post. I do not hold Stamp Club in the month of December so I can focus on doing more for my family and friends, bake more, and just slow down. I did one year and the results were just not meaningful, as I was unable to do the things I normally like to do.

    I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving!


  2. Wonderful post today, Jean! I get so consumed by the thought that I have to create and post all the time. I think that I will take a tip from Jackie and slow down and spend the time doing the special things that mean so much during the holiday season.

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