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All saint's day

  All Saints Day

The challenge of sainthood
is to go
where love takes me.


Prayer for Daybreak and Day’s End, Volume II


Hi All, and a blessed All Saints Day to each and every one of you.  I hope you enjoyed your extra hour of sleep and still managed to get to Church on time this morning.  I”m notorious for messing up the time change and walking in just as service is ending!   Not so bad if I’m only attending.  Terrible if I’m supposed to be the reader for that service or leading the music!

Last minute addition to the regularly scheduled post:

Over at the Late Night Stampers group on Yahoo I saw a fun post Jane Hignite put up listing all the special aspects to November that some groups or other have decided on.   I’ve no idea who declares what months encompass what but I was intrigued by the first grouping.  I’m not sure why but somehow I can see how they all could fit together in some way.  Comments in red are mine so don’t blame Jane 😀 


 November is Family Stories Month, I am So Thankful Month, National Adoption Month, National Novel Writing Month, Native American Heritage Month, and Vegan Month.  A good month to be thankful, to start that novel based on family stories (or at least to put some of the more meaningful ones down for your kids and grandkids), to appreciate another culture that provided many of the founding blocks for our own getting going here in America (whether our later treatment shows we deserved it or not), And lastly as a harvest month to eat our Vegetables though with all respect to Vegans (having been one years ago) I’m not giving up my turkey for Tofurky!     
(One of my favorite bloggers – Jaydee – got an early start with her posted card using Very Thankful, telling a family story relating to its creation, including her adopted fur children – cats, and all that could be the beginnings of a wonderful Novel if she puts her pen to paper, her shoulder to the wheel and hurries up and writes over the next 30 days -check out her Halloween poem and you know she’s got the talent – after all the month is for writing the novel not finishing it right?  I’ll leave it up to her whether she goes Vegan or creates cards with a Native American tie in – lol – to see her card click here)
The First Week of November is Animal Shelter Appreciation Week – Trade in that Halloween Candy for pet food and drop some by your local Shelter or Humane society.  Maybe a few toys too!   Or if you want to keep it simple make a donation to A Place to Bark!  You can find their site here.
The Second Week of November is Dear Santa Letter Week – Sounds like a card or scrap page in the making to me
The Third Week of November is National Game and Puzzle Week – Have I mentioned I do puzzles regularly – good for the brain and you can find them at thrift stores and yard sales cheap!
The Fourth Week of November is National Family Week – Get together ,have meal (consider it practice for Thanksgiving), play a game or work a puzzle you picked up last week and tell a few stories.  Who knows it may become a pre Thanksgiving tradition just like pregame warm ups in football.
The Fifth Week of November is Travelers with Disabilities Awareness Week – Encourage local inns, tourist sites, etc. to improve their accessibility and make a solemn vow never to park in disabled parking spots no matter how much you’re in a hurry.  For that matter park a wee bit further out and leave the close up ones for people who don’t have a disabled sticker but could really use the close parking for a variety of reasons.   Consider it makeup for the exercise you forgot to do yesterday!
November 1st is Book Lover’s Day – Now this is something I celebrate everyday!  But if you need a special day drop by a used bookstore and adopt a homeless book in need of a loving home.  New is nice too but anyone can love a new book it takes a true book lover to appreciate one that’s been around the block and still has more to give.
November 5th is National Men Make Dinner Day – shouldn’t there be more than one?? 😀
November 14th is National Teddy Bear Day (be sure to use our Build-A-Bear stamps/die cuts today) –  I’d add hug a bear here but given the live variety hanging out in my neck of the woods I’m not sure I want to raise his expectations.  Or let him see my faux furry bears.  He might think I’ve taken a baby bear prisoner or something!  LoL!  A ranger actually warned me about this in Yosemite after he saw the furry faux bear I had bought in the giftshop just that morning that was sitting on the back seat in plain view.
November 21st is National Family Volunteer Day – Grab the kids, spouses or just a neighbor you feel close to and head out to do some good.   And no kids cleaning your own room doesn’t count 😀
November 26th is Thanksgiving, National Cake Day, and My Birthday (Jane’s not mine :)!  It’s not enough to stuff ourselves with turkey and pie we have to eat cake too!!  Oh well Marie Antoinette would be pleased….Happy Birthday Jane!

