Frugal Friday (and nothing black other than the ink about it :D)! Features Spanish stamps for the Holidays!

Blackness Beware….Friday Frugalistas are here!!!!In America (well Northern America anyway!) this Friday after Thanksgiving is often referred to as Black Friday for some unknown to me reason.  Perhaps because so much energy is expended the Malls are in danger of creating blackouts in the power grid….because of Mall related injuries what with shoppers “Blacking out”….or……?     But here at Frugal Friday headquarters we have a different take.  Other than encouraging you to check out the awesome deals going on right now during Stampin’  Up’s Holiday Extravaganza sale (no mall required) I’m here to provide you Friday Frugalistas with inspiring ideas that will stand you in good stead not only for the holiday ahead but for stamping fun all year round no matter whether the sets are in your stash or on your to buy list.  So…..

 ¡Hola!  Amigas!

 The strains of Feliz Navidad among other Christmas favorites have begun hitting the airwaves so I thought it was time to spotlight some Spanish only Christmas sets from our Celebrando Creatividad Catalog.  These frugal sets are only available in the Celebrando catalog and currently have no English equivalents.  Personally I figure that’s okay as most people in America thanks to radio know that Feliz Navidad means Merry Christmas and with the Hispanic proportion  of our population now over 15% as of the latest census data (higher in many states) more stampers are reaching out across the language divide and making cards in both English and Spanish.  Very appreciated by many of the groups sending cards to our troops or to Children’s Hospitals.  And think of the points your kids will make with their Spanish Language teachers if they add stamped cards and images to their array of projects.  Unfortunately I had trouble finding (through Google my usual source for links) links showing inspiring uses of these sets so you’ll have to imagine the possibilities for yourself.  Not a reason though not to enjoy these stamps…and let me tell you with Google translate that works so well I had a wonderful time trolling many Hispanic language blogs, including some I discovered on a recent blog tour listed on my Tour page from November 5th.   Unfortunately no luck with finding these featured sets but fun none the less.

 Some very talented ladies out there… and lots of fun seeing familiar sets with a slightly different and exotic look when shown in a foreign language.  Did you know that Delightful Decorations from the Holiday mini comes in Spanish?  So do the Hostess sets Holiday Best and Christmas Punch! – Holiday Best Spanish example.

 So if you haven’t taken a gander at the Celebrando Creatividad catalog click the link in my sidebar and get cracking.  There is also a Celebrando section in my Under $20 stamps and wheel lists found in the sidebar as well. 


Sets unique to the Celebrando are the following – though not all meet the Under $20 designation I generally use they are definitely all worth a look:

Estás invitado – invitations and images for different kinds

Feliz cumpleaños – birthday greetings

Saludos de la temporada – Christmas texts similar in part to a previous years Star Studded Greetings

Etiquetas de navidad – all Christmas

Feliz año Nuevo – bells, grapes and confetti  and more

Días felices – common phrases for greetings

Cinco de mayo – wonderful mariachi and dancer images, confetti, margarita glass etc.

Quinceañera – If you are into Princess Themes you’ll want to look at this one

Cumpleaños – all party images no text – includes a piñata donkey

Invitación formal – beautiful background block and a cross with swirls

Felicidades Siempre – basic greetings

Flores suaves – gorgeous in any language.  Rose/Tulip, butterfly, bee and a block of Spanish somewhat like En Francais



