MDS share and a Stampin’ Up! Brit Holiday Tour

Hi All,

Look what I found waiting for me in my in box recently.  

My friend (and Upline) Cheryl finally had some time to play around with her My Digital Studio and sent me this pic of her creation.   She discovered that creating punch cards using MDS was a breeze and much easier on the hands than the physical punches.   After seeing this I can tell this new software is going to be a wonderful addition to the designing process.   Work out the basic design on screen and then move to the paper for the final project….or not… this guy is cute enough to be printed and sent all on his own.

The only thing we can’t figure out is why the repeated Merry Christmas line across the bottom got all scrunched up in the emailing.  Must have been some compression that was turned on unbeknownst to us both.   Oh Randy……..(Cheryl’s husband Randy is our tech guru).

And while we are all gearing up to our annual holiday frenzy…..

Take a moment out to see what our sisters across the pond are up to.   Here’s a double set of links for a two tier 12 Blogs of Christmas –  British Demo Holiday Tour

Considering the English and European catalogs are much more limited in what they carry these ladies do an amazing job of sharing a wide variety of styles and stamps and projects of a very high caliber.   So make yourself a cup of tea (the national drink of England and the British Isles right?  :D), grab a biscuit (that’s English for cookie) and click the links for inspiration.

Note: I’ll be adding this to my Tour Page for your future reference and viewing pleasure once I get a few annotations added.


Twelve Blogs of Christmas – Brit Demo Tour

First Set:

As with many tours there was a last minute drop out so 11 is the correct count for this set.


Second set:  – to see the projects click on the banner name and then page down


Cheerio friends and I hoped you enjoyed the view from overseas.

Hugs and blessings – Jean


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