Original post…..

I was clearing out my drafts file and discovered a number of posts I somehow never got placed.  Thought I would bundle them all up and toss them out into the world.  Even though they are no longer timely they still mean something to me and still echo thoughts that are floating around my mind – the very essence of rogue and random thoughts… right?

So here in no particular order are a few musings from Southern Oregon and the mind of a sometimes distracted stamper.

Originally composed 9/20/09

This has been a week for change and loss and yet a bit of joy crept in as well.

The news from the outer world was a drumbeat of loss this week.  Patrick Swayze, Mary Travers among the more famous.  Still thinking about Teddy Kennedy too.   All seemed to have a theme of redemption running through their lives in one way or another.  All lives touched by some form of cancer too.   Like many of us of a certain age the Kennedy’s seem familiar because we grew up with them.  Living in D.C. during the Kennedy administration and with family members having various ties to Kennedy family members they seemed even more real to me somehow.    The first time I ever saw my Dad cry was standing watching JFK’s casket pass by on the boulevard.   He had worked hard with him to get various pieces of legislation passed.   Teddy was the scapegrace of the family for so long but in the end seemed to have turned his life around and become a true leader of the clan.   Amazing what God’s grace and the love of family and a good woman can do (all things he attributed his change to).  

Mary Travers has been a life long inspiration in my music and in my sense of activism as well.  We may not always have agreed on all points but she really put herself out there and did more than just shake a tambourine.   Her personal story of feeling her “otherness” and seeking a life with meaning touched me deeply  as a child who felt something akin to that though for different reasons.   Her solo album still has pride of place though I long ago copied the music to a CD Rom disc so I didn’t risk wearing out the grooves of the album!   Though 20 years older than myself I still feel like we were contemporaries in some manner and will mourn her passing for many years to come.  Looking forward though to hearing whatever new songs she’s come up with when I get to Heaven.  After all someone has to write the new Hallelujah chorus’ for all those angels right?

ETA:  I can’t remember now at this late date what joy it was that crept in but since I’m always on the look out for it I’m sure I found some :D.   And oddly enough I’ve found over the years that even in the midst of sadness and grief joy can still be found creeping in at the corners with happy memories and acts of kindness and all the other opportunities out there for joy to enter our lives if we are only awake and alive to let it enter in.   Grief may endure for a night (whatever that nights duration) but Joy cometh in the morning!   As the sunrise of God’s love is always born anew each day so is joy unconfined and reconfirmed in each small act of love, remembrance and thanksgiving.


Originally composed 9/9/09

The latest family of kittens paraded past my window this morning and it reminded me that family life can be so hard sometimes. 

One of my neighbors cats has for some reason decided that the under side of my deck would be the perfect place to birth and raise a family.  Four sweet little kittens who bear no resemblance to their Mom except for being long haired to some degree has been the result.  They’ve now discovered the top side of the deck and are inveterate explorers that skiddadle when they see me.  Mom must have explained that I was the one alway chasing her out of the yard so she wouldn’t beat up on my guys. 

 The situation gets interesting though when you see them all together.  Three of the kittens are basically identical and look sort of like long haired Siamese.  These three are very tight and go everywhere together and have formed their own personal terror squad – Gang of Three.  The fourth is a sweet little black and white long hair but seems to be on the outside looking in.   Even Mamma cat seems to kick him/her to the curb while concentrating on the other three.  Can’t see any physical reasons for this and he doesn’t appear to be a runt.   The poor little guy trails longingly after the others with a bit of a hey what about me sort of look.   Makes me want to cuddle the poor wee thing and smack some sense into the others!   Hmm….I guess they have a reason to run after all – lol!

Anyway,  seeing this life lesson put me in mind of many things going on in our stamping community this last week.   The changes or perhaps clarifications is a better term to the IDA agreements all demonstrators sign and the setting up a bit of us and them camps – Hobbyists versus All Business demo’s was distressing to see and the sense of many running around and playing secret police squad telling bloggers they were now illegal, etc.  Distasteful all the way around and leaves me wondering how we are going to go forward from here still as a family….

