Frugal Friday meets Fun and Funky for the Holidays

Hi All,

Happy Friday the 13th fellow stampers!  Just to prove you aren’t superstitious hug a black cat today!  Or at least stamp one? I promise I won’t peek if you then throw salt over your shoulder. 😀    I don’t consider myself particularly superstitious but I will admit that whenever my birthday falls on Friday interesting things happen.  As a kid my Mom liked to take me and my friends bowling (duck pin version when I was really little) and whenever my birthday fell on a Friday the 13th I always lost.  Other years I always won…not supersticious…just saying……Luckily I have another 2 years before I get to test that theory out once again – Lol!   Not sure why it was always bowling but I guess in January on the East Coast what else are you going to do with  a bunch of munchkins for a couple of hours.  Take them skating?

Time for another Frugal Friday installment of Under $20 stamp sets and wheels and in keeping with my vow to get all the holiday related ones in before mid December I’ve got another full list for you today.  For a complete (or relatively so anyway – LoL) listing of all under $20 stamps and wheels for IBC and Holiday mini please check the right hand sidebar for documents you can view, print or download according to your preference.   

I have to say, this Fridays offerings were a challenge.  Possibly because many don’t fit the usual pattern for the holidays and thus I’ve dubbed them fun and funky examples were hard to come by.  I’m a tad on the fence about one or two but after playing around looking for inspiration for them I have to say they are all growing on me.


Yee Haw card sample

Yippee Kiyay Holiday image

Yippee Kiyay Holiday –  #114369, $19.95, pg. 42 IBC

New to the catalog this year this set isn’t just for Christmas though I love one bloggers title of  O Cactus Tree (especially given my obsession with the O Christmas Tree die right now!).  Easter, Valentines and Halloween are represented in the greetings though of course you can always use the images without them.   Though without them you might find yourself wondering how many tequillas you’ve already consumed.  After all cowboys riding rabbits just isn’t normal right??  And seriously why do I keep seeing that as a pink rabbit…hmm……obviously too many hours in the sun when I lived in the high desert of New Mexico.  7000 feet altitude obviously contributed to the death of a few brain cells or at least seriously warped a few. 😀


SCS Gallery:

Stampin’ Addicts Gallery: none  – love the post title – O Cactus Tree


shellabrate  treat sample

Shellabrate image

Shellabrate – #111688, $18.95, pg. 42 IBC

For you coastal stampers especially where winter is more summery this may be the set for you.  Definitely for Hawaii (hi Jan)  and other island (hi to my fav Puerto Rican, Nova Scotian and Virgin Island demo’s too) stampers!   It’s also possible to use the snowman on the board as a snowboarder and not just a surfer for those of you in the Northern climes.  Can’t remember if Charley the Tuna ever wore a scarf but lake ice fishers might get a kick out of the fishy wishes too.


SCS Gallery:

Stampin’ Addicts Gallery:


Tag Tree image

Tag Tree – #115566, $7.95, pg. 208 IBC

Another of our single and affordably priced stamps. 

Have to say this one defeated me.  No gallery uploads, no Google finds – surely someone somewhere has used this oh so frugally priced stamp.  On the other hand maybe we aren’t close enough to Christmas?  Or…stampers need a bit more imagination.  You actually have two stamps in one here depending on how you ink it.   You can ink the to/from  only though admittedly most of us probably have a slew of those already from other sets and you can ink the tree all by itself.  

Granted this stamp didn’t grab me initially until I watched a show about quilting on PBS a short time ago.  The next time I saw this image I saw it as a quilt image with all the little dots representing stitches.   Got me thinking that a set of blocks with this tree in alternating blocks could look very cool.  The other blocks could be DSP or have sayings or 3D flowers like layered Boho Punch pieces…Hm…I think I’m going to have to order this.   I also got to thinking that for those of you that like embroidery you could stamp this in a light color on fabric and use the lines as stitching guides.  Or take the quilting analogy further and use this as a small appliqué piece after stamping on fabric.  You might also stamp this on a window sheet then use the lines to create a piercing template to create outlines on CAS type cards.  

Okay guys there’s a few ideas tossed out there…now will one of you reading this please buy this stamp and create something to inspire the rest of us…And oh yeah…POST IT in a gallery so Google and I can find it in the future – LoL!


SCS Gallery: none

Stampin’ Addicts Gallery: none


Time for a Tree image

Time for a Tree – standard wheel – #104524, $6.50, pg. 205 & 58

A companion wheel to the venerable set Loads of Love & the other coordinating wheel for that set Tailgating,  this wheel really lends itself to guy cards and projects to my way of thinking.  Also reflects or will reflect in another couple of weeks what the highway out front of my country home will look like once people start trekking out to BLM (Bureau of Land Management) areas for their Christmas trees.

Perfect for wheeling on postcards to send out and invite friends to a tree trimming party or ornament workshop (instead of bring your own tree how about bring your own ornament to make, share or swap?).   So wintry I’m getting the shivers and reaching for my parka just looking at the catalog image.  Whether glitzed or basic this is a fun one so check out the links below.


SCS Gallery:

Stampin’ Addicts Gallery: none  – Brilliant (and that’s no pun!) – wouldn’t this make great wrapping paper?


Christmas Chatter Wheel image

Christmas Chatter Jumbo Wheel – #109686, $8.50, pg. 204

Hm…just the title reminds me of one years Christmas as a kid when Chatty Cathy was the main attraction under the tree.  On the other hand friends will say it reminds them of me…this wheel just keeps on chatting and chatting…..and chatting…all in a retro funky 60’s type script.  

 A tad hard to find as its not listed in the regular catalog pages but only in the Wheel Index on page 204, it’s never the less well worth considering if you’re going the less traditional route in your holiday cards.  Personally I think it would work well with the new Holiday Lounge DSP.  Similar retro appeal.  And would make some fun wrapping paper out of butcher style freezer paper or even recycled grocery bags (both frugal sources of paper to play with).   Cute & quick holiday lunch bags for the kids too or run the wheel over some white lunch bags and fill with cookies or homemade candy for the neighbors.  Lots of possibilities for the imaginative mind and very frugally priced.  Oh yeah create strips with this wheel and make paper chains for the tree.  Perfect kid project that won’t break the bank for parents or teachers to oversee. 


SCS Gallery:

Stampin’ Addicts Gallery: none – gift bags


That’s another Frugal Friday in my corner of blogland.  Thanks for stopping by, hanging out and as always if you want to order any of these goodie I’d be happy to help you with that.   And if you have some frugal sets you’d like to see sooner rather than later drop me a note or leave a comment and I’ll be happy to oblige.   Next Tuesday will be featuring Holiday stamps from other traditions as well as Christmas so stay tuned.

Hugs and blessings and don’t forget to stamp your way into someones heart this week – Jean


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