 Etiquetas de navidad (Christmas Tags) # 112905, $19.95, pg. 18 CelebrandoA set that coordinates with several punches as well as providing tags you can ink selectively or use as is.  My Favorite image is the N – Navidad that coordinates with the Designer Label punch and the tags are fun too with images that coordinate with other stamp sets in the full IBC.   The tag with the F is also perfect for me since my last name is Fitch!  I can see inking this up except for the text section and using on family birthday tags and cards.  With a gel pen I could even write in the “itch” after the F ( when I married into the family I warned all and sundry it was no fair converting F’s to B’s at least in regard to yours truly!)Feliz año Nuevo (Happy New Year) #112907, $18.95, pg.18 CelebrandoWhether you like to spice up your greetings with Spanish texts or not the images in this Celebrando only set work not only for the New Year but for weddings and anniversaries and birthdays all year round – making this set well worth considering for the images alone.  Possible to use for First Communion, Harvest Festivals (especially in Wine Country) and other times you want to celebrate wine, grapes, etc. Felicidades Siempre (Congratulations Time) – #115722, $19.95, pg.24 CelebrandoWhile my favorites in this set are the Feliz Navidad and the Gracias images having a set that includes Happy Birthday, Happy Valentines day, Happy New Year, etc. is also a plus belonging as I do to a large multilingual Parish and for cards made for soldiers and other service personel.    Also fun for my nephews and neices that are learning Spanish.  I’ve been trying to learn myself on and off over the years but I keep stumbling over similarities to French – the first foreign language I attempted.   Two words in particular always send me into hysterics.  Fairly similar pronounciations.Gato – spanish for cat (you just know I would know this one right :D)Gateau – french for cake – yes I know its missing the circumflex accent over the a but I couldn’t get WordPress to add it!So until I can have my cake and eat it too without worrying about whether it has cat in the ingredients I think I’m sticking to French.  Though I am getting better at reading Spanish after a summer living in Portugal where the language is more or less half French and half Spanish all jumbled together.  Not to mention my folks living in Baja for several years decades ago.SCS Gallery:

******And lastly a wheel or two – isn’t it great that wheels generally speak a universal language!Whimsy Jumbo Wheel – #109688, $8.50, pg.44 Celebrando pg.204 & 106 IBCLots of possibilities year round from blizzards and frosty winds to a sense of bubbles and celebration.  Even a vague feeling of Van Goh’s Starry Night with hillsides and stars and moon all coming together in this set of whirls and swirls.  Okay maybe I’m the only one seeing Starry Night here.  Just don’t ask what I see in a Rorschak (can’t spell it but I’ve taken it) test.SCS Gallery: – Whimsy and Holiday Blitz.  Christmas Punches Santa Stamp would also look good with this. Bits – #109691, $6.50, pg. 44 Celebrando, pg. 205 & 120 IBCAnother possible snowstorm image or background for snowmen and women.  Kinda looks to me like a few snowmen got tumbled all apart and will need Star Treks transporter device to put them back together.  Insert snowflakes into the circles for Christmas and Winter and Flower images for Spring and Summer.  A perfect year round wheel.Did you know that in England stamping wheels are referred to as rollers?  It’s also possible to do Google searches and bring up only English sites if you refer to them as such and add UK to the search criteria as in:   whimsy roller stampin up in the ukI discovered several very fun blogs when I started doing searches like these.  And I can’t wait for SU to open up business in Spain or Mexico so we can find the samples I’d like.   There are demo’s in Puerto Rico but none that I could find using the above sets.  Oh well good thing we all have imaginations.SCS Gallery: – use snowflakes for the images instead of flowers and you have a perfect border for the season.  Especially if you add a punched snowflake! – same comment as above for this one too.


That’s it for this edition of Frugal Friday.  Next couple of weeks we’ll finish up the Christmas related stamps and wheels (hopefully anyway) and after the Open Studio Day I have going on Saturday I should have some stamping projects to show you as well.  Stay safe if you decide to brave the crowds this weekend.  Otherwise I hope you find some time to stamp and start in on those turkey leftover recipes so near and dear to our hearts this time of year.

Hugs and Blessings – Jean

Stampin’ Up! Upline and Demonstrator Trainee

Oops they forgot their aprons!



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  1. Hey, Jean! Thanks for showing a few of the stamps from the Celebrando Creatividad Catalog. These are excellent examples, and you have inspired me to purchase a couple!

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