Sunday’s chilly musings from the Rogue and… a Christmas Cardinal card


Happy and Blessed Sunday morning my friends,

Wow what a change in the weather!  When I woke up this morning I half expected to see snow outside my window.  Here in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon we’ve had several days of clouds piling up heavier and heavier and the temperatures have been steadily dropping with daytime temps in the 40’s and 50’s as well as nightly frost warnings.  Luckily for the farmers the clouds kept the frost in check but it still makes for some chilly days and nights.    Today here it is almost noon and the temp is still 43 degrees!   

Now if I could only remember where I put my winter sweaters, nightgowns, socks and other heavier clothes!    As a spinner and weaver I have a love for and have acquired quite a few trunks, chests, boxes and large container like objects.  And of course those are perfect not only for storing fiber and other spinning/weaving accoutrements but also blankets, clothing and other household items.  Trouble is that like the squirrel and his nut caches I tend to forget what I’ve put where and since I tend to move things around a bit trying to find the perfect configuration even my mental maps aren’t helping!    And have I mentioned before that cats are not up for bloodhound tracking tricks?  I’ve asked both Sandy and Wicket to help me remember where I put things and pretty much all I get back is a blank stare from Wicket and a panicked run to the kitchen from Sandy to make sure I haven’t misplaced her food bowl and bag of Cat Chow as well!   Oh well I guess beings that carry their clothes on their backs and can increase or decrease the thickness of their own coat don’t really worry about being naked and cold!

Like most humans I’m a fickle creature.   Just a few months (weeks?) ago I was bemoaning the heat and saying I was a strictly cold weather person who loved my layers………hm….maybe I was too quick to judge?  😀

Thoughts about such things bring up the strangest ideas some days.  Today’s weird thought….How does God decide when two (or more) groups of conflicting prayers are sent his way.   One group wants warm and the other wants cold weather.  One group wants rain and the other has already had their fill.   One football team wants to win and the other side also claims victory in His name?   And then there are the serious prayers for healing, for success in Warfare and other weighty issues.  For one to win another has to lose.   For a transplant to be found another person has to die, for a battle to go well another side has to lose and so on.  Makes me extremely glad I’m not the Supreme Creator!  Also makes me wonder how such prayers are answered and what the process is.  Am I the only one with a list of such questions awaiting answers in Heaven?    Oh well God created me in his image so I’m guessing he might have a bit of wondering going on as well.   But boy o boy I’d hate to think he flips a coin like yours truly has been known to do.  On the other hand if the science types are even halfway right and there is in fact a dimension where the choice not taken is the one that’s made perhaps in some way there is an existence in which each and every prayer does indeed come true?   Oh my does that one make my head spin.     I think I’ll just stick to gratitude for the prayers that are answered as requested and the search for understanding what other lessons might be hiding in the ones that appear not to be answered.  Or at least not answered right away.


Okay now that I’ve got that  out of my system, added another layer to my clothes and found the little space heater to warm up my workspace how about a card?  Sound good?


Here’s another sort of sneak peek of a card for an upcoming SAS event scheduled for next Saturday.  This SAS is featuring 21 cards for $30 and you get to take home the Dasher stamp used on one of them if you prepay your registration!   If you are in the neighborhood and are interested in attending please give me a buzz or send an email.

Christmas Cardinal Ruby Red 001

Here’s a full sized Christmas Cardinal card only this time in Ruby Red and Close to Cocoa (perfect weather for cocoa too!).


This is a pretty quick card with a partial scallop square created with the Big Shot and theScallop Square Clear Bigz die and the textured layer also using the Big Shot and the Petals a Plenty Impressions Folder from the new Holiday mini catalog.   Very simple construction once you have all the pieces together.  The Petals a Plentytexture layer is a full quarter sheet (4-1/4″x5-1/2) layered on top of a Close to Cocoa standard A2 card base.  then the scallop layer and then the focal image Whisper White layer with edges sponge daubed with Ruby Red ink then matted on a slightly larger Close to Cocoa mat.   The  Ruby Red and Close to Cocoa  gives this a soft and natural feel.  The focal layer is popped up on dimensionals but once again the scanner doesn’t do a good job of showing this.  Of course if you are out of dimensionals it still looks pretty good just flat.  Pretty much a 10 minute card if you have to prep the layers yourself.  If the layers are ready it’s more like a 2 minute card so perfect for creating large quantities.


Tip:  Did you know you could cut at least 4 of these partial squares at a time?   I discovered that useful fact while cutting a similar piece for the SAS packets.  I took 4 sheets of approx. 4-1/2′ x 4″ layed the edge across an imaginary centerline drawn from the middle of one scallop to the other on the opposite edge and Voila I have a partial square that can be lined up with the cards edge and provides the perfect spot to tie on some Linen Thread.


Supplies list:

Stamps:  Christmas Cardinal

Ink: Ruby Red Classic ink

Cardstock: Whisper White, Close to Cocoa, Ruby Red

Accessories: Big Shot, Petals a Plenty Impressions Folder, Scallop Square Clear Bigz die, Linen Thread, dimensional, sponge dauber and adhesive.


That’s pretty much it for today.   I hope you had fun yesterday creating cards on World Cardmaking Day.    Now today you can rest and recreate and if its’ as cold at your house as it is at mine bundle up have a warm drink and contemplate the meaning of life, the nature of the universe or just read a book and let God take care of the details.


Hugs and blessings from the chilly Rogue Valley – Jean


3 Responses

  1. Hi Jean! Your card is just beautiful! I’ve been playing with my Scallop Square Bigz die as well, and you’ll be seeing those creations soon enough.

    As to your wonderings about prayer – I believe God answers ALL prayers – it’s just that some answers are “yes”, some are “no”. That’s just how I look at it anyway. Whenever there are conflicting prayers, one will get “his way”, the other won’t. But He does hear and answer all of our prayers.

    Hope you have a blessed Sunday evening,

  2. This is a lovely card, Jean! I haven’t played with my square scallop die yet, but will have to soon! I’ll be thinking of you as you tidy and pack, etc. – I don’t envy you that task!

  3. […] I also had quite a few wanting to make the Close to Cocoa version I showed everyone last week on this post.    Stampers had a choice of the Petals a Plenty or Finial Press Impressions Embossing Folders […]

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