Christmas Jingle Scrappin’ Kit Cards: Part 1

Hi All,

Last Saturday was another SAS day.   This time using the contents of Stampin’ Up’s Christmas Jingle Scrappin’ Kit.  My friend and fellow demo Mary Director did a wonderful job of reviewing this kit and all its contents here on her blog.  Take a look and I’ll wait for you to come on back – LoL!

Many cardmakers tend to overlook the possibilities of our scrappin’ kits if they only do cards and don’t scrap.  These kits are however a wonderful source for unique materials that also lend themselves to making quantities of cards whether for yourself or for organizations that pass them on for a cause.   Kits are also the only place (generally) you will find stickers in the SU lineup.  And now with the release of My Digital Studio if there is a sticker or embellishment from this kit that you want more than one of, you can easily print more using your home computer and printer!!    The Christmas Jingle Scrappin Kit is one of the featured sets in MDS.  Another wonderful benefit to this is that you can play with your designs on screen before committing yourself to paper.  Several of the stamp sets we used for our event are also in MDS so it made planning our projects even easier.

For our stamp a stack participants received 1/2 a scrappin kit, extra cardstock, envelopes and a roll of taffeta ribbon.    With this they made 20 cards for $30.  They also received copies of the PDF I mention below.   Most went home with sufficient leftover materials to make about another 10 or so cards.  Not a bad days work.   We also provided stamp sets, embossing set up and a Big Shot, dies and Impressions folders for all to use at the event. 

In theory if you vary the layout, size of cards and add a bit extra cardstock for card bases etc. its possible to get 80 cards from a full one of these scrappin kits and still make some tags etc. with leftovers from that!  Simply Amazing.   One demo I’ve talked to told me that for about $60  she made 150 cards, plus tags and stocking stuffer bits and pieces using scrappin kits, envelopes, embellishments and a lot of imagination.   Given the price of store bought cards I thought that was quite an achievement.  I’m not sure but I think that $60 included a Dasher Stamp as well. 

For our event my marvelous SU partner Linda came up with 24 sample designs and we used these as the jumping off point for participants to get a few ideas and then jump in with their own.  In case you are looking for a little inspiration I’ve posted these designs in a 4 page PDF format you can download and print or just view online – to find it just click on the SCRIBD download button in my right hand side bar or click here.   As there are 24 cards I’ll be feeding them into the blog a bit at a time.  Click on the images to see larger versions.


I also thought you might like to see what a few other stampers and bloggers are doing with this kit.

Mary Director’s blog: –  Part 1 of 2 – Part 2 of 2 – click on image to see close ups of cards – Gallery on SCS with cards with Christmas Jingle elements.

Google Tip:  Use Google to find examples, samples and projects on blogs using the name of stamp set or scrappin kit or Big Shot die, etc.  Then add blogs or Stampin up at the end and watch the list scroll on and on and on….

For Example: 

Google:    Christmas Jingle simply scrappin kit blogs

results of that Google search can be found at this link:

For the Google search you can substitute any scrappin kit, etc.  name.

And another:

Google:  One Sheet Wonder card maps and samples

results from Google search:

 Lots of maps and samples for OSW card sets.   Talk about value for the money!

Thanks for stopping by and letting me brag on another fun event and talented SU partner (thanks Linda for doing the design work!).   One of these days I’m going to remember to not only bring my camera to an event but also remember once there to actually use it so you can see all the fun!   Granted you can’t taste the Chocolate truffles or Chicken soup through the pictures but it might inspire you to find some of your own and then start stamping!

Check back in tomorrow for another edition of Blog Picks and Posts.  Until then…..

Hugs and blessings – Jean


2 Responses

  1. Hi my friend
    thank you so much for highlighting Christmas Jingle. It’s such a fantastic set and I love your cards. I’ve had a lot of fun playing with it – its so versatile – just as your cards show.
    Thank you also, for calling out my More the Merrier card – i am really honored. I know there are so many fabulous creations – many of them called out on your list… so thank you!
    The furrfaces are keeping me company every night – they are so adorable, I don’t know where I would be without them – I hope Wicket and Sandycat are enjoying winter’s onset 🙂 mine send purrs and hisses to you all

  2. […] so I thought I would go ahead and post some more of the Christmas Jingle pictures as a follow up to this (click on the this to see it) previous post.  Should give you something to look at in the […]

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