Christmas Jingle Scrappin’ Kit cards: Part 2

Another Sandy lookalike (though much smaller – lol!) channeling my darling girl.  Also where she spends time when the thunder, lightening and wind get to be just a bit too much! 


Hi All,

Due to a few days of seizures making research take just a bit longer Frugal Friday is going to be a tad late today so I thought I would go ahead and post some more of the Christmas Jingle pictures as a follow up to this (click on the this to see it) previous post.  Should give you something to look at in the meantime.   I’ll try to get the Frugal post up before evening but no promises.  It might end up running over into Saturday.  Sorry about that.

Coldness has seeped in everywhere so the warm colors in this set are appreciated no end.  Just looking at the bright reds is warming. 

Here’s more of Linda’s great designs from last Saturdays Jingle SAS.

I’ll be back another day with the final installment of card pictures from this event.   In the mean time I’ve posted a PDF with all the pictures in the SCRIBD download files in my sidebar.  Or you can click here to see them.

Take care, stay warm and enjoy the run up to the holidays.  Ands as always I’ll be happy to answer questions or help you place an order for your own holiday supplies.  

Hugs and Blessings – Jean


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