Quickie Pumpkin Post today

Hi All,

Lots going on and lots to rest up from so this will be a quickie Pumpkin post today.  Here’s the pumpkin….


And here’s the story….

A week ago I was surfing as usual and came across a very cute and quick pumpkin on Di Gibbs blog.  You can see her post here.   So cute I had to jump up grab my punch and make one of my own.   Boy were the cats surprised.  They were peacefully sleeping in the living room (it being 2am or so) when a maniac (me) turned on all the lights and started grabbing paper, punch, glue etc.  The living room I should hasten to add is not my stamp room but was the scene of open studio day and somehow I just hadn’t gotten all the stuff put away yet.

Flipping through the scraps still sitting on the table I was able to find the perfect pumpkin colors in scraps from the retired Juntos designer series paper.  What I couldn’t find was some Always Artichoke ribbon for the stem!  What to do?   Why grab an Always Artichoke marker and some of my Whisper White Taffeta ribbon.   A few strokes with the marker on both sides of the ribbon and Voila…Always Artichoke ribbon!  Don’t you just love being able to create whatever color ribbon you need for a project?   Another good reason to invest in a complete set of Stampin’ Up markers!   They never run out since the same reinkers that rejuice the pads will also rejuice the markers. 

I also recently learned a wonderful tip from a sister demo about these markers.   I’m forever opening the wrong cap and then saw this tip that pointed out that there are two white rings on the marker.  The wider ring is the side with the brush and the narrower is the side with the pen tip.  Now I just look for the ring I want and Voila no more frustration!


Here’s a look at the pieces you’ll need.  Basically 7 Round Tab punch pieces and the little bits are some of what I scored from the leftover bits that I can use on other projects.  I love some of the pieces that just seem to happen depending on your punching strategy.  They all end up in my punch bits to do something with drawer and eventually find their way onto a card or page.

Basic directions and supplies list:

Stamps: NONE

Inks: Pumpkin Pie classic pad, Always Artichoke marker

Paper: Juntos DSP (ret.) of course you can use whatever strikes your fancy or your scrap box. 😀

Other: Round Tab punch, Taffetta ribbon ( I dyed mine you can use the real thing if you have it), stamping sponge, sticky strip and glue stick.


Punch 7 pieces with the Round Tab Punch.  Fold along the middle (scoring with your bone folder makes this easier) and crease with your bone folder. Glue them side to side together – I found white glue or tombow seemed to work the best.  Helps to stack them so you can keep the edges more or less even.  After you’ve glued 4 tab pieces lay down a bit of sticky strip and glue your folded ribbon in halfway over the edge of the stack.  Then continue adding the last 3 pieces.   I might add that the 1/4″ grosgrain ribbon will fit better than the wider taffeta that I used.   Next add glue to the last side and then fan the rest of the pumpkin around so you can attach the two loose ends.   At this point I also inserted the tendrils made from tiny paper slivers that were curled by wrapping around the handle of my piercing tool.  Once fully glued you will want to fan the pieces out into the desired spacing.    Also somewhere in this process you will want to sponge the edges with a coordinating ink – in this case I used Pumpkin Pie Classic.  I alternated between doing the punch pieces before folding and doing them after most had been glued together and decided I preferred doing the sponging or sponge daubing after the pumpkin was constructed and before inserting the tendrils but you should  do whatever works for you.  Since DSP has a white core and thus white edges sponging helps to keep the overall color scheme consistent. 

Here’s a few more pics including one of my photographic/blogging  assistant.

DCP01106_edited DCP01107_edited DCP01109_edited DCP01104_edited DCP01094_edited DCP01093_edited

Don’t you love the pointing tail.  Very Vanna White!   Funny how that just lined up.  The last one though is my fav.  Wicket looks just a tad suspicious about this new species of spotted pumpkin.

These were quick, easy and fun to make.  I basically put in a DVD and sat back and started making stacks of the little buggers.   Great for Halloween, Thanksgiving and even Christmas decorating.  I often have a “naturals” tree so these will even work as tree ornaments.  Nice hostess gifts for holiday dinners too.  And depending on the ribbon and papers used can be rustic or elegant.


Granted you can’t make a pie with these pumpkins but you can fold them flat and store them for next year so they won’t go to waste or to your waist! 😀

And here’s a Halloween Treat my SU partner Linda Miller made as a fun treat for our stampers at our second Saturday Holiday SAS held on Halloween.  The little treat packet uses the Petal Fold Big Shot die, a scrap of dsp and the Trick or Treat Stamp from the hostess set Holiday Best.   Each of the stampers also took home a round tab pumpkin for their holiday tables.



Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the blogosphere.  See you tomorrow for another edition of Tightwad Tuesday – currently featuring Holiday sets under $20.

Hugs and blessings – Jean


3 Responses

  1. Great idea, Jean! I love it! TFS, and you’re too funny about it not going to the “waist”! hee!

  2. Hi my friend. What a great project – love it… now I have to go try it…. and as for your very helpful pointing-tailed-furrball….. way to go Sandycat! I just love the way that she twisted her tail to exactly the right position. Now, can you come here and train mine to do something useful instead of just rumbling in my photo tent.
    Oh… and BilboBaggins wishes to thank you for the shoutout and his picture on your page.. however, he’s not grateful to his mother for altering his photo!

    These little pumpkins are ever so cute, so did the babies play with them… or let them be?
    peace and blessings

  3. I love funny cat photos! Did Wicket end up claiming these as toys, I wonder?

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