Tightwad Tuesday Features: Simply Thanks, Gifts of the Earth, Sandy Speckles & Take Your Place

Hi All,

Time once again for Tightwad Tuesday and time to start stepping it up big time if we are going to cover all the Holiday related stamps and wheels between now and Christmas.  Boy oh Boy I should have started the holidays in July like many stampers started doing.   Who knew there were so many frugally priced Holiday sets.  Well I guess I should have known – Hah!  After all I composed the Under $20 list that features over 151 stamp sets and wheels not to mention the list of 19 from the new Holiday mini.  For details you can download or view the lists in my sidebar or Scribd files. 

So grab your hats ladies and gents (hi Mike!)  we’ll be covering multiple sets every Tuesday and Friday from here until Christmas!

Now having said that I’m making an executive decision (my blog right – :D) and adding to the load by including this week a set that didn’t quite make the cut off.  At $20.95 it was so close!!!   So I decided that what the heck we don’t have a whole lot of frugally priced Thanksgiving oriented stamps so I’m gonna throw it in.  If you decide to buy but feel bound by your Frugalista vows just pass up a Coffee Latte in favor of a plain cup of Java and that should squeak you your extra 95 cents!

Gifts of the Earth Samples from Holiday Mini 2009

Gifts of the Earth Stamp Images

Gifts of the Earth  (116501, $20.95, p.15 Holiday Mini)

How SU describes this set:

Celebrate and give thanks with the Gifts of the Earth stamp set. Ideal for Thanksgiving, or just the beautiful autumn season, this set, along with the Sandy Speckles Stampin’ Around wheel, has what you need to make the perfect fall project.

 While I might not use a turkey all year round the bowl with apples and the Bird on a can along with the text will work for a large part of the year with selective inking.  It’s possible to ink just the bird and the can with background grasses and fill in the blank area with something like a scalloped oval punch piece with a text or other image.  After all the bird looks like he’s looking down at something already.  Same thing with the bowl of apples. If you don’t want the leaves you can remove the ink from them with a blender pen or else ink stamp selectively with your marker alone.  A bit more work perhaps but it extends the life of this set to more than fall uses.  Of course if you have a wicked sense of humor you can use that turkey all year round just make sure whoever you nominate for the role of turkey has a good sense of humor too or you might just be the bird getting their tail feathers singed! 😀


SCS Gallery: http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/gallery/showgallery.php?cat=17822 

Stampin’ Addicts Gallery: http://www.stampinaddicts.com/gallery/showgallery.php?cat=3240
















Coordinating Wheel – Perfect for giving that turkey from Gifts of the Earth something to eat.

Sandy Speckles standard wheel image

Sandy Speckles standard wheel (117651, $6.50, pg. 15 Holiday Mini)

 We’ve had several speckled wheels over the years and the fact that SU keeps bringing them back with one pattern or another proves their enduring popularity.  Perfect as a background or to add a bit of texture underneath another image the standard width of this wheel lends itself to stationary borders, starry night skies or other uses.  As someone into inkblots, spots and generally messy (one of the reasons I like the Spritzer tool) this wheel is right up my alley.    Had a bit of trouble finding examples with my usual Google searches but I did find a couple.  Not to hard though to figure out how to use this little gem so go for it with your own imagination.





Simply Thanks - single stamp image

Simply Thanks ( 115560, $7.95, pg. 208 IBC)

 Another one of the new crop of single stamps this low priced addition would be perfect as part of a class kit if you are a demo and perfect for your arsenal of stamps for creating simple CAS notes of thanks.   Fits in well with the set of definition stamps that are also popular (Define Your Life pg. 150) and the few others scattered throughout other stamp sets.   Works well as a watermarked image over or under another line art image or alone.  At this frugal price you can afford to add this to a stampers stocking or birthday gift or other occasion you might want to add just a little something for the stampers in your lives.  Or even a subtle reminder to your kids that they need to send Grandma some Holiday and Birthday thank you’s.   Add this stamp to a kit of cards and an ink spot or two and the kids will be all set to create their own unique cards.






http://www.stampinaddicts.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=4837 – works  beautifully with the Charming stamp set



Tip:  For frugal savings on paper turn to page 159 in the current catalog for the list of papers that come in packs of 40 for even greater savings.  Using these naturals and neutrals as your base or layers stretches your stamping dollar then use the slightly more costly sheets of color and DSP to add punches of color.   Cut in strips and punched or die cut you can also extend the use of your DSP.  Popular maps of OSW (one sheet wonders) will also show you how to get the most out of every pack of paper of every kind.   Splitcoaststampers and Stampin’ Addicts are just two places you can find these maps.  If you are interested in seeing some ways to extend your scrappin kits and dsp drop me a note and I’ll forward you some of what I have.


Take Your Place Mini Note Kit image file

Take Your Place, Mini Note Kit (116764, $9.95, pg. 208)

Containing 1 block with two stamps (ie double mounted) this kit works for Autumn or Christmas.

Both of which would coordinate nicely with the Simply Thanks single stamp also featured here today for quick holiday thank you cards.  And together would still be under the Tightwad $20 usual limit.  Perfect set for creating the note cards that come in the kit and also creating borders and headers for stationary, letters or notecards.  I can also see adding a monogram or initials stamp under the acorn arch.  /works for tags and place cards too.    Another set that was hard to find on Google as it probably gets overlooked.  Somehow people see kit and think paper not stamps for some reason.  Great for those under $10 gift exchanges – who knows you might have a hand in creating a new stamper with this small gift.   If you have a Church supper or auction coming up this fall you might use this to create place cards or auction note cards in front of silent auction items.




That’s it for this edition of Tightwad Tuesday.  Check in tomorrow for a collection of cards featuring wreaths with a few links to tutorials for creating your own as well.  And til Friday when the Frugalistas gather once again don’t be afraid to get your frugal groove on.     Work those stamps in new ways and stretch your stamping dollar till it screams.    And of course for good deals don’t forget to check the October deal of the week and the Clearance Rack on the Stampin’ Up website at www.stampinup.com then click on the online store.  I’d be happy and proud if you select me as your demo.  I’d love to show you many ways to stretch your stamping dollar and get the most enjoyment and utility from every set you buy. 

Hugs and blessings – Jean


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