Frugal Friday: Featuring make your own stamps with Stampin’ Ups Personalized Stamps

Happy Frugal Friday to you all!    Once again I’m delving into Stampin’ Up’s catalog, mini’s and dormant lists to find you the best deals.   With over 151 stamps and wheels in the main catalog & dormant list and 19 in the Holiday mini under $20 frugal SU stamping never looked so good!   For full lists check the documents in the right hand sidebar that can be downloaded, printed or simply viewed.

Personalized Stamps explanationTodays installment comprises a set of stamps that slipped by me completely.  However thanks to other blogging friends I’ve now corrected that mistake (though still need to correct my listing :D).    Turns out that Stampin’ Up’s personlized stamps meet the criteria for frugal stamping.   With a price range of $9.95 – $20.95  you can create your own special deal. 

Perfect of course for address stamps and if you are a demo who wants to put your name and phone number in really big letters on the catalogs you pass out there’s a stamp perfect for that too.    There are also a couple that meet SU’s Angel Policy requirements (to read the recently updated Angel Policy click here) for those of you who want to produce and sell your SU cards legally.  The angel stamps are also are perfect for letting a card recipient know that the card was handstamped by you (for an example check out Mary Fish’s blog entry here).

Now I can hear some of you muttering that a stamp with your name on it is of limited use in creative stamping….not true! 

While even SU assumes that you will be using these stamps for Name and Address it turns out that you can use any characters to create your very own “personalized” text stamps.   Do you have a favorite quote that you wish SU had in its repetoire?   Want to make up your very own language, slang saying or just have a need for a stamp that says $**!%%$&!!!!!!…………..   well, now you can have whatever meets your hearts desire….well within the character limits you can anyway – LoL!  

With up to 128 characters available in several of the stamp styles you are only 12 characters short of a full Tweet!   That gives you space for quite a few quotes.   The basic rules governing all the styles available apart from characters per line are that spaces count as one character and Capital letters count as two.  So get out your pencils and calculators and start figuring out which of your favorite texts will work!

Lydia over on her blog Understand Blue has a couple of entries showcasing a favorite quote:

A bird does not sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.

By my count that’s just 79 characters (capitals count as two and spaces as one remember) so in theory on some stamps you’d still have a whole 49 more to play with!

To see what her stamp looks like you can check out her two posts at these links (take time to read the posts – they’re  hilarious – and I’ll be here when you get back):

Another creative blogger (Hi Ilse!) who misplaced her watermark found that the angel stamp also did double duty in her blog photo’s –

And as the holidays are approaching I found this  stampers use of the personalized stamps positively brilliant.  She had a stamp made up with all the family names so it could be used as a signature stamp.  Boy will that save a bit of hand cramping when the holiday cards start going out.  –

Now that you  have a few ideas about their alternate uses here’s a look at what styles are available and the number of characters and lines along with the pricing.

Personalized Stamps 1

Personalized Stamps 2

Personalized Stamps 3


Personalized Stamps 4

Angel stamp 1

Angel Stamp 2

All of these stamp images can be found on pages 136-137 of the full catalog.  They do require special forms though for ordering so contact me or your own demonstrator for full ordering details.

And under the heading:

So you don’t want to be a Princess or a Pirate….

A couple of misconceptions  could stand to be cleared up about these stamps.  All of these examples use various type styles and the styles themselves are fixed.  The samples themselves though might give a misleading impression.  The wedding sets do not in fact have to be used for weddings or dates!  The pirate and princess stamps don’t actually have to say Captain or Princess!  You get my drift right?   While you can follow the samples you don’t have to.  The only requirement is that you stick to the number of characters and lines offered for each style.  A few of the stamps do include images such as the house and tree etc.  Those I’m pretty sure can’t be left off – and really why would you want to? But all the rest of the examples are simply that…examples.   You are free to use them anyway that seems good to you (within the stated limits as previously noted).

So what have you been dying to stamp?  How about…..

God is…and all is right with the world.

Be the change you want to see in the world

Merry absolutely friggin Christmas!  ( a modern day Scrooge I know says this a lot)

Cats rule and dogs drool!  (Sandycats suggestion of course)

Do-overs are a good thing… welcome to the first day of my new life…AGAIN!

And of course:

Hugs and Blessings – Jean

That’s it for this installment of Frugal Friday.  I’ll be back again with more stamp ideas and links next week as well as more stencil reveals and ideas for their use this weekend.  Happy Stamping in the meantime my friends.

PS: Since no one guessed what stamp was going to be featured today….Leave me a comment with a favorite text you’d like to stamp and I’ll use to select a winner and send you a card that’s been featured on my blog.


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