ETA Note:  With some of the later revisions SU made and a bit of time for everyone to get used to how things are going to work things seem to be shaking out reasonably well.   Those who needed to made their decisions and the rest seem to have more or less gotten on with life.  Still some bruised feelings out there but I guess like any family, adjustments are made, people decide to forgive or not and life moves on.   And a few shake their heads and wonder what the fuss was all about.  Now that another month or so has gone by since writing the above I notice that even the kittens have melded together a bit more as a family and the odd one out is a little more included so I guess life is going on for them as well.   Haven’t seen them around as much so I think they must have moved out to greener and hopefully warmer pastures.    For myself I’ve wrapped myself in the love and compassion of my fellow demo’s and have been able for the most part to return to that sense of love and respect I had for our company when I started out with SU.  Change can be painful but it is a necessary component of all aspects of life – Physical, Spiritual, Mental etc.  All areas grow and change – it’s the nature of life.


Originally composed 9/24/09

Yes Virginia there really are fairy Godmothers.  And some of them are SU demo’s!

I have one whose name is Mary and she went to convention with a couple of others too named Orla and Darrah.

Mary & Orla sent me  boxes of Convention loot that still has me dancing the SU Happy Dance.  If you don’t know the steps let me tell you they are easy to learn .   First abandon yourself to joy and then let your feet and fingers and any other part that wants to move join in.  You might want to warn your cats however so they can get out of the way!

What with Memento Mall items ( really loving those new recyclable bags), pictures of the boards and boatloads of  swap cards I almost feel as if I was there.  Thank you, thank you Fairy Godmothers.  Darrah and another fairy Godmother Anita also answered my wishes for Juntos paper that disappeared before my budget would allow me to buy some for myself.  I was bemoaning my sad lack on our demo forum and then one day I opened  a couple of boxes that came in the mail and there was this glorious paper!    My sister demo’s are awesome!    Gracious and generous too in so many ways – perfect fairy godmother material!


So that catches me up to the present pretty much though the random thoughts just keep perking along.  So do weird dreams…..As I think I’ve shared before I tend to dream quite a bit about stamping, card designs and demonstrating stamping.  Weird huh?  The weirder part is the triggers in some of those dreams.  The other night every time I brought out yellow paper for a project in my dream about workshops and card designing my bad knee would start hurting so bad it would wake me up!  Kept happening all night long.  I’d get back to sleep and then the yellow paper would come out and pow!  I finally started chanting no yellow, no yellow but sadly that didn’t help.   If any of you out there know something about dreams I’d love to hear what you think yellow paper signify’s!  I can’t for the life of me think what it could be.  After all More Mustard and So Saffron are two of my favorite colors when I’m awake!

The kitties are napping and wondering when the stamp stuff is going to exit the living room not to mention when Mom is going to stay home and play with them and not the ink and stuff.  With multiple SAS’s lately I’ve been out quite often or prepping.  Poor bored babies.  Their lives these days seem to consist of chasing each other and phantoms only they can see up and down the hall and through the closets, sleeping, begging for cheese and other tidbits from my meals, eating, sleeping, begging, eating, sleeping, begging….chasing.   Need a few more cuddles and playtimes in their lives for a well rounded feline life.  I’ve suggested outdoor pursuits but so far no takers!  Hmm…maybe because of the local bear?  Yep the bear is back but at least he’s not using my driveway again for his potty breaks!  Yay!

Time to head off to Church and a bit of prayer, praise and quality time with my God and my brothers and sisters in Christ.   I’ve really been missing the community aspect of prayer together at Mass.   Seizures have kept me home the last few weeks and video celebrations just don’t quite cut it.   Granted prayer is always available but communion and community prayer feed the soul in so many other ways.   

Hopefully an Autumn walk can be fitted in too before snow flies!   Brrr… it’s been chilly as all get out….can snow be far behind?

Hugs and blessings my friends.   Enjoy your family and time with your God today and of course a little stamping never hurt either :D.   – Jean


It may be All Saints Day now and not Halloween but for some cats Halloween comes daily!  I found this on a website so not my kitties but the look is still the same!  The last week Wicket has been doing this on a regular basis before fleeing down the hall and under the bed.  Makes one wonder…:D



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  1. Hey, Jean…Thanks for posting all of the various days! I see some marketing ideas in the making!

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